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  • Hi Aries22

    I saw your request on that thread with arieslass and so I thought I would start a new thread for you... unless I already answered this somewhere else? I can't keep track.. anyway, here you go.............

    "Hi Astraangel,

    Happy New Year! Hope this year brings you many blessings!!!

    Can you shed some light, please?

    Two love interests one I love 10-29-78 and the other I really care about and can definitely get attached 12-31-77. They are both being distant right now so I don't really know what to do.


    Thanks for the Happy new year wishes, and I also wish you a fantastic year! That is happening for you!

    Let's start a reading, you will be the Page of Cups, 10-29 guy will be the Knight of Cups, and the other gentleman the Page of Wands

    I will be looking at your relationship between these two men...

    Guy 1 - Three of Wands. He is looking at a world of possibilities with you in mind. However his vision seems to be rather open right now to others as well.

    Guy 2 - Eight of Pentacles - He has work on the mind. Money, career. Ugh.

    Guy 1 - The Devil - He would certainly like to get closer to you though. I think you know what I mean.

    Guy 2 - The Emperor - This guy has some authority issues. I would say control issues, however authority issues sounds nicer. I would be watchful around him. Work and winning and being the boss seems to be his preoccupation right now.

    Guy 1 - Nine of Cups. He is dreaming of you a lot. Do you know what that means? Here, I'll help you out. You know that Devil card we just saw? Well, even when he is by himself, he is "dreaming" of you. This is the "Wish" card and this does seem to indicate he is wishing something more could develop with you. A lot more. Much much more. Much much much much more.

    Guy 2 - Queen of Pentacles. Hmm. He has someone on his mind, a materially successful lady is what I am getting. Is that you? I wish it had been the Queen of Cups.

    Guy 1 - Five of Cups - Uh oh. He is distancing himself from something emotionally. King of Cups... he is a very emotional guy. Was he hurt in his past a relationship he is still trying to leave?

    Guy 2 - King of Swords - More "authority" personality traits... and the Ten of Cups. He would love to find a RICH and SUCCESSFUL love life. He wants it with that Queen Pentacles right now.

    Guy 1 - Five of Wands. Some skirmishes in his life. Some arguments maybe, nothing too serious. Little tifs, he is struggling with something emotionally and that comes out in these little fights with someone, or a situation that he faces.

    Guy 2 - King of Pentacles - this guy is all about success... he wants to be in control of his life to make that happen.

    Guy 1 - Seven of Pentacles. A pause.

    Guy 2 - Knight of Swords. He is not pausing, he is raring to go.. what... where is he going?

    So, at this point we end with Guy1, the Seven of Pentacles is a pause in the journey. And we continue now to draw cards for Guy 2...

    Justice, Three of Cups, Page of Wands, and the Knight of Pentacles on over you.

    So this is what I am seeing...

    Guy #1 has some strong feelings for you, very physical too. He is dealing with some emotional issue that has him trying to paint a happy face on himself, deep down he is hurting about something. His life right now is in bit of a petty, nit picking phase... he is unhappy about something... and this has him taking a break from life. He is off by himself a lot. Reflecting, trying to understand something.


    Guy #2 is on a much different path... he is all about success! Or so he thinks. That Queen of Pentacles is you. He sees you as a key to his success. He would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have something happen with you (ten of cups), however he is rather obsessing over his material life. Justice and the three of cups is him having an epiphany lately where he is realizing he HAS to have a love in his life, and he sees you out there now (page wands) in a new light. He has plans to pursue you more, and I think he would really like to get serious serious with you, He is thinking about it a lot anyway.

    That is what I get...

    You can see in the spread how the trails wound around and Guy 2 continues on to reach you, coming full circle. Guy 1 is in limbo right now...

    love, astra

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