Hi AstraAngel :) may I have a reading please?

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I hate to bother you but you've always been the one to help me on this board, and given me good advice, so I wanted to get a reading from you about my future with this guy. I'll just give you a little back story on him and me; okay so him and me had this class together in high school, I really liked him and had the hugest crush on him, but I could never tell if he liked me back. I mean we flirted a lot in school (or in my mind we flirted) but nothing really came of it so I thought he didn't like me the same as I liked him. Then after high school when we graduated we still talked but then he started dating this girl, I was crushed, but I moved on. 10 years later I saw him at his job but I didn't say anything cause I was too scared to; I little later after that I found out we had a mutual friend and used that to become friends with him on facebook. Things started just like in high school we talked every once on a while, and my feelings for him started to come back, so I wrote him a letter telling him everything from highschool til now. He never wrote me back so I became embrassed and unfriended him; I felt bad about it and tried to be his friend again but he would never re-friend me. That was a year ago and I can't stop liking this guy no matter what I try and I have tried to stop liking him it won't work; I've prayed about it numerous times. I do believe that God has this guy in my life for a reason and I just wanna know

    Did he like me in high school?

    How did he feel about the letter I wrote?

    What is my romantic future with him?

    Should I give up hope on him?

    Thank you so much


  • Oh and my b-day 2/24/82 his b-day 8/26/82

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  • Hi angelj32114

    Okay, let's take a little look-see at this matter.

    I selected the Page of Wands to represent you, and the Knight of Wands for him.

    1. Did he like me in high school?

    I drew the Nine Wands and the Queen of Wands. Well, there was certainly a connection. No cups though, so whatever "it" was, seems to have been more of a spiritual "potential" kinda thing, and never turned the corner into something sweet and emotional. The Nine points to some strength and force of will, like you two were very "controlled" around each other, keeping your cool all the while aware that there were some intense fire under the surface. Whew! It was intense. The Queen is you in his eyes, so he was very "interested", it just never took off for some reason.

    2. How did he feel about the letter I wrote?

    Knight of Swords and the Eight of Swords. I think a thrill at first, and then, it's back to "what do I do about it?" He is trapped in his thinking toward you. Like, "Ugh, I would like to reach out to her, but I have these other issues right now and blah blah blah..." seems to be his mind. So he does nothing.

    3. What is my romantic future with him?

    Three of Swords - Two of Pentacles - Four of Swords - Queen of Pentacles - Knight of Cups - The Fool

    You reach out to him again, and he still doesn't respond leaving you heartbroken (three swords).

    So you turn your back on him and move away from the matter (two pentacles).

    You enter a period of time where you are more reflective and quiet, at rest. (Four swords).

    You begin to focus more on your own material life, career and such. (Queen of Pentacles).

    Then out of the blue he contacts you (Knight of Cups).

    Then the rest is shrouded in mystery (The Fool). Could be the start of a romance, however that is only speculation. Could be anything. The Tarot is saying "this is not something that you are meant to know". Knowing what that would cause too many disruptions in the flow of causality (leading to this mystery outcome).

    4. Should I give up hope on him?

    I drew the Justice and Three of Cups - this seems to be saying it is up to you decide that, I can't make that decision for you. It does look like he eventually reaches back to you (I am sure your next question will be when) in that Knight of Cups, however after that it goes dark so there are no guarantees. Your path to get there has plenty of swords and starts off with that three swords so the "price of admission" to secure even a hope of a relationship with him is heartbreak. That is the door. You don't want the heartbreak, then he is not your guy.

    I went ahead and asked the timing question to reach the point in the future where he finally reaches out to you and drew the Three of Pentacles which is slow. Could be three months to three years. I then drew the Queen of Cups which seems to indicate more toward the months. Then a Six Sword and the Lovers... so that is 6+ card#6, so I am going to say one year.

    Follow your heart

    Love, astra

  • Thank you so much AstraAngel for taking time out of your day to give me a reading you are an angel and very talented; your reading was scary accurate. Three of Swords - Two of Pentacles - Four of Swords - Queen of Pentacles are actually happening right now; I did reach out to him again back in August and once again he ignored me leaving me with heartache, so I took that as he wanted me to back off and ever since then I've been leaving him alone and focusing on me. Recently it's started to get bad again and I'm like will this ever end? Why him? I feel like I'm suffering thinking about him day and night while he's chilling living his life not even thinking about me. But I think the outcome is up in the air because God doesn't want me to know yet, so this makes me think a huge lesson or a huge blessing is going to come out of my involvement with him. I guess I have a lot to think about, Once again thank you so much 🙂

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