Help with Financial Celtic Cross tarot card reading

  • Hello all , I am needing help with a reading that I did myself, my question was what is the best way to go visa versa my job? The results are as follow's


    The Lovers


    Queen of Swords



    The Star




    Two of Swords


    Wheel of Fortune


    Queen of Coins


    The Empress


    Eight of Swords



    Long Term

    Knight of Cups

  • There's a decision that you need to make. What's happening now comes from is a female who is very upfront about her opinions and has no trouble making a stand. (Could be you or someone you know) The issue with this situation is lack of hope and feeling that luck has run out. There's a spirit of feeling that what you want is only right considering your actions, and that you deserve to have things go in your favor.

    Your lesson tells you to keep things in perspective and stay calm even if you feel the need to fight for what you want (spirit of the Queen of Swords). The ethics of the situation seem to be going round and round with the feeling that whatever happens happens and it's out of anyone's control.

    The allies card seems to reinforce the issues of the Swords, this time saying that staying within your own safety zone and not fighting through your challenges right now may be the best way. Advice tells you to believe that you can maintain your control even if you are challenged.

    Long term as the Knight of Cups brings movement and action, all with the heart in mind. Creativity is also a key element. Whatever you do in the future it seems that you will be following what you truly love and feel as if you've come home after a battle.

  • Wow thanks!

  • I agree with Yogi with decisions to make but they could be to do with your heart. They maybe decisions you have to make or someone else is involved with the situation. It is usually a choice between two people or two things in life. Challenges are showing you that you are undecided and not sure about what to do even though you could have lots of gifts and have a great future ahead but you are just undecided with your emotions. The foundation card mentions justice and You will win if there is anything going on at momment any law or something that you feel injustice about. You will win because you have done no wrong hopefully as the card says Justice. Lesson is the one that you at swords with someone and it is really getting you down you at logger heads with someone in love or in everyday life. You are not seeing eye to eye with someone and you should be aware of what it is. Should be pretty obvious really.

    Your ethics are the wheel of fortune and what you gain one day maybe dashed the next day but the lesson here is that it is ever changing and one day you may feel low the next one will bring another positive feeling that`s just this card.

    Your developments is the queen of cups and this is where you are a nurturing type of person to the point of helping others more than yourself. You are liking children and liking to help peple with their problems you are a very caring person and like to build and not destroy any person`s creativity.

    This is follwed through on the empress card where you like to nurture the young and help all people that you can. They maybe showing you that you care for others more than yourself. Be careful here you are again putting others before your own needs.

    Allies 8 of swords is where you maybe tied to other people that you feel you have to help them and feel tied to this problem. You feel as if you need to help everyone and have no time or energy left for yourself. Advice is to look after yourself and you have the strength to do whatever you want but you sometimes have to push forward to promote yourself and not push the others in the front because you have to look after yourself too.

    Long term is the knight of cups and this could be a dark haired young man who is very thoughtful or it maybe you are on the fence and just thinking about your future and just dont know where to go just yet. It is a card of stopping and thinking of which way to go next. That is not a bad thing but I think your life looks really good but you need to focus a little more on yourself and not others for a while. There is a man out there for you. You will meet him soon but it wont be quite how you will see him in the future. He will grow on you somehow. He is and will be around you for the next 5 years and you will eventually marry him but he is not who you thnk it is because there is a catch and only in 5 years you will know what that is. So don`t look cause you wont find, he will come to you in a really funny way and you will be really happy. Good luck. Anne Venus.

  • ooh my goodness that last reply made me cry, wow thanks every one I really needed that!

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