Tarot reading...could it have been misinterpreted??

  • Hi,

    I had a tarot reading at my house a couple of months ago. The lady mainly concentrated on my love life as I am on my own, she stated that I would meet a specific man in a couple of weeks described his job, his house, financial setup, family etc and that this was the man I am destined to be with...well I met a man exact lifestyle described, we met how she said we would meet etc etc however this man is not a nice man at all he is rude, and really not the person I imagined I would be with and so I have called it a day...however there is this doubt in my mind as his description is sooo perfect apart from his personality...she did mention after she had done the reading...is there someone you like that you cant have...I said yes...she just said hhmm...now this man has also come back into my life...so could she have got confused between the two men?? Can cards be misinterpreted??...confused...hope someone could help??

  • Hi Leigh,

    Did the lady only descrive the man and the way you would meet, or did she also give any prediction about his characteristic and the dynamic of the relationship ? Did she say that this man will be a great partner to you and you should think twice before breaking up with him for his nasty character, or did she only say - you'll meet this guy, period ? Just because this meeting was predicted doesn't mean that he is the right partner for you.

  • Hi Thanks for commenting.

    She didnt go into details about his personality at all just that I shouldnt worry as we are destined to be together and she described how we would meet, that we would have a mutual respect for each other as we had both been through the same things? She didnt say I should persevere with things or that I would not be sure about the relationship..hope that helps you??

    Thank you again for your help

  • I agree 100% with Voply. A number of years ago and I consistently received readings from different readers over a period of time about a partner that I would have and vivid description of lifestyle which, in a literal sense, was the lifestyle I wanted. I did marry that man, and it turned out he was a poor match; very deceitful. And the lifestyle I had, though as described in the readings, was build on fraudulent pretense. Bottom line, I did not seek deeper guidance, such as character and honesty. I went into the relationship based empty words of promise of the life I wanted. A huge mistake which I came to regret. Tarot is a tool for guidance. I found it is important to use it wisely to help make the best decisions for ourselves.

  • Thank you that has has given me a lot to think about, tarot is used for guidance but ultimately I have to use my own gut feeling with situations and consider all this when make a decision.. thank you...and I hope you have found your happiness now

  • I agree with you folks. Tarot is a wonderful tool for expanding consciousness and opening out emotional issues, I don't think it is really intended as a tool for "divination" so much... although I know it is used that way (I even do that however sometimes I don't think that is the best thing for the client). I guess you just have to follow your heart as you mentioned LEIGH.

  • In my tarot studies, I have found a great deal of importance placed on the seeker's question and how the reader helps frame the question. Meeting a tall handsome stranger could well be an encounter with a mugger in a dark alley. Then yes, the prophetic answers hold true. But I guess our questions need to be seeking the answers to our deeper wants and needs and what is right and healthy for us.

    Thank you Leigh for your thought-provoking question.

  • Trusting your gut feeling is the best thing you can do for yourself. If you feel in your gut that the guy is wrong for you, then you've done an absolutely right thing breaking up with him.

  • Leigh - I've had amazing results with the yes/no reading here at Tarot.com - it's been spot on almost always, and it gives you a clear yes or no answer to your question. Maybe you could ask it something definitive so you will feel more certain. Although I say free will trumps readings every time - the way I believe it is it is a probability of the most likely outcome given the exact state of mind, etc. you are in at the time of the reading - so the minute one thing changes, the reading changes....all of it. Like alternate realities in space & time. So the man may have had some value to you at that moment?? but now things have changed? Anyway, I hope you don't question the reading more than you follow your intuition. Although I've done that myself - still we have to live our lives and the cards are about possibilities. Oh, and that's one thing the yes/no addresses - whether the outcome is determined by your actions or is like "fated...." Hope this helps and best wishes!


  • I had an experience almost like yours. The tarot reader told me that at 21 I would meet the man I would marry and in the same year have my first child.

    I'm 23 now and the only child I have is my beloved niece who is as close to any child I want to have. I don't know about the man, but my theory is that man was me in a way (I've been slowly dressing and acting more masculine recently).

    I agree with what people have posted here for you.

    Every reading you get is different when you ask the same question to different people. The reader gives you what they believe (or feel) the story the cards are telling.

    Our futures aren't written in stone. Tarot, for me, gives an educated guess where it takes into account your past reactions and shows your possible reaction. It's only up to the person to keep doing what they're doing or change the outcome.

    But, I also believe we have certain destinies we must fulfill and whatever choices we make we'll end up completing it one way or another.

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