Tarot reading please???

  • Could someone please please do a tarot reading for me. I am in a long distant relationship and a friend of mine new to tarot says my boyfriend is already married but i don't really know what to believe as whatever answers she gives me others always say its wrong. I have spoken to him about it he denies it. There is a girl on his profile which poses situations which are fishy so i really need to know. Please someone help me. I just want to know the truth so i came here 😞 i really need help on this. Please anyone??

  • If you don’t mind, I will do a simple reading for you from my vantage point. When I do a reading, I draw much from the inquiry and how it is posed. The deep concerns and fears behind a question sometimes speak volumes of about what the person feels deep in his or her heart. The person’s own intuition usually knows the answer and conveys this to the reader.

    The lovers next to the ace of swords indicate a new relationship. A lot of thought is going into this so it is not really an impulsive move and my actually be over-thought.

    This relationship will be lacking in the elements of healthy relationship as indicated by the 5 of pentacles. There are many weaknesses. When you go into a relationship with doubts and concerns, those do not usually go away and turn into something trusting and vibrant. This card shows the lack of faith you have in this person and also that you are not gaining what you need form the relationship. It may be because of the distance as well as the circumstance of your love interest.

    The next card is the death card. You yearn for this to be “the one”, yet it will likely come to an end. However there is someone who will be coming into your life that will be much better suited to you.

    Finally the chariot is a card I see that represents control, power and choice. You have it in you to make the choices that are best for you. Go with your gut.

    Don’t start a committed relationship that is heaped with doubt. How much do you know about this person, not from what he or anyone else says? How often do doubts come up? Is your intuition warning you about something? How much time do you spend with this person to know the types of habits he has which would tell you if he has another relationship? When you are in the place of complete confidence, trust, contentment and happiness with this person, you are in the right place.

  • Hi there thanks for the reading. We both are in a serious relationship and do trust each other but the thing is that one of my friends keeps making allegations and it does put doubt in my head at times. we have been together for a few years, met, spend lots of time together, we still do spend most of our day with each other. I just want to know that the allegations this friend seems to be putting are not true as it just plays tricks with your mind!

  • Maybe another reader can fill in the gaps with a further reading. In my reading I was addressing some of the issues posed in your first inquiry. I note that in your response to my reading, there is more information which weighs in on the possible outcomes, but generally the heart of my reading holds true. Drawing another card for the yes/no question, I would have say that the person of your interest is bound in a committed relationship indicated by the two of swords. I do not lean toward yes/no readings because it erases the seeker's choice and intuition, but I hope this helps.

  • yes it does.. thankyou..

  • could you give me any details because my who does these reading says that this relaitonship he is bound in is going through a lot of troubles that is why he is with me he doesnt want to lose me either. can u tell me since when he is in this other relationship? she tells me that he will be with her for some time but then he will realise his mistake and return back.

  • Hi Mshah,

    I did a reading for you and this is what i saw. My reading is base off your feelings.

    You are ready to make a personal change

    The guy has a lot of energy and can give you a lot of attention but, he has a mean streak and snaps

    you are also feeling like you are stuck or not being productive

    part of your question is that he is lets say full of bravado, but with that he is on edge and things happen because of it

    You just went through a lot of change and conflict

    use your intuition,( listen to the little voice in your head )

    You have tension in the relationship (other wise I wouldn't be doing the reading) you need balance and not indecision

    I also picked up looks like you will have some material gain

    back up by the next card as well

    You have someone like a mother figure helping you and giving you good advice (try and listen)

    I also get the feeling you may just act without thinking

    overall feeling i get is your confused because at times he treats you nice but then is jerk. Listen to that little voice telling you what to do; don't be indecisive and make your decision base on good thought.

    hope that helps



  • Yes. The 2 of swords shows the figure caught between two situations or circumstances and is totally blinded and cannot make the decision. At some point a decision will have to be made but this is the circumstance now.

    The card, 5 of pentacles that I pulled in the first reading shows the struggles of you two as a couple. It may also entail some financial hardships based on trying to maintain two relationships. There may also be some ignoring of the former spiritual beliefs that may have held meaning at a point in one of your lives. The death card shows that though you may want to keep this relationship going, it will come to an end. But there is light in the horizon. The question is do you want the relationship as it stands now. The risk would be that if you end the relationship you may meet someone better suited to you or you end the relationship and that person does realize your value and does eventually leave the person he is with and come back to you.

  • thank you so so much to both of you.. and yes nick this mother figure is the one who does the tarot readings and she always says to me there will be a break up for a while because he needs to learn to value you as he does not at the moment as you guys have said also. thank you to tegwyn aswell for lots of insight. you both have given me great advice and i am sorry for the impatience and lots of questions! may god bless you both for all your help x

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