• Welcome to the WHINE n Dine Club!

    Whine n dine. Whine away but do dine as well. U´ll need energy to proceed whining or fight back.


  • Ok il start whats the deal with those that go about starsign bashing males ? Hello wtf'

    Please get a life you dont need a man to make you happy . wait until you hit the 40s all you will want to curl up with at the end of the day is a good book nothing else .

  • I´ll join ya,

    Or a good movie. Or tvshow. Also mind this, IF ya AINT happy n loving yourself, how the EFF can u say any oneelse will? Learn to be happy on ya own, clear up ya effing act. Act ur age n not ya shoe size. Oh and get in that mirror more often bc OFTEN to the contrary YOU had a BIG help in it going WAYWARD. So WHINE but clean up ya own act,

    N now waiter I´d like a chicken salad please and keep the mojitos coming.

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