Need Help with a Tarot Reading I received

  • Hi-

    I received a tarot reading and I didn't quite understand all of the information given to me. My question was that I wanted to get some insight into my financial situation for this year, particularly if I would be receiving a windfall/large sum of money. I was told by another reader that this was what she saw and was curious to see if another reader saw it.

    I had a Celtic Cross and here are the cards:

    1. Prince of Swords

    2. Fortune

    3. (below 1&2) Princess of Wands

    4. (left of 1 & 2) Chariot

    5. (above 1 & 2) Ace of Discs

    6. (right of 1 & 2) 6 of Wands

    7. (bottom of vertical line) 8 of Cups

    8. (above 7) 5 of Discs

    9. (above 😎 10 of Discs

    10. (above 9) Art (Temperance)

    I appreciate any help! : )

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