Interested in some more exchanges if anyone is up for it


  • Hi CandyBum,

    I'll do the exchange. My question is what is in store for my love life? I've been very curious since I've been getting news about it from others. I am very curious now, so I would like to see what your cards say.

    This is the original reading I did for you if you did not see it when I posted it on your first thread. The new one will be at the end.

    Thanks so much, CandyBum!

    Your reading:

    Card One is the Nature of the Question: Last Quarter Moon in Air


    Your old ways of socializing or relating with people isn't working. Friends have been an inspiration in helping you open up a little more.

    Card Two is the Past:


    You've been very protective of yourself and others. If anything seemed capable of hurting you or others, you were relentless and willing to do everything to help.

    Card Three is the Present:


    A new person, one that you were not expecting as reached out to you in friendly terms.

    Card Four is the Future:


    Someone will hide something from you. You will find out in due time.

    Card Five is the effects of the Past: Full Moon in Water


    Things were going good with regard to relationships. It was a time of much happiness with your loved ones.

    Card Six is the effects of the Present:


    The world has got you hanging upside down. It's not all good, but it's not all bad because you're acting in a way you have never acted before, and it may be a little fun.

    Card Seven is the Future Outcome: Crescent Moon in Air


    Discussions; ideas; planning; there will be so much movement and excitement. Whatever is the inspiration, try and explore it, for it may help you out in the long run.

    Card Eight is the Advice of the Goddess:


    Hecate's advice for you is to move on with your life. She declares that you must live in the present. The past is only there for us to learn for it, but not to live in its shadow forever. You risk losing a brighter future if you let things stay the same.

    What are your fears? If there is another person here that's involved, I don't think you trust them. Yet, they bring excitement and a new world view of things that you can't help but feel attracted to them. But, but you're still afraid or clinging to something. Hecate here tells that you're stuck. It is the past that is bringing the fight within you.

    In time, I think, if you feel you can't trust this person it is because they are hiding something (or you?) Being able to find it and then reveal it will bring about a new beginning. As the Idea card shows a good outcome, I think it's best that you find the truth rather than stay stuck in the same place with regards to your love.

    That was an excellent reading.

    I let out a sigh of relief reading that. You caught her personality completely. I am glad she's doing so much better. I feel at ease, and that desperation and worry I was feeling has relieved itself. Still, maybe I do need her to forgive me. I'll try and think on this some more.

    Thank you CandyBum so much!

    I wish you the best there is in this world!

    Who is the person: The Rebel shows that this person is an exciting individual. Perhaps no on can pin them down because they're so out of this world. They have ideas like no other. And they love to share it with the world. They are ambitious and perhaps even an activist always arguing, always fighting.

    Why they;re not trustworthy: The Altar card with Guru shows that perhaps this person is two-faced. To the world he may be outspoken and inspirational, but in the inside there is so much turmoil. They are always clouded by negativity, and are possibly using drugs. They can't handle this reality so they try to escape by any means necessary.

    Advice: In a way to deal with such a person is by making sure you know who they are. Hera indicates there need not be any change on your part. Her advice is to leave things be and not try to make a big deal out of it.

    In total, she's saying to be the bigger person. Whoever this person is, may not have your best interest in mind, but neither should you give them a reason to have it. You don't need to change this person, as it may cause more problems to you in the future, but simply to point out who this person is, put a boundary of what part they will act in your life (hopefully just casual acquaintances) and each other move on with their respective life.

    I hope it helps.

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