Justice or Strength - XI or VIII

  • Hi - I'm new to this site and have a question on the Justice and Strength cards. In my original deck and the companion book (Rider-Waite), Justice is XI and Strength is VIII. I've been using a different deck for the past 6 months and using the Rider-Waite book to assist with intrepretation - seems to be working great. I recently pulled Justice and when I look up the number VIII - it is Strength.

    I've found through research that these two cards can have flipped numbers. OK - my question which takes precedence - the name or the number? Should I be reading/intrepreting both?

  • Yes- I know exactly wha you mean. I generally take them on their astrological order:

    which Strength 8 - Leo and then Justice 11- Libra.

    Leo is ahead of Libra, isn't it? Also, images prevail numbers.

    But if I were you- before I do a reading i would mark them ahead which one represents what- so when you draw them you know exactly what they should be.

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