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  • Fear is something that affects us all in life and we deal with it to hopefully some degree of success. Different types of fear may affect us differently, for example a death defying jump out of a plane might seem exhilarating but a chance to become emotionally open to someone else might send you running for the hills. Is it a perceived weakness or maybe an unwillingness to surrender one's will or control in a given situation? That continues towards trust- have the courage to go against the belief that harm of some form will come from this behavior/object. There's a great line in the movie "Bought a Zoo" from Matt Damon's character, 'All it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage and great things will happen. I promise.' How true is this? Ask yourself, how many of life's most interesting moments are because of something like that- going against the grain, pushing your limits- trusting in yourself enough that you can deal with the results of your actions and having faith that when things are done from positive action/thought everything will be fine even if it doesn't seem like it. easier said than done, right? Bring in the scientific principle of interia- what's at rest will most likely stay at rest, what's in motion...you get the picture right? So how to break through and start some movement? Here's where I come into trouble- I'd love to hear any thoughts on this subject. Any type on insight welcome!!

  • Well a dear friend of mine said to just listen to my heart and the rest of me would follow. There is a good OM on the last or second last page of TheCaptain's blog about this.

    It is kind of like diving in to a cold pool - just grit your teeth, think of your worst experience and say it can't be worse than that and I survived it, and take the leap laughing. You say it yourself, if it is done from a positive perspective it has to be good.

    Not easy but you never know till you try.


  • Interesting. You say starting movement is your rub mine is stopping. I'm a runner. I flee. When I stop and look really look am totally present I then have to face my fears. I find not looking into the future helps and staying in the now. Being a runner also can be counterproductive in that I often hit a wall emotionally, physically and exhaustion kicks in and have to stop. If I don't the Universe will stop me.

    Ouch that hurts.

    Cheers P

  • Usually what a person fears will come true, why this is I dont know but maybe has something to do with thoughts being preocupied on the fear/s instead of non fear coz usually what a person does think comes true, so if this is the case I want to face my fears and get past them so they dont come true. Learn alot about ones self that way.

  • Also usually when a person faces the fear it usually diminishes the fear and how this happens I dont know and I actually havent thought how. Although I really dont think this does happen, its more when the person figures out why they fear things and get at the bottom of the problem and somehow sort it out within, this comes from being totally honest with oneself. I have found this works for me at times when I am not emotionally down so yeh its a different story when I am down, I tend to stay away from ppl and let the down time pass by till I can feel abit more better also helps to either avoid the things that make you down or find ways to cope with the things that make one down which comes from thoughts so yeh in your own head and heart align them and be in balance and be honest with ones self. Also maybe help with conquering ones fear. Maybe the fear/s are the lesson's to be learnt in one's life and to shelter and hide froim them is doing more harm then good coz it stunts you from growth? Perhaps this is what life is about learning from the fear's and growing? This is somehow different to real danger fears? Or is this too a part of life. I have found for most people that usually what they want in life isnt the best thing for them and its usually the worst thing ends that way, especially if you follow the universe and then stop and take detours off the track this causes great harm to one and its hard to follow and also to know if one is doing the right thing? What role does fear have in persons life? Is it to help keep to the track or away from it and the more you avoid fear the more away from the track you are? Some questions to think about.

  • All I know is that for me I must face my fears and make the most of it, it usually helps me somehow. Not sure how though.

  • Mirroring what Paddifluff said...I read a similar line in a book and it said "Throw your heart over the bar and your body will follow" Your heart starts to beat fast, your palms get sweaty your knees go weak at the very prospect of facing your fear but rest assured when you face it straight on and look it in the eye you come out the other side stronger than when you first went in. I also love Ian Browns song F.E.A.R kinda unrelated to the topic but its a good song.

  • Bighorn, "So how to break through and start some movement?" Sometimes I do baby steps, just to start momentum/movement in a direction. If I'm really scared, just changing anything, in any direction, seems to shift it, especially if that is my conscious intention before I start. I have also taken great leaps of faith. And I sometimes run away. But one small step is easier to deal with sometimes. I also play the 'what if' game a lot. Like, this thing may turn out really badly, but WHAT IF it doesn't?

    crazycap-"Usually what a person fears will come true..." I have found this to be SO true, as is the opposite. I have seen the most amazing things happen in my life and the lives of others, by focusing on positive thoughts, gratitude for what you have, and the best outcome of a situation. There are real fears, and the ones we imagine, and sometimes the line between is very gray.

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