A new approach to horoscopes

  • There must be an audience out there for this, but I don't know where. This approach to horoscopes is at: http://youroscopes.com

    Here is the idea: User created horoscopes. Anyone can post a horoscope, but people can vote for the postings for their sign only. So if you are a Gemini, the horoscopes that you get are the ones most voted for by other Geminis. Who would know better how a Gemini's day will go than real Gemini's in the world? That is the idea. So this approach uses people in the world, a democratic process, rather than looking at the planets.

    The idea is simple but perhaps turns the approach to basic horoscopes on its head. Rather than look at the positions of the planets to determine a horoscope, look at all the people of a given sign and ask them how their day has been or is going. Let me know what you think. Whether you are an amateur astrologer, or just interested in horoscopes, I invite you to try out youroscopes.com and have some fun creating, voting, and reading the top-voted horoscopes. I'd be interested in hearing what you all think about it as well.

  • That is an interesting notion. I think the site needs to explain all this there though. How many members do you have?

  • My approach always worked really well and taught me a very good lesson.

    Back in the old days when I got my horoscope from the newspaper, if I didn't like what my own said I just read them all and chose another one that I liked better.

    It cemented in my mind that there are always choices in life AND that what you accept and except to happen is more likely to come about.

  • Thanks Captain, The website has only been live for 3 days and it already has like 7 members. However, I think it will keep growing day by day, especially if you help me get the word out to your friends that enjoy horoscopes. I think once there are hundreds of people, it will synergize and produce something great. I appreciate your feed back tons! I do have an "about" page and I added a text blurb to the main page. I think what I will do is make a link to the about page from the main page more prominent, and that will give more info.

    Rynna, I like your approach. However, what you were doing is basically voting for one of them. What I hope to achieve is allow people to vote on what they think is the most accurate for them, so that when you log on you will see a ranked list of the top voted horoscopes for your sign--voted by other people with your sign.

    I'm glad there are some open minded people out there that are willing to use the power of the internet community to gain new insight into humanity. Together I think we can demonstrate that people really are connected.

  • So basically you just say how your day was and see if anyone else of the same sign had a similar one?

  • Sorta like reverse horoscopes? I wrote one by the way...

  • How are you going to regulate it in case everyone wants to write a horoscope and no one wants to vote - or vice versa? And can you look back at past results to see who voted for what in the previous days' horoscopes?

  • Hey Captain,

    Thanks so much for writing one! I haven't put in the ability to look to past results, but that is high on my list of things to add. I will do that very soon. For now, The posts only last a day, but are still on the database. Soon you will be able to go back to past posts. People have been voting some, but I guess the only thing is that it has only been live for 3 days, so it will take time for users to accumulate. Hopefully they will keep coming at the same rate. Anyway, thanks a ton for participating and hopefully you can tell people to join also. I think this could be a great service as more people join.

  • Also, yeah, you can say how your day has been, how it is going or how you think it will go. Ideally, people will vote on what they think is best. As time goes on, the best posts will rise to the top of the list. With different timezones, hopefully that will give enough diversity to the time at which people post and vote.

    It is kind of like reverse horoscope, but the voting makes it different. The voting is what makes the best ones rise to the top. Then when you log in and see the top posts for your sign, it is like reading the most accurate horoscope, chosen by people of your sign. So that part is not reverse, just democratic. So horoscopes can be a dynamic, participatory process that anyone can be a part of. I hope you will stay and post and vote!

  • Looks like we have some more users now. Things are moving along.

  • I wish you good luck!

  • Thanks Captain! Thanks for continuing to post horoscopes!

    You probably saw that we now have comments, user pages, and archives.

    You can now go back to a previous day and vote on that day's horoscope if you haven't already. You can also click on a user's name to get a list of their posts, as well as any info they choose to share about themselves.

    I was trying to come up with ways to encourage people to post, so I added the ability for people to post links to their websites and blogs, to draw traffic to them. So every time you post, it has a link to your user page, which will have a link to your blog/website.

    I'm also pushing another round of online ads. Hopefully some more traffic will emerge.

    Hey everyone else, I'd love to hear you opinions! Check out http://youroscopes.com and tell me what you think.

  • dear AstroDave

    I just joined and submitted a youroscope. Thanks for the information. Seems like an interesting concept. I would like to suggest an inclusion of other factors like moon sign,ascendant, for having more variables for comparison, because the sun sign is not always the most important factor in a horoscope.


  • I agree.

  • I agree with this too. I think a more complex model of a horoscope is definitely what is needed to be accurate. This is has been often suggested to me that this site is too simplistic. However the drawback is that as you get finer and finer and more specific the numbers dwindle, and you loose the statistical power to get enough votes. In the beginning, we are forced to use the "newspaper" horoscope model, and many people that are in the know with astrology argue that such a model is too coarse at best. So as the site grows and gets more people voting, we will definitely expand to a more sophisticated model.

    My hope until then is that when looking at the votes aggregated over many people of the same sun sign, the other variables will average out and there will still be a signal.

    Thank you so much for joining! We have now been live for 1 month. I would say the publicity from this thread has been a huge boon for the site, so I greatly appreciate it.

  • You could just subdivide the sun signs into more specific moon sign sections.

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