Astraangel, can you please do me a quick yes or no reading about my job?

  • hi astra, im wondering if you can do me a reading... all i wanna know is a yes or no...

    i was hoping to meet a guy this week, but nothing happened.. getting worried. am wondering if i can meet him sometime next week? and will i meet him again the week after next week? its all work related.. i only need you to tell me yes or no.. no need to say more.

    also, i wanna know if i can hear from guy #2 by the end of this weekend? also just a yes or no?

    thanks so much!!!!

  • Hi hll

    Sure thing lets take a look - I just learned this spread from Aquastar82, and it seems to really work great for yes-no questions!

    1. No.

    Explanation: For you first question, the answer is Not likely. (so it is a probably No). However in this spread you end up with three piles of cards, and so I can look at two of the piles top card to get an idea as to what can be done to bring the answer closer to a Yes, and those two cards are'

    Page of Swords and Knight of Wands

    So it sounds like there is a communication issue from him to you that were that to be developed could turn this into a Yes.

    2. No.

    Explanation: Same story on this spread. We ended up with one Ace in the three piles which is a likely no, however there is some possibility that it can still go yes, by looking at the top cards on the remaining piles - and we have Death and the Star. The first thing I got looking at this was keep hoping strong, this situation seems to depend on your hope, and is also connected with some inner transformation work going on, so that often requires us to be away from others while we develop within. This sounds like an encouraging sign that you will eventually hear from guy #2 once the energy of inner transformation has passed (Death),

    I hope that helps! I was really hoping to See Big YES'S for you!

    Blessings, love and light


    here is the link to aquastar82's explanation of this spread:

  • thanks astra! for guy #1... so as you said, i might not be able to meet him next week... how about the week after next week? will I meet him then? Please let me know. thanks again for your detailed response. truly appreciated.

  • forgot to add -- will i get a card from J in the next few months? finance related....

  • Hi again hll

    Certainly, I ran this again and it looks a lot better!

    Strong maybe so I will say leaning toward a YES because the 13th card is a Page of Cups which is a nice card and that helps.

    Also the top card is King Swords so the outcome here is a similar pattern where we have a Page on the bottom explaining the "maybe" and that leans it toward a yes, also the top card is the King of Swords. So this seems to be telling me that there is a communication issue related to this King that you seem be owning. Like you need to express something to him perhaps.

  • hi astra, thanks for your quick response... im a bit confused... for what you said, were you referring to guy #1 situation which is about work... or were you talking about my 3rd question which is getting a card from J (lets call him guy #3) i apologize if i confused you first.. sorry! if possible, please clarify! thanks!

  • ah, looking at the time you posted the comment, apparently you were talking about guy 1.. i will update you then! hopefully i will be able to see him soon... im not sure about the communication issue.. we never had this kind of problem. well, but he didnt txt me back today.. i figured he just got so busy at work which i totally understand.. i will try to contact him next week. thanks for your help, astra. if you have time, please look at my 3rd question. i wanna know if i can get a card from J in the upcoming few months or not...

  • bump up 😉

  • Hi hll

    As regards your question about the card from J in the next few months...

    I received a VERY LIKELY YES...

    Two aces and the Sun card. Sounds good to me!


  • thanks astra! can you please tell me which month will J probably give me the card i want?? your help is much appreciated ;)))

  • Looks like the month of APRIL

  • thx astra! april is my bday month! hope so! thanks for your help. oxoxox

  • hi astra, just some update.. as you said, i didnt hear from guy #2 by the end of this weekend.. but its okay i guess.. disappointed but there is nothing i can do...

    so.. me and my bf, things have been wonderful between us. he's a good man with the whole package. we had this great phone conversation tonight.. we talked about marriage in general.. he seems pretty positive... it got me curious - is he my future husband? will we get engaged this year or even married? well, getting married this yr seems pretty impossible for me.. but im open to get engaged.. astra, can you please do a reading for me on this... really wanna know what i should expect from this relationship.. is he THE one? will we get engaged this year?

    am looking forward to hearing from you. thanks for your help.

  • Hi hll

    I am beginning to tune into you a little better... sometimes it takes a few posts back and forth to connect with who I am reading for.

    You are the Queen of Cups in this reading...

    I drew five cards to address each question...

    1. Is he my future husband - THREE OF SWORDS - YES

    (The Three of Swords is the CUPID card of the heart being pierced - ouch! - and always portends a delightful and committed relationship, generally a beautiful, harmonious, mutually loving and intensely intimate marriage)

    2. Will we get engaged this year or even married? THE STAR - YES to the engagement, and marriage is totally up to you, whenever that feels appropriate and comfortable for the two of you.

    3. What should I expect from this relationship? THE MOON

    Mysterious, ethereal, transcendent, ecstatic, delicious love of the highest purity.

    4. Is he THE one? The TEN OF WANDS - YES, 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 times over.

    5. Will we get engaged this year? A gorgeous, large, diamond solitaire engagement ring of the most brilliant quality is a wheel, a circle, unbroken. YES.

    I hope that helps hll. This looks very positive to me, it sounds like you have a very nice relationship with this gentleman!

    Love and light,


  • Thanks astra! the interesting thing is you showed me a totally different way to interpret the meaning of three of swords and the moon!!! i always thought they were BAD signs when it comes to love, relationship or so. i have to say, question 5, it makes sense... my bf makes very good money. he said he sure will buy a big diamond ring with great quality for his woman... may i know when will we get engaged this year? thanks 😉

  • hi hll

    Okay, well I drew the Ace of Cups and I immediately thought very fast! Like, today!

    Hey... you know, hll... you really touched my heart... I hope you will let me do something here that I wasn't really planning on today... will circle back with you however this, I have to do... I have someone out there, a lady who I love so much.... and you reminded me of her... a girl who I would give anything to be with... would you let me take this opportunity to share something to her? I always saw her as an angel in a way, so maybe she is sort of watching in a way...

    I am not really in touch with her, however I would give anything to be with her. So hll, with you as my witness, I want to whisper something to the sweetest, loveliest, most wonderful, spiritual and heavenly person I know...

    "Dear adm,

    This is a little ring that I made from pieces of scraps of metal and some broken glass that I found in the road a while back, as I am really not able to afford (yet) what you truly deserve... one day soon I will buy you something really wonderful... so, with angels looking on.. and I believe with all of my heart that you are also an angel to me, you know? I always saw you as the loveliest angel... and I am on my knees...

    Dear adm, would you marry me?

    i love you so much. you are heaven to me. We can figure out the details.

    Take all the time you want to think about it... you know how I feel about you... whatever is best for you.



    p.s. you know... I never could find who wrote that poem... honestly, I think it was you... 🙂

    and now... I... am the hanged man...


  • OMG ASTRA! your so sweet! im sure she will feel it and i hope she can come your way ASAP! god bless you two! this ring is so special. its much more meaningful and beautiful than any ring you can buy on the market. im sure she will feel the same way! you have been helping lots of lots of ppl on here, i really hope everything in ur life goes well. you deserve so much!

  • btw, speaking of this card, apparently he cant propose TODAY or anyday in the next couple months (i suppose?) so can you really tell which month probably?? thanks 😃

  • UPDATE: for guy #1, i actually met him today. everything went well. yay!

    guy #2, its a NO. never heard from him....

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