26fembull :) me! crazy/parolee/hate phonies/NO LUV

  • YO WUSUPPER born may 20 1983, and i have a mind that never stops, is never satisfied, and wants attention and affection all the time (deep down). i am half asian half white, and i guess am pretty attractive, curves and exotic- woe is my sex/ love life! alwayz attention but i am too sexually charged to be patient with a dood on that gf/bf level NEVER had a steady in my life- i have rebel in every bone in my body but that's because I was raised by a tyrant military controlling libra father and submissive asian aquarius ma creating me 😉 hey now! an explosive, tempermental, fun loving, ugly hating, always fighting emotional mess!

    i smoke trees all day because I don't fit in anywhere and am bored all the time. ive had lots of traits i've had to learn to harness due to my emontionally charged self. now i can utilize patience if I expect it to help me, i'll fight anyone am not afraid, but now i need to grow up, become a woman, get off parole, find a homey i can call mine coz i takes care of mine thats what i'm good at. anticipating anything and everything and keeping well kept secrets! i don't know what else, i got out in March, stayed on the low, then met this aquarius white boy (35 yr old) who just had a baby (10 months) and is in denial about his life, but i am attracted like heck to him but he is "separated" livin with her! what am I DOING??? first sex i had in three yrs! i want more but don't want drama! wtf?? i don't know how to click in with my inner desires on a daily i stay stuck and high a lot emotionally cant stop hate sad feelings- i want a happy SEXUAL and progressive life but any relationship mess me up! even close homies and i go at it. ?bla

  • i forgot it's meeee

  • dam what about this one

  • one more thing i am on the cusp, does that affect my signs or how i mesh with others? i am a lotta taurus, but when i was young also a lotta gemini- reality and imagination mixed very popular- now way more loner, serious, never content with sitting around- very posessive can be very mean, but can be your right hand also will risk alot to prove loyalty.

  • HMMMM,

    Don't wish to get you upset or sad ~ but being high ~ won't accomplish you NOT one Thing ~ but waiting to get High again & again ~ A cycle only you can break ~~~

    ~ having a clear & healthy mind & body is a First ~A MUST~ ~ You won't get anywhere with all that excess negative energy ~~ You alreasy know what it is you seek in life~ Kep the good thoughts ~ everything that comes your way will either be of Good or Not ~ you have a choice to choose ~ Gut Intuition helps to make wise & healthy decisions....

    I hope Love ( your soul mate ) comes into you life ~~~

    blessings for a renewed and Fresh start in your life.. xxxxxxxxx

    mille )

  • Gorgeous Stunning young lady~ with expessive loving eyes...... Wowowowow

  • thanx!

    about smoking.. i knoW! i overindulge into a lotta good feeling things then even that gets boring. this desk job is b.o.r.i.n.g.. so is living in a big house

  • BIG HOUSE..... LOL means lotta cleaning Huh ...Sorry But ... I can relate to the Big House & Grrrrrr Cleaning....

    Anyways,. Hun, Still No excuse to abuse your gorgeous body & mind with illegal SMOKES...

    hmmmmm ~ can't convince you either or what you should or should not do~ but please be careful ~ not all SMOKES are safe or pure ~

    illegal in most States.... Dont get yourself caught .... AGAIN....

  • LMAO! ima clean freak but can be very disorganized

    trees won't be illegal 4 long 🙂 i don't mess with that other stuff tho! no shiznit i aint goin back, once my mindz made up its pretty clear, but cant be too safe, i'm not sure why i like to smoke all tha time, it seems to help my temper lots. thnx 4 reading my crap, i suck at communicating and am stuck on the internet at my desk all day. so not my life!

  • Hmmm change Job Careers... LOL since you are already a "Clean Freak" you might want to look at cleaning other peoples Houses.... Pays Excellent ~ you work at your leisure No Rush...

    As for Reading ***** I suck... what the heck does that mean hehee

    Positive thinking hun, and your life will start to look allot better.. I promise.. 🙂

  • one more Note... Smokes i don;t care how or where they come from..... Can you SAY....

    or Spell.. the word......A D D I C T I O N .... YEP that is why you can't Stop......

    intervention & to clean up your own little house babe ~~~ give it a try.....

    you are beautiful why

    Good Grief Woman, Why smoke away your beautiful life away life on CRAP SMOKES..... YUK.... Ewwwwww

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