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  • Hi ShortyIX: If you hve time after all of the other requests, I would love for you to do a reading for me. I don't know if you need my BD. It is 3/14/1958. a general reading would be okay. I guess you could say I am kind of tired of being "alone." thanks a ton. I have not done well myself when reading for other people, or I would offer in return. Even the pendulum that I use that ued to be very good for me has been off lately. thanks!!

  • Hi Shorty, Can i get a reading? I hope im not to late for one...

    Im single at the moment. I have a ceush on this guy thata a few years younger then me. Well actually um wondering more about when will i meet my future hubby. I still need solo time but my heart tells me im ready to settle down.

    Thank you for your offer 😃


  • Correction, *** i have a crush. Sorry.

  • Hi Shorty, i would like a reading from you! i wanna know how my ex-bf is doing these days. i havent spoken to him for about 2 months.. wondering if he's okay.. and also what is he thinking of me?

    im meeting a guy tmr. his name is Greg. im curious to know if he's attached. having a wife or committed gf or so? what should i know about Greg?

    Thanks! im looking forward to hearing from you and will certainly give you my feedback.

  • also.. regarding my ex, i also wanna know if he has found a new job outside this company yet.. or is he still working for this company....

  • Ok .. Wow a lot of response.

    If anyone wants to specifically chat about readings or needs some help, just open a new topic yeah? I will reply there's just a lot going on here.


    Present - Judgement

    Influence - 7 of Swords

    Basis - The Lovers

    Past - 3 of Swords

    Future - The Emperor

    Future - 8 of Wands

    Fears - 9 of Wands

    External - 9 of pentacles

    Wishes - page of wands

    Outcome - high priestess

    Oops! I drew you a Celtic cross as that's my usual spread but with the volume of interest it's a it hard. I will do a full interpretation for you later? For now your cross says...

    Basis - 2 of Swords

    Desiree - 2 of Wands

    Helpful - 10 of Swords

    Opposing - the star

    Outcome - Page of Pentacles

    The cards seem to want to talk more about your dancing in the cross of truth (though the other spread was showing me more we can discuss it later). The two of swords indicates you are at a stalemate - not sure which way to go in regards to your talent. Your desires indicate that you want to have the drive to get your project off the ground - to have begun to accomplish with it. Well of course you do! But I think this also indicates that it should be a career path - BECAUSE YOU WANT IT TO BE! Interestingly enough though what will help you is a failure (trust me I've been there) so I almost think this says that your current chosen career path may falter - allowing dancing to take centre stage so to say ;-). What will challenge you is the light at the end of the tunnel. Confusing huh? But I think you may be seeing a chance after this failure, which may tempt you in the wrong direction. The outcome? Page of pentacles! Awesome! Good financial news, congrats!


    Basis - Ace of Pentacles

    Desires - The tower

    Helpful - Page of Cups

    Opposing - 6 of Wands

    Outcome - 5 of Wands

    I frowned when I saw this spread love. So here we go....

    I find it interesting that the Pentacles come up in the basis as they are a material suit. However this could indicate a gift - perhaps he gave you or you gave him? Failing that I find sometimes the meaning is not always as general as the suit, as the ace in this suit shows the start of a successful venture. You desire the destruction of their relationship - yeah,I would too! The great news is there is some helpful, good emotional news coming your way. Unfortunately though there is a success standing in your way - that pesky girlfriend. Unfortunately again your outcome shows competitive conflict.

    Shoot me a thread though if you want more meanings as the situation progresses as I'm not currently sure of the outcome of this conflict. Might be in your favour though with that lovely page of cups 🙂


    Basis - Chariot

    Desires - 7 of Pentacles

    Helpful - The World

    Opposing - High Priestess

    Outcome - 2 of Pentacles

    You're going to have a bumpy road but one you can get over y dear! You're hoping your work nd patience in this rocy journey will be rewarded too. Never fear though, the worlds here to help! Success, happiness, triumph, achievement. Opposing you will be a secret,,, and eventually, you will be maintaining the balance in more than one aspect of your life.

    From thus I sense it won't be easy to reconcile with Matthew but it will happen - andyounwill be able to manage your financial and relationship sides of life quite well. Jus t be warned of what he may be hiding from you.


    I want to read more on your court case as I feel,,, when a person changes that much they need to lose their support to find themselves again - my man certainly did.

    Basis - 6 of Swords

    Desires - strength

    Helpful - Queen of Swords

    Opposing - 4 of Cups

    Outcome - Temperance

    Wow it's been a long haul with this case hey? Your basis is showing me the long, tiring journey you've been on. You desire your inner courage to be stronger - we all do, and it's inside us all. Your helpful factor made me the most excited though ! Do you have a female lawyer? The person to guide you through is a very efficient lady who won't take crap from no one! Opposing you is an interesting factor - boredom! Will the outcome of the case wrap you in cotton wool to the point of frustration..? I see a compromise in the outcome though - perhaps something that will give you the result you require but still require some more effort than anticipated from you.

    Turtle dust 🙂

    Oh I'm so happy. I asked them about your loneliness and look at the spread

    Basis - the Lovers

    Desire - The Hanging Man

    Helpful - Queen of Cups

    Opposing - zknight of Cups

    Outcome - 7 of Cups

    I asked for relationship and look at those cups!

    The basis is love relationships! Haha how obvious 🙂 however you are desiring a little more understanding of yourself - nurture that, you need to love yourself first. What will help you is utilising the traits of the queen of cups - nuture, kindness, care etc. these attract men like bees to honey!

    What may challenge you is... a young man! A romantic one at that,,, always guard your heart a little but have some fun! Because your outcome is that you will have so many wonderful choices! Good things coming your way darling


    I was so worried as these came out... Till I saw the final card

    Basis - 2 of Swords

    Desires - 8 of Cups

    Helpful - 8 of Swords

    Opposing - 9 of Wands

    Outcome - 6 of Cups

    Ouch you're at am stalemate and from your final card I'm guessing there's someone from th past, or even somewhat present may be confusing you. You aren't sure where to go with them, and you're hoping to abandon this path. What will help you is withdrawing yourself from the situation - as the challenge facing you us that you will have to overcome all this so conserve your energy! Because once you make that final battle you may be in for a few long nights 😉 as a wonderful relationship is going to rekindle! yahoo!



    Basis - the emperor

    Desires - 9 of Cups

    Helpful - the world

    Challenge - High Priestess

    outcome - 7 of Cups

    Funny how the basis is a Man and you desire material and emotional fulfilment! However you have a wonderful card helping you - happiness my sweet. Are you better without this young man? Because your challenges indicate that there may be distrust and mistruth. Don't worry too much about this guy because I asked my cards directly about him and they say you have so may wonderful choices coming up - be you, and all will come to the good person you are

    Hope this keeps you guys fulfilled for now! I think indeed a cuppa and a sleep!

    Love and light 🙂

  • Hello Shorty,

    Thank you so much for taking the time for my reading. I greatly appreciate it! When you were doing the reading did happen to get a sense for when the new relationship would be or how best to handle the situation? The secret that you mentioned is making me nervous! Lol!

    In any case thank you again!


  • Hi Shorty IX,

    Thank you for taking the time to do the reading for me. Everything is a bit up in the air with him and I at the moment but sure if its meant to be its meant to be. Only time will tell. I will keep you updated 🙂

    thanks again

    Kind regards


  • The secret made me nervous too Gabbers but let me try pulling a few cards for a relationship time line. The fact the chariot came up, indicating a rocky journey makes me think that it might be awhile unfortunately.

    The cards I just pulled indicate you've just had some good financial times, but that in your present situation things arent going as planned and you feel overburdened. I can say that just around the corner for you is a time of rest after this tough few weeks, and you will triumph! You will also be able to juggl these areas of your life - yep the 2 of Pentacles is back haha

    Past - the sun, the wheel of fortune, page of Pentacles

    Present - 10 of wands, 7 of swords, page of cups

    Future - 4 of swords, 2 of Pentacles, ace of swords

    Because I'm not seeing many wands I'm not sensing it'll be a quick get back together unfortunately

    Ellisangel love yourself right now it's the best thing you can possibly do. Nurture you, be the best you you can be! And if it's meant to be he will see the amazing person you truly are

  • I'd love a reading about my relationship. I'm interested in whether or not what I have had visualised will come to pass and if so, ca I get an idea of when. Also, any career info would be greatly appreciated. I'm in a transition and I don't know where to put my focus or aim. Thanks! I hope I ca retur the favor sometime. Email is preferred. Blessings~

  • Hi Shorty,

    Thanks so much for the reading 🙂

    Hehe, yup a little confusing. Wondering if this reading refers to the new role I've taken up at work (the previous role didn't work out so I requested for a change). Or you feel the reading does specfically refer to dancing - that I will find a way to turn it into a career?? Am excited at the prospect - it is my true passion - but I don't know where to start, as there are genuine blocks.

    Think I'll open a new thread - hope you see it. Would love to explore this more. And would love to hear about your reading on the other issue as well.


  • I received a reading from AF and I had a problem understanding it. If you have time would you be able to do a reading for me on my present situation and maybe cleanse my chakras if need be.

    Thanking you in advance,


  • Aries, read the topic in general chat about Paddifluff before go askign more about it. I do not cleanse chakras, I just read cards ok?

  • Princess of Ales I'll do you a reading tonight, and Danceur I'll look at the new thread and start interpreting the original spread I did for you which will give far more insight. I've just been a bit overwhelmed with trying to help everyone and deal with my own life haha. I'll definitely seek out the new thread and look into it

  • Shorty,

    You couldn't be more right!! It has been a rough few months and I am actually headed to Hawaii to do some meditation and yoga next week. Matthew needs some space to find what makes him happy and grow up a bit. I am being respectful and not contacting him and doing my own thing. I would be lying if I told you that I didn't think about him everyday and hope that we come together again in a new relationship sooner rather than later. The cards that I have pulling for myself suggest a freighting future decision that I will make in the coming months, I think that it might be pointing to that, dont you think?

    Thank you again for such a wonderfully accurate reading 🙂 !!!

  • dear Shorty IX

    Posted cards for you on page 2. Please feel free to ask for a tarot or any other reading if u like.It can be overwhelming trying to help so many.take time to recharge yourself for the good work you are doing!

    Love and Light

  • Hi ShortyiX - hahahah - where are all those young guys who are suppposed to be lining up at my door? I think Igot tired of being nice and nurturing to everyone else. I'm gonna go eat some chocolate and try to take an art class and get a massge before I have no time (if all those guys show up - well I won't even have time to do my laundry 🙂 I will let you know what happens. An exciting reading for sure. thanks!!!!

  • Hi ShortyIX I wanted to thank you and all the wonderful readers on this site who offer their time and help people with their problems. I have questions about the relationship I am in with Dennis. We have been together for 3 years. His ex girlfriend has been in contact with him. I'm worried. They were together for 10 years and broke up because she moved to another state. The long distance relationship didn't work for Dennis.

    I am not sure if you need our birth dates, but they are Dennis May 15, 1953. Mine is Aug 5, 1951. I am not in a hurry, so if you are overwhelmed or too tired, I really do understand.

  • Hi Shorty, Dont know if you still doing readings,but if you can I will appreciate it. -- My husband was offered a job and we will have to relocate. We went to find a house in Dec and it is bout 700 kms away from where we stay. Initially they said for him to start 1/3/12 but now saying he must come in bout 4 months. What is happening? I would like to know when this will happen? Or will it happen as they did make the offer to him and now there is stories bout in a couple of months? We specially went looking for house and let out our house now we have to cancel all?

    Appreciate if you can tell me about all this.

    Thank you

  • hi shorty, thanks for your reading. whatever you had to say was dead right. maybe im better without him.. we'll see..

    i have another question... can you please do me a reading on my health this year? i was good last yr. but i had rough 2008 and 2009.. some health issue back then.. still worry about it a little bit. hope it wont come back.. anyway, im looking forward to hearing frm you again! thanks so much

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