Reading about future children after stillbirth

  • Not sure if this is possible or not but was wondering if I could get a reading of how many more children I will have, their gender, and if I will end up having more angel babies. I delivered my lil baby Elijah James Barker last month @ 39+3 on 12/22/11, three days before his due date, Christmas. My fiance and I are wanting to try again in the future to expand our family and I'm so nervous. Wondering about if I will have more, when, if I'll have any complications, if they will survive, etc. I want my baby back and wish there was something to bring him back. To any that can I really thank you for your help. It is greatly appreciated.

  • my lil angel

  • i love you!

  • Can anyone help or is this not feasible? If it's a matter of not liking the outcome I believe I will be ok and at peace with the answer. I have already been through so much pain already. Thank you.

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