Astraangel, can you please do a quick reading for me? Thank you!

  • Hi-

    I'm new here and didn't know what to expect here. I have seen you help out a lof of people and thought I would see if you could also help me. I'm not a tarot reader, but I am a graphic designer, so if you need any help with that, please let me know! : )

    Like I mentioned earlier, I am a graphic designer (work from home) and have a couple of very small side craft businesses. I have been told that I will be receiving a windfall and I just wanted to see if you also see it for me (wendy9,5,70), if it will happen this year and what type of form will it take shape... giant 1 time check, increase in business, or ?

    Thank you so much!

    : )

  • Hi tarotcurious!

    Hey that is awesome that you are a graphic designer! I did that for 30 years! And web design, art direction all of that. A lot of fun (although toward the end I was doing a lot of web banner ads and got kinda burnt out on that.) - So that is wonderful and I know your career will be wonderful! (try to avoid too many banner ads though ha ha)

    Okay! Let's take a look at your "windfall"!

    You'll be the page of Pentacles (Princess) in this reading...

    First off, what is the outlook for Wendy be receiving a nice windfall this year, and perhaps when?

    Knight of Swords - this continues something, it is picking up the significator pentacle (page) and continuing that energy...

    Two of Swords - the Agreement Card - so YES this agrees with whatever you received earlier. The Knight Swords is hinting that this is a quick energy too, could happen fast?

    Let's look at timing. I will lay out 12 cards and see if we can pinpoint a month...

    Wow! Month 3 from now... so sometime beginning in the last week of April on into May!

    Now, let's see about clarifying the nature of the increase as you stated...

    Eight of Pentacles - Increase in business - you are about to be one very busy, VERY successful graphic designer!

    Ace of Swords - Yep! That's Heaven giving you the BIG THUMB'S UP tarotcurious!

    I hope that helps!

    love and light


  • Just to let you know, when I did the 12 month timing spread, the ACE of PENTACLES came up (right side up) in the #3 position which is how we identify the month. It really jumped out!

  • Hi Tarot curious,

    I don't want to step on any toes, but would you mind if I gave you a reading?

    You mention your a graphic designer and my daughter is starting to look into that field, never know when a good contact comes in handy... or picking on a brain or too. Let me know I don't want to impose.



  • When I posted I didn't see Astra response...

    maybe another time then,



  • Hi AstraAngel- Thanks so much for the reading! Wow! 30 years... I'm a little over half way there. My 'expertise' now, is mainly with book covers and now my graphic design is leeching into my side biz, which I'm enjoying a lot. : )

    Could the 8 of pentacles mean a new line of work too? I was hoping for the big chunk of change to help me buy this ranch and move my family and horses out west to start a new 'half life' there and 'half life' here.

    Thanks again!

    : )

  • Hi Tarot-Nick-

    Sure, I don't mind if you'd like to give a quick reading too. : )

    Good luck with your daughter if she chooses to go into graphic design. I'm here if you need to pick my brain.

    Thanks again-

    : )

  • Funny when I do readings I seem to tap into emotions. You have some strong people around you to give you help and advise.

    You are ready to have joy and be productive,

    but i am picking up on a disruption, this is separate from your money goal.

    your suspicious of someone or distrustful (emotions)

    jumping back to your goal you are going to receive some wise council

    you just had some kind of money (not trouble) but difficultly that you just went thru,

    You have a strong keen person watching and helping

    You may run into some competing combinations (keep an open mind and set a goal)

    Again you know that you will be happy and successful (believe it and it will happen)

    Here is another strong figure watching over you

    not sure why but a guy pops up, he is a little la de da... he may just be a very quiet person but he feels alone... no other cards back it up... he is just there...

    and again another strong personality, keen, witty and able to accomplish her goals is around you or it just you; knowing you have a goal and you can accomplish it.

    That's what I picked up, hope it helps;



  • Thanks for the reading tarotnick! I keep a tight circle, so anyone else getting close, I keep my eye on. I think that last person you mentioned is me. I like to set goals and do my best to accomplish them... sometimes it works, sometimes not. ; )

  • AstraAngel-

    I forgot to mention that in my reading with this other person, in reference to time, psychically, she picked up the #4 (saying it could be the 4 of wands or in reference to time, it could be 4 days, weeks or months), and also in the tarot part of it, the first card drawn was the knight of swords, and did say that it would come quickly. It's pretty amazing that you also picked up on that!

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