Too Paddi Puff, can you help me with me something please?

  • Hi paddi Puff, I just wanted to let you know the reiki you did for me did something amazing and wonderful for me that released life long things I had never been able too before, I will be forever grateful and always remember you for that healing! If you had the time I wanted to ask you if you might be able to do that once more for another invading memory from my past that needs healing, it just sort of popped in my mind recently and stuck with me, a lot the same the other one did that you healed completely. It would much appreaciated, if so let me know if I need to be on at a certain time to do that again or if you just send it thank you so much!

  • Sorry I meant Paddi Fluff!

  • HI Bluecat123, I don't mind sending you some reiki do you want me to clean out your chakras as well and check your energy for whatever? I would do it this evening which is in about 7 hours from now for me.

    In the light of all the fuss caused by my last reading which the whole forum had to know about, please know that if I enter your energy fied that I can see a lot of things and if you don't want me to see them then please tell me and I will just send you reiki.


  • HI bluecat, I did nothing this evening, let me know if around this time tomorrow is god for you, minus an hour if poss.


  • Hi Paddie Fluff! I don't mind if you can see anything, I think I'm ready for that as a matter of fact, I would be grateful! If cleaning the chakras was what you did last time then that would be wonderful! You tell me whatever you feel you need to, I know its putting a lot out there so to speak, but the healing I felt last time was very worth it! I can be on at the time you suggested or whenever is convienant for you, thanks so much!

  • We have a time difference, I'm figuring that out right now

  • Hi bluecat sorry I am pulling out of helping at this time as I do not feel particularly safe about doing readings or such on this forum at the moment. I will get back to you at another time. There are others here whosend reiki and you can do your chakras yourself if you google you will find lots of tips. I am only reading for those I know and then off this site.

    X Paddi

  • But if you wade through the What do you see Paddi thread which you can find by clicking on my name then you will find my email I think in the first 10 pages but I will not swear to that. Sorry to let you down like this so mail me if you find it.


  • Page 11 actually but use gmail

  • I understand , its allright! I will look at page 11 thanks!

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