Cancer man broke up with me, will he come back?

  • @qtpisces how did it went, it's been two months he didn't talk to me

  • @qtpisces how did it went? i broke up with my cancer boyfriend 4 days ago and still thinking to contact him or not although he said stop messaging him.

  • @deemar1995

    Do what he says. He is being honest and open with you. Respect his wishes. IF he wants to contact you in the future he will keep the same way he is able to reach you open just in case. And move on with your life for now.

  • @qtpisces said in Cancer man broke up with me, will he come back?:

    I was with a cancer for 3 years I always felt like h was the one. I felt like I could count on him for anything. I thought he was my best friend. I thought he would always be there for me. We both assumed we would get married one day and always casually talked about or future together. We did have our fair share of fights, but not as bad as other couples. He would aways tell me that I was the only girl he wanted to be with and could talk to and be himself with and how there was no other girl that even compared with me. I felt we were soulmates, and still do. The day before he dumped me we had a fight, but it wasn't that bad. He told me he feels like a jerk because all he does is make me cry. I went home and we didn't speak. Until the next day I tried talking to him but he ignored me, a few moments later I got a text I knew it was going to be him and I knew he was going to break up with me I could feel it. And I knew he was seriouse. I also knew he wasn't going to want to talk to me at all after that. When he broke up with me he told me he swears to god that he really does love me but it's not healthy for us to stay together because supposedly we fight too much. It's been a month and he doesn't want to talk to me at all, he even blocked me from facebook. He hadn't told his family or best friend yet until I told them. And everybody keeps telling me I should move on because it's clear that he doesn't love me anymore. But most of the time I feel like we're still togehter and he just doesn't want to talk to me right now. I feel like if I give him space he will come back, because from the bottom of my heart I feel like we're soulmates. I try to tell myself that it's over and to move on but I can't. Because I can't help it no matter how much I try I still feel like he loves me. What should I do?

    I don't think cancer man will miss you

  • And another woman pops up with the EXACT same PROBLEM ....are you girls not seeing the SAME pattern here????? These men are ALL doing the same thing to you. And you girls are all acting in the same way and saying the same thing. Pay Attention to these posts and learn something.

    HE is not coming back. IF he did love you ... he doesn't any more. He has said so. Believe him. Stop contacting him, stop waiting for him to wake up and come back to you. It is over.

    You can't have a man who doesn't want you back. Cry your tears, scream till your silent, get angry till your numb ....and then let it all go ....take a deep breath and begin a new journey
    ......for yourself and your happiness.

  • I am Pisces .... I was married to a cancer man for 6 years .. the day I walked out I never looked back .. it was the best decision I made .... But then I have never been one to hold onto a man if he did not feel the same way ... I am if he chooses to walk another path, I have always believed even if you care about someone you need to let them live their individual life ....

    I think my Spirituality, my faith has allowed me to surrender to my own energy and know you never need a man or a partner to make you whole, it is about finding wholeness within self ... Being empowered within ..allows one to open up to new adventures ..

  • @badgerwoman My Father-in-Law is a Cancerian and is very "TOXIC".

  • @qtpisces can you please tell me what happened because this is exactly what happened to me. He broke up a week ago and I'm scared to death.

  • Perhaps you were soulmates. But soulmates is for a particular time in your life and you might have more than one. Maybe it is time to move on.

    Having said that Cancers are sensitive creatures that like familiarity. And their might be a time in his life when he needs comfort more than anything else and you get back together.

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