Astraangel, urgent help please;( so pissed tonight

  • everything seemed fine between me and my bf until tonite. this guy is outta his mind. we had this stupid argument tonight. basically he is thinking so fancy of himself that everybody is kissing his ass (altho its kinda true based on his social status). he's so not used to hearing a No from other ppl. tonight, first, he thought i ignored his txt on purpose when he asked me to go have dinner with him. he called me on the way home saying he wanted me to go to his house. i said No, becuz its getting late, and i didnt feel like driving at all. it has happened several times in the past, and i never said yes..altho its not a booty call, i just dont like doing it at night especially when im ready for my bed!! anway, we got into this argument after. he thought i dont make effort in the relationship. he said, when someone really likes another person, he would go a long way to see that person. oh yay? then why didnt u come see me?? hello...?!!! anyway, he then explained where he stands - everybody kisses his ass!!! what the hell? are you expecting me to do the same or what? why should i do it?

    anyway, the phone call didnt go well. we just said goodnight and hang up. now im so mad. i donno what i should do at this point. astra, can you do a reading on this please? will we be okay? what is he really expecting from me? is he so mad at my behaviors? does he like me a lot that he actually got insecured? (cuz he questioned my love for him.. several times already)

    i dont feel like txting or calling him first.. will i hear frm him today?

    im really getting annoyed.. and concerned. astra, please shed some light on me ;( much needed. thanks!!!

  • So if the answer to the last question is yes, i wanna know if we r gonna meet today? if we r going to meet.. how will the meeting go? certainly dont wanna fight again,,but who knows...

  • please keep a distance from him and divert your attention towards other avenues..

    please visit:

  • Hi hll

    Sri you are having some problems there! Don't worry, this could be something, a little bump in the road, don't be too alarmed

    I am doing a reading now... sitting here in Starbucks. You are the Princess of Cups... and the first card that came up was the Knight of Cups!

    SO YES a meeting and I see some tears and forgiveness and love and more tears and a lot of hugs and some more tears and crying and love and heaven... is what I see

    But then I am a hopeless romantic. But that is a rather amazing card to see with you and him - princess and knight of cups!

    Three of Swords - true love. Painful? You bet. That is the price you get to pay, don't ask me why. So the challenges of communication are a part of the journey with you two.

    Really, really try to reach out to him, tell him you understand, he will meet you half way.... there is NO PROBLEM TOO BIG that God can't solve between two people who truly love each other.

    How will the meeting go?

    Queen of Swords - a lot of talking it out. With you being a little defensive at first...

    Six of Cups... then all that settles out into something really sweet and lovely!

    I see a wonderful meeting for you! Let me know how it goes... I am here to read for you any time...

    Sorry if my last reply was too much, I am struggling with my own path... and I try to understand my life... and why relationships are so difficult... King of Swords, that's me ha ha...

    love, astra

  • thanks astra. hope your doing okay? dont worry too much! everything will be alright. im sure god is there helping you out since your such a nice person! you deserve ALL.

    i will let you know how the meeting goes.. so far, around 3pm pst, this guy hasnt contacted me yet.. maybe he's bz at work as always. or he just wants to give me a hard time. who knows. im still mad at all. he doesnt understand me. he's the one who needs to adjust to being with me. i hope we can meet up and talk it out. im not afraid of speaking my mind.

    again, thanks astra!!! bless you!

  • some update dear astra... so we didnt meet today. he txted me around 7pm saying "if i dont call you, u will never call me. good to know." hard to tell his tone.. i replied saying dont expect to kiss your ass to agree with you all the time since im not with you for your money or anything you have to offer... things like that... he didnt reply.. not sure what's on his mind? what's he really thinking of me at this point?? need your help astra ;( my life is in such a mess right now. job is still up in the air.. sigh

  • besides what he is really thinking of me, im also curious about his thoughts regarding to my txt tonight? astra, can you please do a reading for me on these two questions? thanks!

  • Hi hll

    Sure thing let's take a peek...

    As I was shuffling the Lovers card popped out so that seems to set the underlying theme here! You two are very close, probably this is just one of those little lover's tifs you know? I don't think it's an issue really, however we can certainly look at this more...

    1. what's on his mind? what's he really thinking of me at this point??

    Seven of Cups - Dreaming of you. He is pondering you in some way, envisioning something to do with you and him together. This is the card of fantasies and daydreams so this energy is very strong over him right now. It could be that there is something about you that is has been frustrated over and it is coming out in some disconnect between you two.

    2. im also curious about his thoughts regarding to my txt tonight? THE FOOL - wow. This is a card of deep mystery really, and I have been following a meaning that I like, And that is - it can't be revealed at this time because doing so would affect causality between you and him, to bring about a happy conclusion. So this is a time for you to keep your faith and trust strong okay hll?

    I would say hang in there with him and all will smooth over! Keep looking up, and I know something nice will come about very soon! Let me see what the Tarot has for you personally right now at this tender point for you...

    Hanged Man - Yeah, this is saying the same thing that was mentioned - hang in there! Everything will work for you and him is what I see. You care about him right? That's all that matters, keep loving and pray for him and in the future I see some nice kisses on your cheek, in a nice way.

    Let me know about any other questions you might have!

    love and light,


  • hi astra, thx for your reading.. am quite confused with the second question... THE FOOL... in ur words, it didnt sound bad at all? is that true? am not sure how he reacted to this txt since i was basically being a b... (you know the word).. did he get more frustrated after reading my txt or did he actually agree with what i had to say?

  • he txted me again this afternoon, but didnt go anywhere. anyways he told me hes leaving for NYC tmr for a week. i was hoping he asks me out tonight, but he didnt.. so i donno when we can meet... astra, can you please let me know when we r gonna meet up in person? thanks!

  • ppp

  • up. waiting to hear from u astra 😉

  • some update astra - he broke up with me yesterday... we both got emotional.. the fight started from the middle of nowhere, and ended kinda weird too. things were getting better and better as i could constantly feel his love and attention from him... suddently he decided to break up with me? what??? when he said maybe we should break up since he's confused as to how to make me feel comfortable with his attitude, i simply responded okay, altho inside i didnt want this happen.... can you please do a reading on this? will he contact me again? or is it really over between us? whats our future? i just feel like we have unfinished business... but if its meant to be, i guess i will have to accept it and move on strongly. thanks astra! btw, havent seen you here for a while. hope your doing well!

  • Hi hll

    Sri I have been away for a bit, as I am out in the woods without internet, and managed to come into the nearby small town and use a wifi spot for a few minutes. So I will give you a quick reading and see what is going on.

    You are the Queen of Cups here...

    First of all I drew the Three of Cups! Which is VERY optimistic. I would say right off that things definitely were going well for you and him... so something happened... Sometimes these "breakups" are for a reason and there is healing there too, I would roll with it... let's see....

    Page of Swords - yeah now we see the introduction of dialog and it is very much of the mind you know, someone is weighing something out and it must have flared up and he felt compelled to break up...

    Four of Pentacles - looks like a withdrawing, holding on and not opening up. I am really getting that he is closed off from you for now, and needs his space. You won't be able to crack his shell anytime soon...

    Five of Wands - And more banter, back and forth, what he said, you said, why, and I thought, and how come, and you always and when did I say that... you know all that playful sparring ha ha... and then bang - he says I am oughta here and its over, he is defending himself, he has to in order to sort out his own business, so be VERY gentle with him and patient you know? He can still come around, I know he still really really cares about you!

    The Hanged Man - yeah, see it from a different angle hll... see this time as something that he needs... you take the high road and wait, wish him blessings, visit him in the spirit and be kind to him, his heart will pick up on that and you will be sowing wonderful seeds for reconciiiation and such tenderness that two of you have never even yet known!

    Ace of Swords - Yes! This says very much - hang in there and keep the faith! He still cares for you he just needs his time. If you happen to have any opportunity to reach out to him at all I would send him a nice sweet note, something like,

    Dear ****,

    I know that things went a little out of control that might, and we are apart now. I tend to be a little impatient at times and I know I must have pushed you too hard. I am so sorry, and want you to know that I understand your need for space. Wishing you all the best.

    Love, your friend


    You send him something like that, even a nice letter and that will melt his heart... he needs some time apart right now. Don't worry things will still turn back around just wait and see!

    In the meanwhile, you take care of yourself, be sweet to you, know that you are always surrounded by love from every direction no matter what.

    love and light,


  • hi astra, thanks for your quick response.. i really appreciate it... from your words, it seems like we will get back later? Right? if yes, when probably???

    what else should i know about him?

    will he contact me sometime soon? like this week?


  • btw, the first card u drew was three of cups? did that card represent our past or our future??

  • hi astra, glad to see you back!!! ;)))

    can i get an update reading from you please? so me and my bf didnt break up in the end.. and now we r doing well. in fact, we got to spend the past weekend together, and its nice. i could sense that he really started to put lots of efforts into this relationship.. im very positive about our future at this point, but would appreciate a lot if you can shed some insight on our future. like what i should know about our future together? where should i know better abt my bf? any signs that i should be aware of him? what is he really thinking of me so far? what's his thought on our future? the last but not the least, just curious - he mentioned sth yesterday, was he referring to me when he gave me that example?

    thanks astra! im looking forward to hearing from you! hope your doing well.

  • Hi hll !

    Nice to see you out there... AND I am thrilled that things are going nicely with you and your bf, that is wonderful. I love to hear some good news here!

    So let's take a look...

    1. what i should know about our future together?

    Oh my... the Two of Cups... so sweet! I see absolute bliss for the two of you! So nice, I can tell you have both really done some work and you mentioned he was really putting more efforts into the relationship. I am getting cupids and love and roses and every wonderful heavenly happiness imaginable. There... that is what you should know about your future together... heaven on earth... 🙂

    2. where should i know better abt my bf?

    Ten of Swords - oh wow... this tells me immediately that he has suffered something rather devastating, and it seems rather self-inflicted. A product of his upbringing perhaps, this man has weighed and sorted and sifted out so much in life, really ha agonized over something... and he is very tired of that, very weary in fact, and sees you as that lighthouse where he can moor his ship and simply and tenderly abandon himself to love. So I would say expect him to be all over you.. more and more... adoring you for the very reason that you cared for him... the "where" you should know better is to know that he has travelled a long, very long road to find you. So I would say be really tender toward him, and know that for him, you are about the closest thing to the Sun in the entire Universe.

    3. any signs that i should be aware of him?

    Ten of Pentacles. HIGH EXPECTATIONS. He sees the two of you as a couple of couple, and fully expects to see ALL of the blessings coming your way as Heaven's reward for those who believe in highest love. So I would keep that in mind with him... and you may need to temper that with some "Hey, let's go out and do something dumb once in a while, bumper cars. watch a kids movie, wander the aisles in walmart and see if you can figure out which ones are the secret agents, write joke together. cook something weird together. Baked frog legs with honeysuckle gravy. He may tend to be a little serious perhaps too much at times, so you should listen to your intuition and pull him away from whatever "high expectation" has him enraptured. once in a while.

    Oh, and most importantly, lots and lots and lots of intimate time, very close... as late... as long... as passionate... as possible... 🙂 That will get his mind off of those lofty expectations. Of course, you'll have to repeat this very very often for this man.

    4. what is he really thinking of me so far?

    The Moon... mystery in a lovely girl's eyes... he sees you as someone quite heavenly, a little emotionally moody at times. But that's okay. He loves to look at your face, and wonders often about the face of you he can't see. He loves the hidden aspects of your personality, that little something that you refuse to give him... drives him wild.. .have some compassion though! He may try to launch another lunar expedition your way. Every night, when the moon is out.. he feels you close to him like the air herself... you have him caught in s spell and he is loving you for it. The moon says he thinks of you as dark waters that he loves to drown under.

    5. what's his thought on our future?

    Ten of Wands. Some work for sure. This seems to tie back to that "high expectations" we saw earlier. He sees your future as a handful for sure, and it is a handful that he looks forward to. His vision of your future is one where your hard work together builds a shared life that is very creative, very enthusiastic, and very rewarding. His idea of a future with you is one where Heaven seems to task the both of you with awesome exploits and mountains to conquer. and you both rise to the challenge. Once you make it out of bed of course. Probably around noon if you are lucky.

    6. he mentioned sth yesterday, was he referring to me when he gave me that example?

    hll, what is "sth"? I drew the five of swords, so I am not sure what that means in this case.

    And the Lovers... sounds like it must be in reference to you though. I see some shared work going on between you two? Where he is hoping you get it, or are along for the ride. Does that make sense? It does seem very connected to the two of you though... as the lovers.

    Hey hll, I hope that helped! That is so nice that the two of you are working matters out and I see only wonderful things ahead for the two of you. Thank you for letting me read for you! And yes, I am doing great, life still has some twist and turns for me, I seem to slowly get better and at just going with the flow, and seeing the loveliness in every situation. Still working on that ha ha...



  • dear astra, thanks so much for your detailed readings. i really really appreciate it!!! i hope your doing well in whatever your working on. i hope everything in ur life comes out nice. your a wonderful man, and you deserve nothing but the best. bless you!!

    i still have a few questions - regarding question 3, high expectations.. did you mean that he had high expectations in me? as for "sth" in my last question, its just a conversation between two of us. he said after breaking up with one girl, he felt so hurt, and then he rebounded with another girl.. things didnt go well, and they broke up. but he then realized breaking up with the second girl hurt much more! he thought this girl was actually a much nicer girl. blabla... anyway.. he didnt tell me the names, and for some reason, i think the second girl he was talking abt was referring to me. he did break up with me as i told you earlier, but he reached out to me the following day saying he missed me and he didnt wanna break up.. we got back after...anyway, i think what you had to say made sense.

    so we have been dating for 2 months... things r really getting better and better altho it has been challenging.. im wondering when he will say "i love you" to me for the first time?

    astra, if you have time, i would like a reading abt my career from you besides the question above. i asked you abt this before.. u said i would get the job that i have been trying to get. and i did in-person tarot readings with different readers. both of them said i would get this job eventually. the truth is things r not going well. i have a friend who works for that big firm, and is a big boss and he has trying to help me get this job.. but so far, nothing really happened yet. no openings at this time, and seems like i have to wait.. but im not sure how much longer i have to wait? when will i have interviews? when will i start working with this firm? need ur insight please. thanks so much, astra!

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