2 Caps 1 Aquarius

  • So Here is My problem I had an ex Boyfriend who is a CAp moon in Sag and rising in Aqua also a snake the current guy i like is a Cap moon in Leo and rising in virgo and he is Dragon.

    I am an Aqua moon in Cap and rising with Aqua also a Dragon.

    My ex i hurt he wanted me more and all I did was brake his heart because he was not so outgoing and was boring always working and needed a whole lot of sex i did not want to give him.

    The other is very needy and fun as well as a jerk at times, he works a lot as well but i like his plumber job over my ex's office job.(God knows why, He looks fucking hot doing it) Only thing is I am younger then both of them and my ex is 35years older then me and my current guy is 20. The current guy found out he does not want to be with me like i wanted to, he just wants to be my friend the same thing i told my ex after we split up. just friends, I am i just getting my fair share of Karma or is this what I like? Help please why do i keep falling for CAp men.

  • These are not Cap men - unless their sun sign is Capricorn. Many people have Capricorn in their charts but it doesnt make them a Cappy by nature. The first guy sounds more like a father figure than an equal partner. With the second guy, it sounds more of a physical attraction. Hey, life and love are about exploring your options. Embrace it and don't get too hung up on the details. The more experiences you have, the more you will understand yourself and what makes you tick. Till then, just enjoy the ride.

  • Sorry I misread your post - yes they are both Capricorn, but two don't make a pattern. If you do fall for a Cap, beware that their work comes before EVERYTHING!

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