Question for Anyone Who Would Like to Answer Re: Deceased Loved One Connection?

  • Hi-

    I'm not sure who I can direct this to, but any input would be appreciated!

    I sometimes talk to my grandmother who has passed on some time ago. Sometimes I ask yes or no questions when I'm driving. The first red car would be 'no' and green would be 'yes'. Sometimes there is a blatant sign, like a turkey flying across the road after I ask the question or I would immediately get a red or green car (not all of the time).

    Do you think it really is my grandmother trying to help me?

    I miss her a lot (it has been over 20 years since she left me) and when she comes to me in my dreams (rarely), I always tell her how much I miss her, she smiles at me, doesn't say a word and then I start to cry. I do feel like she's around me when I call for her, but that can just be my imagination too.

    Can anyone offer some insight?

    Thanks very much!

    : )

  • HI there, I can contact those passed over but I was not able to pick up a connection with your grandmother straight away, I sense she is there but not appearing. I saw a sort of climbing rose but that is all. however I left the line open so if she comes to me I will let you know. Could be I was not tuned in right. Blmoon or LivingonaPrayer can help you too.


  • Hi Paddifluff-

    Thank you for trying. I hope she'll be able to come through or maybe Blmoon or LivingonaPrayer will see my post.

    Thanks again-

    : )

  • Well I do have a lady here, she is small and wiry with loadsof energy, very chatty, and it is asif she is looking out the window with me as in through my eyes. She has a tracksuit/jogging suit on which is grey and fleece. She has a line in her hand but I can't see the dog. Is that your gran? This lady is definitely around you. She showed me a TV programme now I cannot work out what it is, Laurel and Hardy? Gone with the Wind? And a row of log cabins.


  • that's not her... she wouldn't have an outfit like that on and no on the tv shows either.

    what a great connection you have. I wonder who she is??? Is she just around me or just passing through?

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