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  • Hi LoaP,

    I’m not sure whether you will read this. I’m sorry for not replying to our last correspondence; I started panicking that someone might be able to identify me. I’m writing now because I feel it is right to let you know that an important aspect of your readings has eventuated.


    You told me that my husband would go away for work. I strongly doubted this and my reply to you was, “I am curious to see whether my husband really is called to work away from home again, because at this stage it definitely isn’t in their plans.” Well, he is now away training for a new role (you mentioned a second or new job) which will keep him away from home for the next few years. You also mentioned a lot of communication through skype, which is also true. I hope you are well and happy.


  • Hi CC,

    Its nice to hear from you again , thankyou for the update , i just went with what i felt ,. Are you happy about this new job situation ? Happy Australia Day for the other day . Will you be staying where you are while your husband is away ? Do you have plans to head back down under at all?

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Hi Loap,

    I was in Oz for 6 weeks and just got back home today. A belated Happy Australia Day to you too! His being away is a blessing and a curse. I’m glad in a way that he won’t be here because our marriage is going down hill (except he won’t face it…or maybe it’s also because he won’t face it) and it’ll give me time to think. But him being away will probably also be the nail in the coffin. Anyway, yes I will be staying here while he’s away. How are things going for you?


  • Hi CC,

    Im sorry to hear about your husband but i feel that it is for the best , i felt this in the cards very strong he will miss you so , absence makes the heart grow fonder . This is meant to be you both need this time apart .

    Love and hugs Loap:)

  • Hi Loap,

    In your reading you mentioned the following:

    The lovers -

    You will need to make a decision regarding your relationship with your husband , again i still feel confusion, a choice must be made i feel even though at first it is very upsetting it will work out for the best in the future..

    The Tower Reversed-

    An extremely upsetting change is going to be enforced upon which will at first be an extreme shock ,i feel its coming from the lovers card regarding a decision or choice in your relationship ,don't try to resist theses changes as no matter how much you try it wont work , it is for the best even though at the time you certainly wont think so . In time you will see that it was fated to happen .

    I don’t think my husband being away is the situation described above, because it is not upsetting at all. I’ll wait and see.

    Also, you mentioned that the cancer man would start doing a group activity, something like a class, which he has been longing to do for a long while. He just told me that he has recently been given a position as a visiting university professor (which he has been wanting for a long time)…so it looks like you were right about that too.

    I hope your situation is improving…that I read about in one of your posts where you requested a reading.


  • Hi CC

    Yes i remember i just went with my gut feeling i am getting more intune as a few people have told me things have happended for readings that i did ages ago .. Thankyou for the feed back i really appreaciate it . I hope it all works out for you .

    Love and light Loap:)

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