Reading Meaning- help

  • Hello,

    I just did two quick readings and I was wondering if I would be able to get a few interpretations on my reading...It was directed toward a male that broke things off three months ago (after a several year relationship) and we have not spoken since. I am getting the feeling that we will get back together soon, but I have no idea how it would happen or when he will contact me.

    I asked the cards to tell me 1. how he feels 2. the near future between us (within one month) and 3. the future between us (one-two months)

    I got the following:

    1. Eight of Wands

    2. The Hanging Man

    3. King of Sword (R)

    Then I did it again

    1. Seven of Coins

    2. The Page of Swords

    3. The Hermit (R)

    Ideas? Thoughts?

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