Daliolite can u give me new years reading please??

  • Hi Daliolite,

    If it is not to difficult could you please shed some light on my romantic situation with my bf Ron. (19.09.72) virgo and me Libra , 30.09.69.... im from the caribbean and would really appreciate any insight as if this relationship is going anywhere ,if it is a good idea , how he feels... and if there are any swords /baggage i should be wary of.... we only know each other about a year now.... thanks

    any sign of marriage ? or blocks ? or other suitors?


    carib 🙂

  • Yes, try to have a reading up soon, couple days at longest.

  • thank u daliolite:) patiently waiting



  • qqq

  • I feel there is a lot of nurturing going on at present. This is your personality at present. Might be something learned or carried over from childhood. His personality is different from yours. The balance in this relationship is within you, however, there is a lack of structure at present. Is this person everything that you're looking for. Weigh the pros and cons. Long on romance and short on other things. Relationship has reached a plateau. Either you fear relationship ending or you already know it may be ending. There was talk or consideration of marriage. A celebration is being shown in past. Wanted to ask if you were in previous relationship where marrriage was discussed. I'm being shown that marriage is in the past, either way. I'm being shown a difficulty in accepting loss in your blocks position. Advice is accepting situation for what it truly is. I feel that you need to be open to the truth. Turn negative into positive and move on from this. You may be like a mother influence on him when actually you're shown as Temperance. Temperance is represented as balance. The only way I see this working is if there is a healthy respect on his part for you. This is what you need to weigh and balance. I think this has been a highly charged (romantic) relationship, you need to weigh all aspects of it. Don't wake up in middle of night frantic.

    Past--4 of rods

    situation--ace of cups

    present--queen of coins

    challenges--knight of cups

    above--8 of cups

    below--10 of swords


    blocks--5 of cups


    advice--9 of swords

    outcome--the fool

    Hope this helps--let me know.

  • Daliolite

    thanks for your wonderful input.... and sorry for the delay...

    Yes, this relationship has been a rollercoaster..... we have been both married and are single parents so we dont see alot of each other... however its only a year and it has not been easy casue we both want to move on with our lives... but not sure what is blocking us.... defintely it has reached a plateau like should we end or should we go to the flow of the next level.... i do care for him but a lot of things have me wondereing and worryying.... what do you think ??? does he care about me?? how does he feel??? not sure abot the romantic part cause he is not hte most romantic man in the world, so i am not sure how he feels ,,, he has a very closed mysterious personality,,,,,


    , hugs andblessings


  • Cards don't suggest continuing "as is." Since this is your reading, like you said, it's pointing to the fact that you have suffered and is pointing to a decision (judgment in the friends position.) Based on what the cards are suggesting, quit worrying about what he thinks. You will continue this balancing act if you continue (temperance in the future position.) He will continue to be erratic. He is being shown as the knight of cups. You are an air sign and need to be stimulated mentally. Don't see this happening here. Will be a CONTINUAL battle over feelings. You need someone who can communicate and give you more emotional support. I believe there is a life lesson here for you. That is, to pursue your own happiness (the fool in the outcome position.) The fool represents someone young going out on a life's journey, or the start (beginning) of a journey. I think you're very young at heart--so to speak. Remember what you learned on this journey. Walk away and don't look back. This is what I'm getting. I'm getting a NEW start. If you go back, gonna have to re-learn why you need a new journey.

  • awww Daliolite that makes so much sense thanks for your wonderful input and insight... yes i am a very young at heart woman and he is very rigid mysterious and does not divulge his feelings much....... i really do need a new start in all areas of my life.... i know i am trying to fit a square peg in a round hole so to speak with him.... because silly me believe in love......


    thanks anyway


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