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  • Hi!

    I have two guys that I feel are interested although they have not given me solid confirmation so I

    am asking to see if you can give me any information on them and the situation. It would be nice to see who is interested if not one or both and what might the possibility of something to come .Lets just call them the contractor S and the sheriff C. Thank you so much. It is so nice of you to offer to help others out with your readings.

    Love and Light

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  • AAA

  • Hi Khemosabie, I'll try to get to your reading today. If not, by tomorrow.

  • Khemosabie, Would like to know if you have gone thru emotional breakup, or has there been a breakup in your life recently. Thanks.

  • I feel somewhere along the line that someone has told you that you'll find someone in time and to be patient. That seems to be what is going on here. You're being patient. You also need to make wise choices. Emotionally you're ready for a change. You're gonna have to follow you intuition here with these guys--follow hunches. Live your life. If it was meant to be--it'll be. This is the theme of this reading. Reading shows that love will improve in time but there has to be change in your personal choices.

    When it comes to your friends you need patience, balance. Along w/that you are experiencing the extremes. You have been fighting the extremes to get balance. You are an emotional person and you look at relationships emotionally. Isolation can lead to frustration when trying to reach your goals. Your personal relationships are very important to you and what balance you. Pick your friends carefully. It's been a battle for you overall. Be persistent because there's life at the end of the tunnel. I'm getting that change is harder than what you thought. Need to end dysfunctional relationship. I keep getting message not to jump into anything. Stay away from bad crowd.

    Thought before desire. Victim of own choosing. See things for what they are.

    I don't really see either one of these guys as being "the one." You are going to have to change how you view relationships in general. Don't really know exactly what it is. I think some friends, maybe family are helping along the way. My advice here is that you will, in time, make better choices and find happiness. Let me know if you can relate. I almost feel like I'm preaching a little here (which I don't like to do.) I'm just relaying what the cards are saying. Hope you can relate.

    Above--high priestess

    present--5 of cups

    below--9 of rods


    past--9 of cups


    future--10 of cups

    blocks--8 of swords

    friends--2 of cups

    advice--5 of coins


    You'll find balance thru your personal friends.

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