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  • Hi all,

    I had a dream last night that I owned a pet snake. It was dark in colour but I couldnt tell you either what colour it actually was. Its home was at the bottom of my bed and in the middle of the night I woke up to find it had escaped and was now making its way to the top of my bed. I remember its tongue hissing right beside my neck. I was a little afraid but then a sense of serenity came over me and i just put my arm around the snake and fell back asleep. Im wondering if anyone has an insight into this dream for me? Im just curious as Ive never dreamed about an animal like a snake..cats and dogs yes but this just struck a chord with me this morning. I looked up a few websites but they seem to give various accounts of what it could mean. Someone in work said to me that it could be that someone is acting sneakily around me.

    All thoughts welcome...



  • I feel this snake represents your rising Kundalini energy (or you being prepared for it)- you can research this more on the internet but basically it is a part of a healthy evolutionary development process. The Kundalini is a coil of tremendous energy held fixed at the Sacrum on the spinal column. It looks like a curled up snake, which rests dormant unless raised along the spine where the brain can fully alchemize its power into vital hormones and higher spiritual energy. When the full Kundalini Awakening has occurred it completes the circuit from the genitals to the brain via the spine. During the complete Kundalini Experience all seven energy centers (chalras) experience a breakthrough opening. The person then possesses great intelligence and strength. This is a biological process.

    Kundalini usually rises as a result of different events or processes. First, and most likely, is the strengthening of the subtle energy system through meditation, yoga, the practice of healing, some martial arts, or other practices aimed at developing that kind of psychic energy strength. The second most likely cause of arousal is as a result of releasing emotional/structural blocks in the body/mind that have served to repress the energy. Either of these things may, by themselves, result in the rising of the "serpent power". There is a third possibility as well. Sometimes kundalini rising is triggered by trauma or misguided exercises in a person completely unprepared for it. The important thing about recognizing it, is to remember that it is very powerful, a radical change in one's energy. It is a step forward in your growth and evolution.

  • Dear The Captain,

    Thank you for the above interpretation. Ive recently started putting my own needs first and I feel it has done me the world of good. Im going through a process of change right now (for the better). The above account gives me a lot of strength Im definitely going to read up about it.

    Thanks again.


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