Reading exchanges anyone? :)

  • Hello all! 🙂 Happy chinese new year!

    I would love to exchange some tarot readings!! Is anyone up for it? detail isn't too important, I would just really like to trade some readings.

    Post your question below and then I will post my question at the bottom of your reading.

    Thank you!


    Dani Bo ❤

  • DANIBO You are sooo Good at this . Cant you read for yourself;)

    Just dropping by to send love and best wishes

    Have a good good day:)

  • Hi DaniBo!

    Okay... I have a request.

    What advice do you have for me as regards my fine art efforts?

    I have just reactivated my account on an art community I belong to and want to keep pushing hard with that, any advice you have would be wonderful!

    Thanks... hope all is lovely and wonderful in your world! 🙂

    love and light,


  • Thank you so very much Suramya for your kind words. I wish you happiness! 😄

    Dear Astra! You seemed rather swamped with readings at the moment. I hope I will be able to help you. 🙂

    I will do a simple four card reading for this question for the moment, but if you want more clarity or have other questions, just ask!

    What advice does the tarot have in consideration to Astra's fine are efforts?


    To begin with, the four of pentacles shows to me that you really mean business about this whole art topic. You clench to it because it has some sort of effect on you. It really makes you happy, and you don't want to have to do without it any longer. Art is almost a part of your soul, and as you reactivated your account, you are beginning to allow yourself to feel how art truly possesses you as this man possesses these golden coins.

    The ten of wands shows me how you really are willing to "keep pushing hard" as you mentioned with this art. You want so badly to do whatever you can to strengthen your talent and prove to yourself how much effort you are willing to put into holding it up. However, don't let this art thing come crashing down on you. At times, it might be quite stressful and too much to bear. Don't let this bring you down. Try your very best to keep those wands up, because when you push through all that endurance you will see how much you will improve in your artwork. Determination and strength is key here.

    The empress (in my own opinion) is advising you that maybe it's time you found a muse! Is there a beautiful woman who possesses the qualities of the lovely empress that would be willing to help you out here? 😉 Or, the empress is telling you that nature is probably your strongest point in your artwork. Do you enjoy painting nature, or does painting nature bring about your strong qualities as an artist? She may be here to show you that you should sharpen those skills, or go into more depth into your scenery paintings to see how much more you can do. Push yourself, that is what I'm getting from this empress.

    And finally the magician. Doesn't he represent higher thinking and high levels of positivity? From this card, I think you are being advised here to re-enter this art world with high optimism, for some wonderful opportunities (that may lead to a career) may be headed your way through this reactivation. If you put all your creative sparks and critical thinking skills into your artwork, you are no doubt going to be radiant and happy with the outcome. I would say this a wonderful outcome card for you in your artwork, Astra. I wish you all the best! You clearly have natural born talent within you! 🙂

    Let me know if you have ANY other questions. I'd be more than willing to answer them!

    (Hope I answered your question correctly! haha)

    If you don't mind...I don't want to bore you with my reading exchange question. You already know about my supposed "love triangle" at church, correct? Well, I'm stuck! I'm going to a dance at church with Ivan, but I have more deeper feelings for David. But, David doesn't talk! he's a quiet one, and now, someone else wants to intervene to get him to open up to me.

    So, my question is: Is this person's intervening to help David communicate with me a good idea? or will David ever feel comfortable approaching me? I'm starting to feel like a fool, because I don't know how he feels about me, and I'm starting to fall for him more than Ivan!

    Wow, that was a mouthful. Hope I didn't lose you.

    Again, let me know of any other follow up questions!


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Hi DaniBo

    Wow, that was a wonderful reading, really lifted me up! Thanks so much for that... I still have high hopes for my art, even though I have some bumps in that path... it has been a part of me since I was a young boy... I used to draw trains and stuff on the white trim boards of our old home in the country of south Georgia growing up. I can still remember seeing all of those drawings on those boards!

    I can also remember getting some words from my mom about it! ha ha...

    I do love landscape... have done a lot of those... maybe too many! I more recently was heading down a portrait path and that showed so much promise... which was about the time those "little bumps" hit me and I put the brakes on the art as it was a little heartbreaking for me. I am still optimistic though that it can still work... I am doing these 44" x 44" paintings... I like that size...

    And Empress... yes, I have been seeing that card a lot for myself... and I keep wondering who she is? I think that would be wonderful to find someone who would be willing to sit for me, and let me paint her... really look into her soul you know? That's what artists do... they look deep. It takes a special person who is willing to let someone look that close... so I think that is a wonderful... I will sure be on the look out for some one that the Universe chooses who is best for me.

    And the magician is great - drawing down creativity from above and releasing that down here. Art is kind of like magic! I can paint anything really! Trees, people, UFO's ha ha....

    Okay, let's take a look at your love triangle...

    You are the Page (Princess) of Cups in this reading...

    First card, the Eight of Wands... so right away this seems to reflect you Danibo. Your heart, you are feeling something for David... and sort of turning away from Ivan a little. We are in the Cups so it is still sweet it's just the eight is sort of like "I am not sure... about him..."

    Now, on to your question about this person intervening to help David open up...

    The FOOL! Hmm... The Fool can be anything DaniBo! I have embraced an understanding lately about the Fool card that de Angeles writes in her book on the Tarot, that there is something about the FOOL that is a mystery, something that can't be revealed because that knowledge would disturb the causality of events heading your way. In Love i am sure... but the Fool doesn't reveal his secrets easily! So I want to tread really lightly through the rest of this reading DaniBo...

    My sense is that there you are not meant to know about this outcome. Knowing that would cause something to change that might create some problems in a wonderful plan that is trying to be worked out for you here (is what I am getting).

    It seems that the whole issue of what David will do/won't do/how he feels about you is not really meant to be opened out right now. I know that is hard to take! You want to know right? I wish I could! However I must be true to my heart and what I am learning and let that rest for now...

    The Chariot - However! And this is soooo exciting for you DaniBo! The Chariot is saying expect something to happen very soon that will sweep you off your feet! Wow, how about that!~ I love the Chariot!

    Imagine the man of your dreams shows up out of nowhere... in a gorgeous red Ferrari ... and invites you to go for a cruise. He says,

    "DaniBo... I have been wanting to talk to you... thanks for coming along! I hope you don't mind that I open this baby up a little...?"

    "Absolutely not!"

    "Okay... I know this little restaurant over on 17th... I want to take you there and share something with you... you don't mind if we go 125 MPH on the way do you?"

    "...gulp... no... go for it...i guess..."

    That's the Chariot DaniBo... when something beautiful sweeps you up, and it is something that you really have no control over... like the Universe sends a cab from Mars and you just get in an it takes YOU... you aren't even driving... that is how i see the Chariot. So, something magical, a little mysterious and a LOT in love is on the way..... who... what... who.... is this? Oh I wish I knew! I can only tell you to be very expectant!

    Knight of Swords! That's who!

    Who is this gentleman? I will share what I can see, and you can see what you think! (I don't do this too often however I am on roll and don't care ha ha....)

    A man not much older than you, like a couple years maybe. Taller than you, by like 4 or 5 inches. Raven black hair. Very serious man, but he loves to be with you because you help him laugh. So he is very drawn to you and loves just to be with you. He is artistic, but in something more engineering related, like an architect, or civil engineer, something like that. Very successful. Very patient and kind. He has been hurt before in love and he has not opened his heart to a woman in a rather long time. He loves Chinese food, and dancing! I see you and him slow dancing... and kissing... and he seems so wonderful for you. He takes you to Heaven... and you adore him...

    Five of Wands - this seems to be a card of acting... and playfulness DaniBo. This seems to be saying to enjoy all of these men in your life as blessings... have fun watching them interact with you. A little capriciousness... and some harmless flirting ha ha...

    I hope that blessed you DaniBo!

    I LOVE your readings! You have such a beautiful heart, and very sensitive. I could easily see you doing all of this professionally, or even becoming a phd in psychology, counseling, you have some very beautiful talents there. I am very impressed with you... very impressed. Heaven is in love with you, that much I know...

    Love and light to you my lady...


  • Astra! 🙂

    I am very happy that you have a positive reaction to my reading! 🙂 By the way, it just dawned on me! You're a capricorn, right? Did your birthday pass already? I would LOVE to do a late birthday reading for you!!! please let me know. You did one for me on my birthday, so It's only fair to offer you one 🙂 If it has already passed, I do hope that you enjoyed it to the fullest!

    The fool shocked me a little bit, but he is a happy and welcomed character in any reading. I think he is a good omen for this relationship. I hope I'm not the fool in love! It better be David 😉

    That knight of swords REALLY stuck out to me Astra. For he has so many similarities to David. They share that dark as night hair, that serious attitude, and that hurt heart. He also is a bit taller than me, is a bit older then me, and is successful. I feel as if he is my knight of swords! Here's hoping he is 🙂 Thank you for that reading. I appreciate it. I hope this will all go well for me 🙂

    hope everything's going great for you! let me know if you want to exchange again 🙂


    Dani Bo ❤

  • hey danibo, just wanted to say hi 😉 hope your doing well at school 😉 thanks for your help before!!! things r not doing so well with my new man, but am working on it.

  • Hello there hII,

    I'm doing good, thanks for asking! 🙂

    and I'm so sorry to hear about your new man and the issues arising. Is there any way I can help you out? Let me know 🙂


    Dani Bo ❤

  • thanks danibo! i will let you know if i need a reading from you 😉 thanks for the offer. much appreciated.

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