Help with a Taurus Man

  • Hello Anyone,

    I am a Virgo, Sept 11, 1981. I have known a Taurus, May 14, 1980 for a very long time. We had recently caught up as he was in the country and had met a couple of times. We had a great time those few days and also made out and continued to talk over the phone till he left. Before leaving he assured that we would stay in touch regularly. Ever since he got back, it seems the only one who is making the effort to stay in touch is me. Though he does reply to my messages and calls when I ask him to or whenever we deceide to talk. He has asked me to visit and has on number of occassions reminded me of it.the relationship and keeps asking me of the status.

    Recently, we had a serious discussion, where he has mentioned that he does like me but would not be able to committ as he has pressures from his family . He keeps confusing me of the way he feels.

    Please help...should i continue to stay in touch and be patient....

  • In all honesty, and I don't claim to be an expert, but I have been studying astrology for over ten years... I would say - believe what he says, and move on. If you feel you are able to be there as a friend, and not have hope or expectations for something more, then do so, but it does sound like your heart is in this. Taurus men do not usually run hot and cold, when they step back it is because they have changed their mind, or something is not right for them. Taurus men straightforward, they usually don't play games, and won't lead you on. They do take romantic relationships very seriously, and won't just settle down and jump into something, to not be alone like other signs.

    If you are hoping to build something more, and are not willing to let go just yet, I would suggest you relax, and try being there for him as a friend. Maybe tell him you'd love to see him again as friends and invite him over for a home cooked meal, and just have fun and enjoy each others company, do not mention the 'issues' and never try to rush or push, or guilt him into a decision.

    Good luck.

  • I am a Taurus female not sure if Taurus males are any different but i will say that it takes us FOREVER to do anything!! We take our time, make sure it is the right thing before we commit not because we are lazy but because we like to do things at our own pace. . I agree with the above post we are very honest when it comes to matters of the heart we don't like to lead people on. How long have you guys been talking/dating? I am a little confused he asks you to visit is he back home or still on his trip?

    If this is fairly new relax and give it time let him figure it out, let go a little if he cares for you he will make sure you stay in his life. Do not come off as needy or give him too much attention confidence drives us crazy if someone is too available or likes us too much it can be a deal breaker we like to chose not be chosen if that makes sense? The fact that he keeps asking what your guys status is may be a good sign. Once we commit we are very loyal creatures so the wait may be worth it in the end. Again this is my view point as a Taurus female hope it helps some..

  • We have been talking for over a month now. He is now back home(another country) and has asked me to visit. There is no change in his approach...other than a couple of calls initiated by him.

    He still sticks to the point that he is not able to take a step due to family concerns and pressure. However, has also mentioned that if he had to I fit in completely. He says that I get him and that we have a trusted an open relationship.

    I am confused with these mixed feelings he is giving me.....what do you think?

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