Confused about relationship

  • Hi I am a Scopio woman who has a problem with a Scopio man. After many years apart the Scopio man tracked me down via an internet site I was a little hesitant at first but started to converse. Met up twice in last year both encounters ended rarely abruptly always seemed to be issue when it was time for me to leave, however we have remained in contact via email. This year I have experienced some health problems and he has been a great source of support however his remains very aloof with his feelings my gut instinct is that he is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with am I being too optimistic? Not been very good with relationships in my life. I am confused because whenever I suggest that maybe I should give him a break from my contacts he changes his tone and states the he wants us to be in touch forever. Very confused!!!

  • u need first to ask urself how long are u willing to keep on chatting via email u need to let him know that u want commitment n youll take it from there

  • Thanks I have already thought about that one and he evades the issue. The other day I took the initiative and stated that I wanted us to meet up again and he informed me that he had a girlfriend but she has moved back to Italy. I remember a few weeks ago he informed me of a party at his home as a going away party for one his female friends who was returning to Italy, no mention of this being his girlfriend. He even emailed quite late that night to inform me of the day he had, had and the party. Don't think I believe him with this one seems too convenient. Will take a break from contact with him for a while because what I keep thinking about is he found me after 34 years not the other way around and these mind games are not for me.

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