Hi Shorty, about your reading...

  • Hi Shorty,

    This are the cards you drew for me and your interpretation:

    Present - Judgement
    Influence - 7 of Swords
    Basis - The Lovers
    Past - 3 of Swords
    Future - The Emperor
    Future - 8 of Wands
    Fears - 9 of Wands
    External - 9 of pentacles
    Wishes - page of wands
    Outcome - high priestess
    Oops! I drew you a Celtic cross as that's my usual spread but with the volume of interest it's a it hard. I will do a full interpretation for you later? For now your cross says...
    Basis - 2 of Swords
    Desiree - 2 of Wands
    Helpful - 10 of Swords
    Opposing - the star
    Outcome - Page of Pentacles
    The cards seem to want to talk more about your dancing in the cross of truth (though the other spread was showing me more we can discuss it later). The two of swords indicates you are at a stalemate - not sure which way to go in regards to your talent. Your desires indicate that you want to have the drive to get your project off the ground - to have begun to accomplish with it. Well of course you do! But I think this also indicates that it should be a career path - BECAUSE YOU WANT IT TO BE! Interestingly enough though what will help you is a failure (trust me I've been there) so I almost think this says that your current chosen career path may falter - allowing dancing to take centre stage so to say ;-). What will challenge you is the light at the end of the tunnel. Confusing huh? But I think you may be seeing a chance after this failure, which may tempt you in the wrong direction. The outcome? Page of pentacles! Awesome! Good financial news, congrats!
    As I mentioned before, just wondering how I could tell if the reading is referring to dance (making it a career or making it more important in my life) or that the new role I've taken on will work out eventually (tough going at the moment). Any indications of how I can proceed with dance - if this is the path I really want?
    And also, about the love relationships... what you do you see there in the Celtic Cross? There is a situation, but I will wait to hear your interpretation first.
    Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help :)

  • I"m just letting you know I've seen this, I'm hectic busy at the moment with my own life BUT tonight I will certainly sit down and work this all out for you and get you some insight. The cross of truth only gives so much but with so many people wanting free readings my energy is getting a big sapped and I don't have time to do a full spread for each person - I see so much in them and it takes me awhile to get it all out!!!

    I do love helping people (I mean look at how selfless Angel is) but it does get overwhelming!

  • Just quickly, in relation to knowing a wee bit more about your situation and applying my reading, I'm almost wondering whether you're going to have your failure at your current work and that will be the push to get you dancing

  • Hi Shorty,

    Do take care - I do see that the thread is innundated.

    Hope to hear more about my reading when you're able to get to it 🙂

    It seems that your cross reading may apply to my question on love relationships as well.

  • Hi Shorty,

    Are you still here?

    Wonder if you're still able to do a reading on my previous question on love relationships. And if anything is clearer on the career/job question.


  • Absolutely, I'll get onto it this afternoon. I've been a bit off the radar myself 🙂

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