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  • Hello,

    I would appreciate a reading. My mother has recently been ill, and she's been deteriorating little by little since she's been going to doctors. She doesn't blame them, but instead is suspicious of her mother-in-law doing some kind of witchcraft on her.

    I would like to know if this is true because my grandmother and most of my father's family have dabbled in the dark arts.

    I want to be reasonable and logical, but I am honestly afraid and more concerned about my mother's health.

    Thank you.

  • Witchcraft and curses only work if the 'victim' believes in it. Your mother may be making herself worse by thinking someone is bewitching her. She can stop it by refusing to be afraid and by trying to find out what really is making her sick. For instance, does your mother take care of herself properly? Is she the nervous type? Healer Louise Hay gives excellent advice about the emotional reasons behind physical illness and her advice can be found on the internet as well as in books.

  • Thank you, Captain.

    My mother claims to not believe in it, but I know she does. She's been adamant about the witchcraft since my grandmother is being kind enough to bring her food (She says she's been getting a lot of stomach problems, but I think it may be because of the order of the medication she's taking). Although, my grandmother doesn't have the best reputation, but I still doubt she is doing something.

    My mother is the kind of person that gives good advice, but never follows it herself. She's helped many people with health problems, but she's not one to hold a steady diet or regime for her health. She only tries to cure herself when the pain is too much. After she feels a little better, she stops. This what she's always done.

    Lately, I've been trying to get her to drink a natural remedy of sorts that has helped me in the past, but it's costly. She would rather pay bills than tend to her health.

    She's been battling with her nerves since I can remember. I think it's one of the main causes of her health issues. She's always worrying, and always nervous unless every one of her children and grandchildren are there in the house with her.

    I do worry for her, and don't want to speak ill of her, but she never comes first and it's upsetting.

    I'll look into your suggestion. My mother does have many emotional problems, so I'm more than grateful to you telling me about this. I hope I can help her with this.

    Thank you so, so much for responding, Captain!

    (I can't offer much, but if you would ever like a reading all you need to do is ask!)

  • I think I've just entered into a new problem.

    I've been reading on the healing process, and a lot of them say that acceptance is the first step.

    My mother is emotionally distant, and when it comes to these things, she rejects them completely (irony).

    How should I go about this?

    Would it just be about patience and trying to convince her?

  • Unfortunately it's often easier for people to blame their problems on an outside source - such as a curse or witchcraft) rather than take repsonsibility for their own health mistakes. Your mother neglects her health because she feels that good health is something that should come naturally to her - that she doesn't need to fuss with or rely on pills or potions or to watch her diet or exercise, etc. I wonder if it would work if you told her that a 'friend' of yours had certain symptoms (same as your mother's including the worrying) and asked her for some advice (as she is so good at dispensing it). Then you could tell her it was herself you were talking about and that she should follow her own good advice.

    Unfortunately, in the end, we have to accept that our loved ones have a right to live as they wish, even if it's hurting them..So your mother may have to get very ill indeed before she is willing to ask for help or advice.

  • I think you're right...

    I'm going to see if she accepts at least to see the truth.

    She doesn't like doing or experiencing new things alone so I'll join her in her healing process should she accept.

    Thank you so much, Captain.

    I wish you great happiness.

  • sending healing prayers for your mother...

    You could ask her to visualize the sun's white light passing from her head down to her feet, revitalizing her. Positive intention is a powerful tool. Have faith EIAI. The supreme source of all goodness and light is more powerful than any curse. May God be w u both

    Love and Light

  • Thank you so much, Suramya.

    I appreciate your prayers for her.

    I'll have to tell her about the light, when I see her tomorrow.

    Thank you and I wish for that same light to fill your life with happiness.

  • If your mother believes in curses, does she believe in curse removal? If you have curse removal traditions within your own family, why not use them? Or, you can try things like putting an egg under her bed, or a glass/bowl of water under her bed. Both things are used for healing as well as curse removal in folk magic. Change the egg after a week, disposing of the old egg off your property. Maybe a spiritual bath. Spiritual cleansing is good practice in general, curse or no curse. And, even if you don't necessarily believe in it but she does, the power of suggestion could work in this way as well. If you think she'd go for it, you can either buy her a spiritual bath from a Botanica or a company online, or simply suggest she take cleansing baths with a mix of sea salt, Epsom salt, baking soda, and holy water. If she's not Christian, you can always omit the holy water or substitute it for another type of water... such as rose water or rue water. You could simply buy her a bar of rue soap.

    See how much she really believes this. Common practice in these situations would be to start by getting rid of everything the offender gave to you, and cleansing the house. If she is Christian, or simply open to the idea, praying to St. Micheal is also a good option (the best, IMO). You can buy her a silver St. Michael saint medal, and tell her to ask him for protection. St. Jude, the Patron Saint of Desperate Cases, is another to consider.

  • Thank you Anuleif for your concern!

    My mother is a Jehovah's Witness, but before she was a Catholic. When I told her about what the Captain and Suramya advised she almost looked at me as if I was crazy. The thing that helped me was that I was telling her that if she really had faith in her God then she should invoke his name if she really thinks she is being cursed.

    She is doing much better I must admit!

    I've heard that cleansing with the egg, but I thought it had to be passed all over the body. If I'm not mistaken, the egg should turn black?

    How will the water look should it work?

    How long should they stay under her until I change them?

    Thank you again Anuleif!

  • EIAI, I don't have any wisdom about curses or curse removal, but I will offer my prayers to her (and you!) And before I lost my mom to cancer 10 years ago, I became obsessed with trying to find some kind of cure for her, I did a ton of research and pushed her to seek out the best clinics for her cancer. I did all the legwork and all she needed to do was go, but she refused. And I learned through this experience that even though we love someone SO dearly and want them to live and do what's best for them, they and they alone have to be the ones to make the decision. And if it means they die earlier than they might have, they had power of their own decisions. That is everything. I've learned a lot from that experience. I hope your mom bounces back and starts feeling wonderful again soon and that you have many more good years with her. And send some love to your grandmother too, there's a very good chance that she really is bringing food in a generous caregiving mind, and being misunderstood. She could use some compassion right now too. I'll send my prayers of healing and light to all three of you! xo

  • Oh firehorse...

    I'm so sorry to have brought back painful memories. Thank you for sharing this with me.

    My brother said something similar about having to accept that she will die. I know I have to, but it's so hard when you're with them almost every minute of the day. It's impossible to even think her not being here...

    Right now she's been doing a lot better. The doctors are happy with her progress. Her stomach pain she's been complaining about is gone and it was because of the pill order she was taking! I've been praying to my angels to save her, or at least to help her see that she really needs to change how she's running her health.

    I am very grateful to you firehorsecrab! Thank you for praying for her and for coming here to show your concern for us.

    Lots of hugs and love from me to you!

    You are a wonderful person!

  • SO are you!!! : )

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