A special Hello to Astraangel!

  • Just a quick hug hello! I've wondered about your journey...or journies? I hope you've had many insights and seen wondrous things?.....

    and have seen you being so giving here....your generous nature certainly should be bringing you many blessings into your life, and I hope it is so.

    Wishing you love and bright blessings,


  • Hey Jlinaangel

    Thanks for asking! I am on a new path I guess. Just got divorced, that is final and now I am trying to figure out next steps. Was planning on moving back to Georgia to stay with my mom for a while but my situation seems to have me blocked from that just now... I am really in kinda limbo. But creatively I am doing well writing a lot and some art still.. and the tarot work... a lot up in the air and some days I struggle to understand life and why I even exist... but maybe that is just me.

    How about you? Are you still doing that property management work, and the therapy things? I seem to recall you were doing both. How about your love life? what is happening there?

    Take care! Glad to see you are happy and moving forward!