Shorty IX could I have a follow up reading pls?

  • Hi Shorty IX,

    You did the below reading for me and I just want to see if I could get a follow up with you. The guy I am interested in (who I also told) subsequently got in touch with me after a week of not speaking. He is just acting like nothing happened between us. I feel he cant let go of me. Can you do a reading to see what comes up for us now?



    Basis - Ace of Pentacles

    Desires - The tower

    Helpful - Page of Cups

    Opposing - 6 of Wands

    Outcome - 5 of Wands

    I frowned when I saw this spread love. So here we go....

    I find it interesting that the Pentacles come up in the basis as they are a material suit. However this could indicate a gift - perhaps he gave you or you gave him? Failing that I find sometimes the meaning is not always as general as the suit, as the ace in this suit shows the start of a successful venture. You desire the destruction of their relationship - yeah,I would too! The great news is there is some helpful, good emotional news coming your way. Unfortunately though there is a success standing in your way - that pesky girlfriend. Unfortunately again your outcome shows competitive conflict.

    Shoot me a thread though if you want more meanings as the situation progresses as I'm not currently sure of the outcome of this conflict. Might be in your favour though with that lovely page of cups 🙂

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