Understanding the Cancer men

  • Please help me understand cancer man?

    I am soooooooooo confused and frustrated.

    We are broken up. He told other people that im a whore and i won't leave him alone and that im a psycho *****. I reacted by attempting to get a restraining order against him...

    He's telling other people he doesn't want to be with me, he wants nothing to do with me..but when i ask him..he's quiet about it and won't tell me what he's telling others.

    I wanted to meet up on saturday and talk about what happened in our relationship and see if we can make it work again, he agreed..two days later called it off then told me to keep his shirts.

    I wrote him a letter today, telling him i don't want a relationship atm and I just want to be on good terms because we aren't really friends right now. I asked him if we can talk in person so we can be on good terms and he won't give me an answer.. I don't know if I hurt him by getting trying to get a restraining order but im just confused..please help

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