AstraAngel, can you offer some advice...PLEASE?

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Happy New Year! Hope this year brings you many blessings!!!

    Can you shed some light, please?

    Two love interests one I love 10-29-78 and I wonder if he will ever committ to me and want marriage and children with me. I feel like he just doesn't want anything to do with me and I question if he even really loves me.

    The other I really care about and can definitely get attached to 12-31-77 but feel like he purposely doesn't want to get close to me...feel like he's fighting it. Can't really tell how he feels for me. They are both being distant right now so I don't really know what to do.

    Desperately seeking love advice ,


  • Hi Aries22

    Hey, Happy new year to you too! I wish you a wonderful year, I had a fortune cookie this morning and it said, "The current year will bring you much happiness!" Yay! Sounds good to me, I am giving you this fortune too!

    Okay, let's take a look at you two love interests and see what is going on.

    You'll be the innocent and lovely Page of Cups in this reading. I'm going to start two columns of cards coming down from you, and we'll ask some questions and see what is up with these two fine gentlemen.

    Column A will be your 10-29-78 (Let's call him Matt) and column B will be your 12-31-77 guy (let's call him Luke).

    1. So, let's ask "where are the relationships at right now with these two?"

    Matt - Five of Pentacles - This is obviously picking up on what you are sensing. This is a rather dreary card to see, someone has the door closed, it's cold and you are left wandering.

    Luke - Nine of Cups - A lot nicer! This is the "wish" card so he has some nice wishes with you in mind, however it sounds like it isn't being actualized, or isn't acting on it.

    So far, Matt -0, Luke -1

    2. Let's ask about the general potential for these two relationships? What does the future hold, in general?

    Matt - Ten of Swords. Hmm. I am not sure this is a sweet picture of a love future. Someone laying in the mud with ten swords in their back.

    Luke - Ace of Swords. Well, it's also sword, however it's a good one! The Ace of Swords is a very active and powerful energy, very authoritative, and though it isn't a Cup, it does seem to show a potential here which is very strong and optimistic! I always think of it as the "Yes" card, declaring a heavenly stamp of approval in a way.

    Matt - 0, Luke - 2

    3. Okay, let's ask... what are the chances that either of these gentlemen will commit, want to marry and start a life together. I guess I am trying to see what their intentions are with you, in spite of the cards we have seen thus far.

    Matt - Five of Cup - Ugh. This is not a "I want to marry her" card, this is a "I want to walk away and find a bar" card. Not looking so great for Matt so far Aries22. I want to say that Matt has suffered from some very broken relationships in the past, and could be projecting that on you subconsciously. Until he sorts out his own inner issues, I don't see that he has potential in the "commitment" dept.

    Luke - Two of Wands, this is actually very nice! This is a card of invitation and summoning someone. So I see this as a nice sign that deep down at least, he would like to invite you into some sort of partnership and close the gap. Invitations, a party, events. These seem to be events upcoming with

    So far, Matt - 0, Luke 3. If this were the Super Bowl, the fans would already be getting out of their seats and heading home to see what episode of NCIS is on.

    4. Okay... let's ask what your advice is in with these two men? What should you do, what advice do your angels have for you here as regards each man?

    Matt - Run. Find a good horse and gallop away. And don't look back. Doesn't mean you can't still "love him" in some way, you can do that from a distance though. I am getting put some distance between you.

    Luke - Six of Cups. Very sweet and nice love energy here! This seems to be telling you to find one of those pretty "farmer's daughter" dresses and be as sweet as pie around him. Keep a basket handy with some eggs in it, and whenever you see him, just smile and tell him you are heading to the henhouse to gather eggs. That all sounds weird to me, but that was what I got ha ha. Maybe it will mean something to you. Be sweet and cute as a little bug and you will win his heart, and see a turnaround with him!


    Matt - Goose Egg, Luke - 4!

    I hope that gives you something to think about Aries22. (I hope you don't mind me trying to inject a little humor into this, it is very important that we laugh too as we deal with our relationships.

    Follow your heart. I can say that based on this though, that something very sweet could be in the works with Luke.

    Love and light


  • Hi Astra,

    Thank you so much. I love the humor so don't worry lol. I am a little disappointed since my heart does really belong to Matt. I would love to build with Luke but he holds back and since I have been through my share of mishaps in the past I too hold back...very afraid of getting hurt. Thanks again and Many blessings as always.


  • Okay Aries22, well, you follow your heart, the cards point out sort of a moment by moment potential. So for whatever reason at this point in time it seems that (for whatever reason) Matt is not coming up in the winning column. However that can always change, and as long as your heart is pulling you toward him I would keep a loving attitude and hope for the best.

    They say all things are possible with the Universe, so keep that in mind. Life is very creative and you just never know how things might turn! So keep heart open to love and surprises!

    Hey, this is one of those cases where I would love to be proven wrong, and you and Matt are sailing off into the clouds tomorrow! Peace and love, you are on the right path - many gorgeous blessings coming you way! 🙂 - love astra

  • Astra,

    Thank you so much!!! It's like you read my mind. I would love nothing more than to sail off into the clouds with Matt. I still keep hope alive. I have a question about finances....I have been out of work since March and have been actively looking for a new job but have been unsuccessful. Money is super tight and I am wondering if I will finally get a break through soon??

    Be blessed!!!

    Peace and love,


  • Hi Aries22

    Okay, well let's take a look at your financial situation...

    You are the Queen of Pentacles in this reading since this is a question about money!

    First card out of the gate... the THREE OF WANDS!

    That is the 'surprises' card! Which means you are due for a very nice surprise in your financial life!

    Knight of Wands... this Surprise energy is VERY strong as Knights are the flowing cards... they take whatever was just expressed and MAGNIFY it and so this is another wonderful word from the angels that you are really due for something very, very nice, some news that will be so welome!

    Wheel of Fortune! YES! Another wonderful sign that your finances are in the process of turning around! I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't get a call from someone today! Good news! TO show you that financial relief is on the way... how wonderful! Already I am feeling so much good things coming you way!

    THE SUN!!! Amazing, absolutely amazing is what I see! Like the sun breaking out after a storm, shining down dispelling that old financial gloom! Those shadows can't last when the Sun comes out! And the SUn rises every day you know! 24 hours is what I see.... like a day and some wonderful news! Why not!

    The Emperor... not sure what this means... authority is what I see... someone with authority in a position to help, show favor, blessings! Could be a job you applied for - and you get a call from them! Could be someone you know who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone and THEY call you and BANG your finances get a MUCH needed boost!

    Death - TO LACK!!!

    And ... the LOVERS... perhaps this is all connected to Matt! ...Breakthroughs... an important message... some tears... a new job... maybe everything in your life turns around before you know it Aries22 - Oh LET IT BE SO HEAVEN I PRAY FOR THIS DEAR LADY!

    Love and light... I hope that gives you some encouragement... I am crying my eyes out for you... you have one person here who is on your side... take care of yourself, BIG breakthroughs coming your way!


  • Hi Astra,

    Thank you so much as always you rock!! If for nothing else I just love reading your words of inspiration and encouragement.

    Many blessings,


  • AstraAngel, Love when you read the cards! Would you do a quick read for me? Wondering if a love interest will step up and give me more of a commitment. His bday is Jan 9 and mine is May 7th

  • Hi Toby3,

    You will get a faster read if you start your own thread on TAROT.

    Best of luck,


  • Hi Astra,

    I hope you are well. Can I please get an update on "Matt" and "Luke"?

    I was with Luke on Valentine's Day and it was nice but something was off with him which of course caused me to worry. Should I be worried?



  • Hi Astra,

    I hope you are well. Can I please get an update on "Matt" and "Luke"?

    I was with Luke on Valentine's Day and it was nice but something was off with him which of course caused me to worry. Should I be worried?



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