Please help with my cousins murder trial...

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    Wondering if anyone can share their psychic abilities with me. About 7 months ago my cousin was stabbed to death by a guy he did not know. He was defending his friend and I guess you can say he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. We started trial for his murder this week and although we have a strong case with a lot of witnesses the guy is claiming self defense. It breaks my heart to know that this guy will get a slap on the wrist while we have to live every day with this loss of a wonderful human being. Do you guys see justice being served? Recently the guy threatened one of my other cousins while we were in court the judge seen this and reprimanded him should we be afraid of this guy doing something else to our family?

    Please let me know if you guys pick up any vibes or see anything in regards to this thanks so much in advance!!!

  • Don't worry - Justice WILL be served. I see this person going away for a very long time.

  • Captain,

    I can always count on you to reply thank you so much!! I really do hope you are correct we get a verdict sometime next week... I hope he is put away for a very long time. Thanks again!

  • Captain he got 7 years 😞 so sad, do you see him being away longer?

  • I'm getting that he's a very angry person. I don't see him going after anyone in your family as long as everything remains still. I do think he's prone to violence and will happen again shortly. There was a tremendous amount of anger towards the one individual he was trying to get at. It was a build-up that led to it. A lot from this person's past.

  • In jail, I feel he will be presented with an opportunity to change his life. It is unclear which way he will go at the moment but if he doesn't reform his life, then it won't be long before he is back behind bars.

  • Daliolite- I agree I feel that once in jail he will only get himself into more trouble.

    Captain- I hope he takes the opportunity to change his life into something positive, at this point I have forgiven what he has done no amount of years bring my cousin back. Just a lil scary to think he can do it again.

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