Astra Angel, can you do a reading for me?

  • Hi Astra Angel,

    I read some of your posts in the forum, found them really interesting, so I would really appreciate getting a reading from you.

    I would like to know what will happen in my love life in the near future. The thing is that I met a very nice guy last february and we started dating. It was a long term relationship as we lived in different countries, so we were traveling back and forth between the 2 countries until in the end of october I finally moved to his country. Everything went well for about 2 months, but then he told me (out of the blue) that he want to finish the relationship. He said that we are too different and want different things etc. He said that he still loves me and cares about me, but he is sorry that things didn't work out. It was quite a surprise for me as I thought we were in love and just still getting to know each other more. Before that he was always telling me he loves me, was telling his friends what a great girlfriend he has etc. How could things have changed so suddenly???

    In the first few weeks after the break up he called me several times a week to check if everything was okay etc, but now I haven't heard anything from him for a few weeks.

    Well, now I'm living in a strange country where I don't know practically anyone. I do have a good job here, but that alone is not enough I think.

    Well anyway, what I would like to ask you is the following:

    1. Why did he really want to break up with me?

    2. Will we see each other again and if so when?

    3. Does he still have feelings for me and if so what feelings?

    4. Is there still any hope for this relationship?

    5. What should I do now?

    6. Should I move back to my home country or stay here for a while?

    7. Should I move on? Will someone else come along soon?

    Sorry for so many questions:) Just a bit confused about this whole situation, didn't exactly go as I had planned.

    Thank you in advance!

    All the best,


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  • Hi Astra Angel,

    I don't know if you need exact birth dates for the reading, but I'll mention these anyway. Mine is 17/04/1981 and his is 02/02/1984.

    I'd appreciate your reading. Thanks.



  • Hi Kuruts

    Okay, I am happy to see what we can find out for you! Sri you are experiencing this situation with him, keep your faith and trust going, anything can happen (and change) in love!

    1. Why did he really want to break up with me?

    The LOVERS - well this is bizarre. It is like he wanted to break up because WERE lovers!

    1. Will we see each other again and if so when? Page of Pentacles - sounds hopeful, like there will be messages from him, pages are innocent and like to communicate although Pentacles are mostly concerned with work, career and money, not love. It sounds like it could be a while before you see him as Pentacles are slower energies than the other suits.

    2. Does he still have feelings for me and if so what feelings? Queen of Wands. This must be you in the reading and we need to draw another card to see HIS feelings for YOU. Knight of Pentacles. Ugh. Nothing much in the feelings here other than he is busy plodding toward some material goal.

    3. Is there still any hope for this relationship?

    Wheel of Fortune - YES! This says what was already mentioned - anything can happen and matters with him can still turn around!

    1. What should I do now?

    Page of Swords and seven of Cups. You should be writing what you are feeling is what I am getting, do you keep a journal? That would be a good thing in your situation. Write your thoughts down, ponder your life, and love, and him. You need a way to externalize your feelings about your life.

    1. Should I move back to my home country or stay here for a while?

    Ten of Swords. Stay put.

    1. Should I move on? Will someone else come along soon?

    Five of Swords, five wands. These are cards of some conflict, change energies, on the cusp, and don't seem to indicate a positive. 5's are ambivalent. I would stay put, with him, journal and wait for a while to see what happens. I don't see anyone else coming for you at this point.

    It is really strange, because we led with that LOVER's card, so I believe he does love you a great deal. For some reason at this point it is needed that he retreat from you. You should trust that he may have reasons and follow your heart. How does your heart feel about him? Do you feel love for him? Then you should honor that and keep loving him for now and be patient.

    I realize that some of the messages in this reading conflict... in those cases you really need to listen to your own heart and follow that. I know you are on the right path though!

    (I went back to #1 and asked for a clarification on his reasons and drew the FOOL so that is a sign that there is something about this that you are not meant to know as that would disturb causality. I believe something is trying to be developed here with him and you need to keep faith and trust.)

    Does this help?

    love and light


  • Hi Astra Angel,

    Thank you for the reading. It is a bit confusing though and makes me feel quite helpless. Its just driving me crazy not knowing what happened. Is he afraid of commitment? Or does he just not see a future with me? Or was there some pressure from his family to end things with me?

    I don't have exactly a journal, but I have written down some thing lately when I feel really bad. maybe you are right and I should do it more consistently.

    How long do you think it takes for him to take contact with me? Its just that it is his birthday in less than 2 weeks, I was thinking if I should contact him then to wish him happy birthday and ask how things are going. Or would that make things worse? Is he seeing other women already?

    I'm also confused about what would be the point of staying here if things don't work out with him? I don't know practically anyone here and I just feel so lonely here. I do have a good job, but I don't really-really love what I'm doing. Will I find some god friends here soon? If not I'm not sure how long I can stay here.

    Sorry for sounding so desperate.

    Thank you again!

    Beat regards,


  • Kuruts

    Okay, lets keep looking into this... that Fool card really is a warning though that the "why" of the breakup is not something that we want to look at. I would let that go for now. Can you do that? Just put the "why" on the back burner... we can look at your other questions though...

    How long do you think it takes for him to take contact with me?

    We saw the Page of Pentacles above... we can continue to see....

    Hanged Man. I wouldn't hold your breath. Could be a while, could be quick. Hanged man is not doing anything until he is released from that position.

    Its just that it is his birthday in less than 2 weeks, I was thinking if I should contact him then to wish him happy birthday and ask how things are going?

    Six of Cups, absolutely.

    Or would that make things worse? Six of Cups is nice. I also drew the Ace of Pentacles. It will NOT make matters worse. Could help a lot.

    I asked by what method ... letter, NO. Phone call, ho hum...

    Telegram? SIX OF WANDS. YES!

    YOU ARE TO SEND HIM A TELEGRAM! Include the messages exactly as follows:

    "Dear (his name),

    Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

    How are things going?

    Love, Kuruts

    Make sure you replace (his name) with his actual name ha ha...

    Is he seeing other women already?

    Queen of Pentacles. Uh oh. Looks like a yes. Who is this person? Were you aware that he was interested in someone else?

    I'm also confused about what would be the point of staying here if things don't work out with him?

    ace of pentacles - You have SIGNIFICANT material blessings coming your way in this area, SIGNIFICANT. You should not move I would stay put.

    I don't know practically anyone here and I just feel so lonely here.

    Queen of Pentacles. Looks like you are going to meet his "other" person and you two will become best of friends.

    I do have a good job, but I don't really-really love what I'm doing.

    Ace of Pentacles. That is about to change, New job that you are going to LOVE in your near future.

    Will I find some good friends here soon?

    Seven of Cups and the PAGE of Wands. I think a lot of your new friends are going to be online. Not physical people around you.

    If not I'm not sure how long I can stay here.

    The FOOL - your life is now entering kind of a mysterious phase where you are going to need to walk by faith more, and not be too concerned about the future, Trust heaven and your angels. All will work out.

    Lots of wonderful people on this forum, some great friends, and very supportive.

    I hope that helps... you are in my prayers. Light... faith... trust... happiness... very, very, very, very,very, very, very, very,very, very, very, very,very, very, very, very,very, very, very, very nice things coming your way, hang in there.

    Love, astra

  • Hi Astra Angel,

    Thank you for the reading.

    I think I will contact him on his birthday, telegram perhaps no:) I'm not even sure these exist in this country...:)))

    If he is seeing someone else already, he has obviously moved on and there is no point for me to wait around for him to change his mind. I don't want to keep hanging on to something that doesn't have too much hope.

    I also really doubt that I would become best friends with his new girlfriend. That would be self torture, I think.

    About the material blessing, obviously it would be nice, but I'm not sure it would be a reason enough for me to stay here. If I have no boyfriend, friend and family here then the material blessings just can't make up for all that, its just not worth it for me in that case.

    Thanks again Astra Angel!

    I guess its just time to let go and go with the flow. Seems there is not much else I can do.

    All the best,


  • Hey kuruts,

    I feel bad that we didn't really arrive at more understanding in this matter for you. I don't think I have really connected with you yet... sometimes it takes a few exchanges for me to locate you in the spirit and then we'll get some progress. So as long as you are willing to keep a dialogue going we can get you the answers you need.

    Sometimes it is a challenge for me when these requests just pop out of nowhere... it is a little like pulling rabbits out of a hat... so feel free to share anytime you like and I will hopefully do a better job of connecting...

    I agree, becoming best friends with his girlfriend is probably not going to happen ha ha... sometimes those statements are thrown out there in order to provoke some discussion.

    How deeply in love are you with this man? Could you see him as your soul mate? Could you see spending your life with him? Let's start there if you like and then move forward.

    Also, I think we need to talk about your job, and help you plan out a good path there. Do you really enjoy your job? Or no?

    Anyway, I am just leaving the door open if you want to keep talking.

    kind regards,


  • Hi Astra Angel,

    Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it and for sure I'd like to keep the dialogue going:)

    I do love him a great deal. I was really excited about coming here to be with him finally and I was actually quite positive about us. Can he be my soulmate? I really don't know, I think we are/were only just really-really getting to know each other. What do you think? Could I be with him for the rest of my life? Well I was hoping that, thought we could be happy together. However, I also understand that it could be complicated because I'm not sure I want to live in his country for the rest of my life as it is very-very far away from where I'm from and I think he wouldn't want to live far away from his family and friends either. So I don't know, but I would have like to give it a chance.

    As for the job, well I have been working in finance for 9 years now and over 6 years in the same company. It has been a good job as it has given me an opportunity to live and work in different countries. But for the last few years I have been feeling that I'm not too happy and motivated doing what I do. The problem is that I don't have any other good ideas either. What do you think I should do? Should I change something now? What kind of job could be a better option? Should I try to change jobs where I am now or when moving to another country? Should I study something entirely new?

    Thank you again, Astra Angel!

    Best regards,


  • Hi kuruts

    Hey that sounds good. You are in a vulnerable place right now, coming away from this relationship (with him breaking it off for some reason), has left you feeling disoriented to say the least, I am sure. I know I would be. It is never pleasant, when you place your trust in someone, open your heart like that, and then all of a sudden - wham! They walk away, leaving you wondering, crying... it seems to happen more than it should! He should have at least tried to explain and talk it out, remain at least as friends... I don't get it for sure.

    So, I think you should be very aware that you are in a tender place where you are more easily feeling life, as a result. So you are feeling like your job isn't as happy a place as it once was. So it is good to be aware of that and steer a balanced and calm course right now as pertaining to your work. I would remind yourself that you do have a good job which many today would give anything to have, so I would try to remain thankful and remain patient with it as you work your way out of the emotional trauma of that love affair.

    I do believe you were traumatized by it. You are expressing yourself in very poised and careful way, I can tell that it really ripped your heart apart. I am sitting here crying so I know what you have felt and it has been very, very painful. There isn't a tarot card in the whole universe I could pull for you right now that would help. Your help now comes from Spirit and God and Jesus and Angels and whatever you trust "up there".

    Who can say why these things happen? We can't see all the angles... only heaven can see all of the details... it could be that he was having some serious pressure from his family, maybe their customs frown on relationships with "outsiders" or something. Maybe something happened in his work, that requires his undivided attention and he had to pull away and focus on that and didn't have the courage to explain. Maybe he does have someone else from his past that all of a sudden "popped up" and that ripped him away. Who knows. You may never know. And... he may call you out of the blue one day very soon and be crying on the phone and apologizing with every word his country knows... you simply never know kuruts.

    Your place though right now is to do exactly as you are doing... staying strong and trusting that the Universe has something very beautiful for your life no matter what you are experiencing right now. We are all learning lessons you know? We are hurt... and sometimes we hurt others. No one really means to... we are all subject to energies and situations that can bring out the best - or the worst in each of us. No one is immune, no one is perfect, no one escapes making mistakes and hurting another - or being hurt.

    Right now, you are hurting. I feel that so strong. You are so much wanting a friend, someone you can just cry with. Hey, I am crying now so you have one friend, okay? I will watch out for you, and whatever is going on, post back here and I will pray, or cry, or do whatever I have to do to try and help you from thousands of miles away.

    I know this much. You are a very beautiful lady. Filled with light and a very lovely and tender way. Regardless of everything in your past I KNOW there is someone perfect for you who is coming. It might be your guy... he may come back, who knows... it may be someone new... I can't really tell you how that is going to go. We read tarot cards hoping we can know. But honestly, no one knows anything except faith and trust.

    I will pull a card for you now though... I am crossing my fingers... and hoping for something sweet for you.... let's see...

    I shuffled... and as I was shuffling.... the Ten of Cups popped right out for you kuruts. That is the most positive card of fulfilled love and family and well being I can think of. Oh, don't you worry, you are totally heading into a wonderful love in your life! Sure... right now... there is pain... it is a part of a story for you that has a purpose... but look at that card... the future that only angels can see is so brilliant and lovely... blissfully happy is what I hear....

    So you hang in there... I will give your career situation some thought... tonight, I just wanted to let you know how loved you are by heaven and that you are not alone with this pain, you have friends, here, and friends in high places. So hang in there, you will get through this....

    love and peace from above,


    P.S. Here is a lovely swan for you... 🙂

  • Hi Astra Angel,

    I wanted to thank you for the support, it was really touching what you wrote. I was getting very emotional reading that, so I couldn't even bring myself to write an answer yesterday as so many feelings and memories came rushing back.

    You are such a wonderful person with so much compassion, there is something for me to learn from that.

    I know I have many things in my life to be thankful for, its just sometimes some things seem unproportionally more important than others. But I know the pain will pass and things will seem good again.

    But you know the not being happy with my job is not really related to the other things I'm going through now. It really has been years already feeling that this just isn't the right thing for me. I have been about to leave for several times, but then always some opportunity came up that made me change my mind for a while.

    I wish you a wonderful week!

    And thank you again!

    Best regards,


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