• Wanted to ask for help w/state of my state. Feel like the positive is on the way. DOB 02/03/1960. Need insight spiritually, professionally. Thanks in advance, always.

  • Hi D,

    Is there a situation in your life right now that is reminiscent of your past - or has someone from the past somehow re-entered your life? I am being shown a male influence, but not sure if this is about an actual person or just that you are attempting to enforce your own will into a situation. Whatever it is you are being strongly guided to trust in the Universe and give up that control - trying to force an outcome you want - as something else is in store for you and you currently do not hold the reigns. Let go of people/situations that cause you grief and learn to follow your own compass. Find your True North. Blind trust must be a thing of the past in order to make wise choices in your life. You need to shift your inner perception of what "home" is. It feels like your inner/subconscious perception is that it must be unstable or not safe in some way so you keep attracting people who will fulfill this. Once again, I am just getting for you to let go and trust that something better is in store for you. Walk away from anything that upsets your sense of safety or security. Good things are indeed on the way provided you allow the Universe to unfold them for you. Hope this makes sense...

  • I'm dealing w/someone who has dependence on alcohol. Nice for awhile, alcoholic angry the next. Doesn't help that he has a guy friend who calls him constantly (4-5 times a day,sometimes) and they drink together. He went overboard couple days ago--then calls me several times wanting to talk. When I say overboard--gets angry over nothing. Have thought several times about contacting family who are overseas about an intervention. He doesn't have anyone in his life to talk w/him and say, you know, you're really ruining your health. I've seen him go downhill over the past 11/2 yr. I don't doubt that he cares about me, just drinking is front and center. Your reading is a conformation for me. Could you relate what you feel about home more. Thanks.

  • Watergirl, Would appreciate what you draw on him (reading) if possible. I've decided to leave it alone. No, I don't think anything will change and yes, your reading is accurate.

  • He is clearly in self-destruct mode and it has become chronic. Feels like the two of you have the same issues from your childhood home. You both just chose to react to it in different ways that mirror each other. Did he have an alcoholic parent? If not, there was definitely instability in the home - just as with you. However, he is repeating the pattern through the alcohol abuse and you are repeating the pattern of the caretaker. This is what I meant by you and your perception of what "home" is. Deep down you feel that this is how it is supposed to be - you taking care of others - providing a sense of security for them which causes instability and insecurity for you. He is at a precipice and has a choice to make. However, what I am shown is that how you will help him is by walking away. The consequence of his behavior and hitting bottom is what will help him to choose differently. You must walk away. It is the only way you can help him - and yourself. In doing so you will learn about setting healthy boundaries as well. Learning this lesson will allow you to attract better relationships in your life. Ones that will give back to you instead of just take from and deplete you.

  • That really makes sense. What you said is correct. Yes, his condition is chronic. I am a caretaker, also a leader. He has been married more times than what I'd like to mention. From what I gather they never set boundaries. So, what is happening now is the culmination of years. I separated myself from this friend (and family) about a yr ago. It's a family that has a lot of problems and cover their problems. His friend uses people. My friend has anger issues. Isn't into name calling or physical abuse. He'll talk constantly about how people mishandle money. That's the focus of a lot of his anger. He has paranoia issues as well. I've noticed his brother does as well, haven't met brother just talked w/him. My mom is paranoid and has mental issues. I think my friend's dad mishandled money and that caused a lot of his anger. Funny, I'm taking care of my mom now. She went thru her inheritance and is barely making it. I hope my friend can pull out of it but really doubt he will. I guess that's my next question as I'm gonna let the chips fall as they may. Can you tell what his future may bring. I think your advice is right on and a welcome sign of relief for me.

  • Daliolite, I had a vision come to me of you walking to a well bearing one of those double-bucket yoked things that you put on your shoulders. You are severely bent over. The well is you and you are also the water-bearer. (Funny that you are an Aquarian). You draw from the well for other people but you are dying of thirst yourself and never refill the well nor partake of its healing waters. Meanwhile the people you draw water for are lying back happily while you run about serving them. Consequently the well is almost dried up and will not be able to revive anyone once it runs dry. Your life has become a dry desert and you are so exhausted. Unless you get away to fill up your well, you will die of 'thirst'. I see you pouring the last bucker over the people grouped around the well and then walking away - and I don't feel you coming back for a long time - if ever. There are other oases you must explore.

    Why do you feel so responsible for these people who are grown adults? It's not up to you to pay for their mistakes.

  • The longer I stay the more responsible I become for their mistakes. I see a lot of spiritual symbolism in your visiion. I do view myself as someone who serves. Jesus told the woman at the well that his water was everlasting--she'd never thirst. This validates something I've been contemplating for several weeks. Although I don't feel comfortable discussing it, what you said validates this. I'll never reach my spiritual potential wasting it on the ones who are closed--don't care.

  • My reading on him showed the future as being up in the air - up to him. He was standing before two doors. One sent him spiraling further downward and the other showed spiritual cleansing/emotional healing leading to a happy life. When I asked what would help him I saw a woman dressed in flowing blue silk holding a chain with a pyramid dangling at the bottom and an owl at her side. Her back was to me. She was standing before a long winding pathway leading through two mountains in the distance. The sun was rising behind the mountains - shimmering gold. She was stepping onto the path and beneath her feet was a yin/yang symbol. This woman was you, of course. You moving forward on your own life path is what will be a catalyst for him. In your reading when I asked what you should be doing next I saw a compass - and then I heard "find your True North." Start to recognize when you are not setting healthy boundaries and/or enabling others in their dysfunction - catch yourself at it and then correct. The more you do this the more you will find that you are attracting people in your life that will not challenge you in this way. Your mother is another example. You need to set some really, really clear boundaries if you are going to continue having her in your home.

  • My mom's situation has become somewhat better, by setting boundaries. Owl's usually symbolize illness when I see them. Few weeks ago, my sister sent me a video of a cat playing w/ an owl. I cringed. I sent her an e-mail that owls usually mean illness. She went into AFIB the next day and they had to increase her medicine. If the overall background of the picture is positive then it's an omen of conquering illness, etc. That reinforces what you said. I just had to analyze it in my head, ok. What do owls symbolize for you. I wear a lot of blue as it calmes me. Do you get good symbolism from the image of me. By the way, he called last nite at 2:30. This is par for the course for him. I didn't answer. By doing this he can signal he called and avoid me at the same time. This means he's going to his friend's house today to watch the game and drink. Pretty retarded. I'm gonna try to post some images I've photographed as I guess my drawings are too big to post. See if it works...thanks for the spiritual insight as it helps.

  • I'll try the pictures again..

  • Ok, now it's telling me that I need to submit some content....

  • Ok, now it's telling me that I need to submit some content....

  • One more time.....

  • Owls mean wisdom to me as well as inner vision. The blue silk - flowing slightly in the breeze was about your spiritual nature - kind of like the High Priestess in Tarot. It was a very positive image. Stepping off the yin/yang symbol - you had only been standing on half of it so you have been out of balance. Stepping off and moving forward was a way to correct that. The compass was pointing North.

    You need to resize your photos (and drawings) so they fit the criteria of 400 pixels wide by 800 pixels high. There are several sites that do this for free. Search for photo resizing or picture resizing...

    Good for you for not taking the phone call. Keep it up!

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