Cancer man broke up with me, will he come back?

  • Magickal....Negative trait? And nope I am not miserable, on top of that I also lack great patience... something you clearly do not have. This is a discussion, not a battle.

    People are here to release... Why don't you let them without insulting and or getting so aggressive about it?

    Have a good evening.

  • *on top of that I also DO NOT lack patience...

  • I would say let go and move on, its never meant to be anything anyway.

  • Pisces, did you hear anything? I am going through the exact same thing with my Cancer man, we were together 27 months and were engaged, it was long distance. I broke up with him because of his jealousy, after some space I realised I wanted him back and he said he wanted to make it work too, but he was so closed off I couldn't handle it, so today I told him to take some space and talk to me when he decides what he wants. I'm totally broken hearted, it feels like the kind of pain that could kill me. We had an amazing relationship but with fights too and he says he doesn't believe things will change. This happened once before but he left and he did come back eventually. So I know it can happen. How are you coping? I am a Cancer

  • nope still haven't heard from him

    today is going to be 2 weeks since I said anything to him

    and I've been feeling really down since friday 😕

    starting to lose hope
    I hope it works out for you though

  • Well if you want to talk I am here, I just had my Cancer guy going crazy because I was dog sitting another guys puppy. Its more than I can take, seriously! but this hurts terribly

  • thank you 🙂 it really helps me feel better being able to talk to people going through similar situations

    but since you are a cancer also, I have a question

    he has court on thursday do you think I should text him "good luck" and that's it? (to show that I still care)

    or continue to give him space and wait for him to contact me

    or move on

  • I do think Cancer men and women are different, but personally it would mean a lot to me to receive a good luck text, If you are going to do it leave it only at that, if he just replies "thank you" then don't initiate any more contact but if he actively tries to engage you in conversation then I would say thats a very good sign, but still don't lay your heart on the table, hold back, be polite and watch what he does from there 🙂

  • thank you that's exactly what I was planning on doing 🙂

  • I have had a very similar experience around 28th January.

    Had our fair share of fights, however I always knew how much I loved him, and continue to love him, and he always expressed how much he loved me. We were like two peas in a pod. We were together for 2.5 years and I truly thought that it was going to be a permanent relationship, he was my best friend and my lover. Out of virtually nowhere, after being very loving he ignored me for two days and after that broke up with me because he doesn't love me anymore. I am a very level headed person and I am well aware of the concept of denial, but I just don't believe him. He has a lot of pressure on him- running his own business and moving out of home. I just feel like if I give him some space for a month or two he might come back. I recently turned 21 and that was 3 weeks after the break up, he came around to give me a present, which I can't decide if it was a pity thing or if he genuinely wanted to see him, he says he has to stop himself from calling me because he misses me. I know people don't always love each other the same amount all the time so I don't know why it has to be like this. My friends think he is seeing someone else according to wall posts from another girl on Facebook, I wonder if this is just a rebound or if they were in communication before we broke up...very confused and hurt

  • And yes I am a pisces and he is a cancer.

  • IF he has decided to end i think ,most likely a closure . He went ignoring you, for this is a

    very significance sign that he wanted to completely cut off from you already.

    I am together with a cancer man for 6.5 yrs so more or less i knew what a actually these cancerians want. Actually there are 2 scenerios, firstly, he'd still leave a relationship when thing is too much of emotional for him to bear and secondly, he doesn't feel for you anymore and this you can see the insensitive, selfish and cold side of him.

  • Vircheery would appreciate your insights on my topic: Calling for Help from the Captain, also from all CANCERIAN men...thanks!

  • He finally talked to me 😮

  • 6 months later!!!! well I am glad for you ❤

  • He needs space to figure himself out, scared of how he feels about you.

  • I broke up with a cancer guy 2 years ago. We dated for 10 months. Now we are close/good friends. I no longer feel for him. But we still get along great. I really like the chemistry and connection we share. But sadly, there's no love between us. Else we would have made a really lovely couple!

  • Yeh same with this guy whos been stalking me for like 4 years, had the door open but since whats been going on, I much prefer to find someone else who is more like me. Good bloke but just not for me. Sad coz I know he is the one for me and coz he hasnt decided and doesnt realise it himself theres not much else I can do but tell him that the door is closed and to wish him well and I will be here when you do realise. Goodbye. Look after yourself. I still love and miss you but the timing is wrong so when you are ready come find me and maybe then we can be together but until then just leave me alone.

  • I personally can not be with someone online. Its hard to do that so its best to not.

  • qtpisces are you still together?

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