Giving some readings

  • Hi shorty,

    Are you still giving readings? if you are

    Like one on my heart and does he hate me now and what to do?

  • If you are still doing readings please do one for me. I would like to know if Tim and I will be getting our house together and starting our life together soon. My dob is 8-1-74 his is 6-22-73. Thank you so much I appreciate it.

  • Hi shortyix.

    If you are kind enough and not tired, i would love a reading regarding my future as im on arocky road at the moment and if i will have ever a relationship with this man that i love or forget about him.His date of birth is 26/3/69 and mine 10/9/68. Thank you in advance. if you cant do a reading i will understand. take care!!!

    Hi again shortyix

    Please if you have time to do me a reading!Above is my original post from Wednesday night.I know i said that i wont mind if you cant do me a reading, but i do need one despretly!!! Please, please!!!!

  • Hi shortyix,

    If it is still going on, please do a reading for me regarding relationship issues I need to fix or change this year, for better future !

    Love and light to you!


  • Hi Shortyix,

    I would love a reading as well if you are still doing them i would like to know if you see an improvment in my finances in the near future ?

    Many thanks in advance

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Hello Shortyix,

    It would be nice to have a reading, if you're still up for it. I would like to know what influences are circling around me at this time. As they have not quite pronounced themselves yet, I feel like I swimming in ever going circle. Thank you, muchas gracias!

    Love and Blessings

  • Hi Shortyix,

    If you are still doing readings, would you please do one concerning my marriage please?

    Thank you,


  • MMMM Looks like Shorty has left the room lol

  • Please may i have a reading on my love life. A lot of secrets and lies. Really need help. Thank you so much x

  • Hello Shortyix,

    I would like to get your help regarding a reading i did... I did a three card spread and asked why did my love interest (10/1/1977) want to leave me (12-16-1974). I cards were

    page of cups reversed

    seven of swords reversed

    the lovers card upright...

    i would greatly appreciate your insight...

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