Paddifluff...Oh, Paddifluff!

  • Paddi,

    Oh, okay. Gotcha. My wicked imagination had developed this hazy picture of gaping smoldering holes then my overindulgence of sci-fi went from there. Helped along by the -umm- hysterics.

    All joking aside, it sounds horrible and I hope she can find healing.

  • HEY soulasista long time no hear, I hope you are doing fine. Your words really make me want to cry, as do all of them on this thread. I never even stopped to think what people thought of me and certainly not that I had made any sort of impact on anyone well with one exception of course. The team spirit and love and support is just overwhelming. Thank you all so very much, it is a massive booster.

    Oh and actually if it had not been for my first encounter with the geisha I would never have believed in myself or my healing powers, nor would I have met you GJay. I do owe her a few.


  • Hi Paddifluff,

    I received a reading from AF and I had a problem understanding it. If you have time would you be able to do a reading for me on my present situation and maybe cleanse my chakras if need be.

    Thanking you in advance,


  • Hi Arieslost I don't mind doing your chakras but I will not give a reading on what a medium has already done. Not inciting any more rage. Shortyxl is giving readings maybe you can jump in there.


  • Hello, Paddifluff,

    I am so sorry for asking you about a reading, I was not thinking at all about repercussions. I would appreciate cleansing of my chakras, if need be.

    Thank you, Arieslost

  • Hey Girlie, I'm glad I missed the drama we have enough of that already, shield yourself, you are powerful! I have prayed a powerful protection prayer for you! Love Ya! Of course I might get nosy! LOL!

  • Geez, wow! Negativity breeds more negativity. Don't feed it.

    ).”God as the Hosts or Armies”.

    An expression which describes the external Hand of the Godhead in the Universe.

    A title of excellence used for the externalization of the Hierarchy used by the Jewish mystics. (Ps. 80:7, 14.)

    May Elohim Tsebayoth, the glorious forces of the Hosts of the Right Hand help to protect and deliver my life from the lower forces not in the divine image.


  • paddi please protect yourself after meditating that one is an energy vampire she knows the truth and is afraid of you that is why she directed her attack (for lack of a better word) at you

    I feel she is still reading the threads and she will be back again when she recharges

    love light & many many blessings

  • I just typed a very long post and in the last sentence, POOF! it was gone...

    Bottom line is, just let this go. Forgive her - not only for her, but for yourselves. Forgiveness does not mean excusing the behavior, just that you are releasing any resentment, anger, etc. she may have stirred up in you. This girl is very scarred and will most likely not heal until her 40's or 50's and she is still in her 20's. There is abuse in her history - from those she should have been able to trust to provide her safety and security. So much buried anger....

    Yes, she has been here many times. From my recollection she has been in the military and studying for her law degree, a licensed counselor, and now a psychic medium. Here is how you can recognize her in the future...she always claims to be an expert about something (whatever occupation she chooses at the time), but with an air of superiority and judgment. Better than/less than is always present. She always, always, always will display an irrational hatred toward astrology. She always turns venomous with women she perceives to be in "victim" mode. And she will always be quick to anger when her superiority is challenged or when someone - in this case Paddi - has "found her out."

    The best way to put a fire out is to deprive it of oxygen. Hopefully more people will recognize her more quickly next time and the lack of participation on her threads will cause her to retreat and go elsewhere.

    Take a deep breath everyone and on the exhale RELEASE all of this energy!! Think happy thoughts and be free!


  • People only have the power to affect us when we take them and their attacks personally. When someone lashes out in anger, it is because of some issue in them, not in you.


  • Watergirl like your name suggests you poor cooling water on hot coals. I for one am done with this episode, what remains for me is how powerful and accurate my energy connection has become or maybe always was and once again the absolute necessity of protection before starting. The actual purpose for me before this started and quite unsuspectingly was to give reading the cards a try and I would actually love to have some rational feedback about that seeing as I had never done it before as the cards in whatever form still scare me and awe me a bit.

    Thx for the card Blmoon I saw you pulled it on another post and thought ooo I could do with that lol.

    Hugs to you all!

  • Paddi,

    I am glad that WG cleared that up for you because it was my thought aswell. Only I was doubting between two other members.

    Maak je niet druk (don't worry about it.)


  • You guys are the best!

  • I agree with Shadowmist ,i will email you later ,

  • Hey Paddi,

    With regard to reading the cards, I think everyone finds their own "way" so to speak. I could tell you my way and 5 other people would probably want to contradict me! Your energy connection is quite strong and that is a huge part of it. Just work on your clairvoyance - getting familiar with the images your guides show you as the interpretation of what you see is the other big chunk. Personally, I don't think you really need the cards, but they can be a great tool if you wish. Everyone starts and learns/develops in their own way. The biggest hurdle to overcome is the tendency to stick to one or two specific "meanings" for cards...allow your intuition to guide you on what you are pcking up from the cards. Learning the book definitions may help you get familiar with the cards, but really good readings are done by people who do not rely on the books. A clairvoyant once told me that when she was first developing her gift, it was difficult because she had to decipher what the images meant that her guides were showing her. I commented that at least she was getting images that were specific to that person because with the Tarot cards there are only 78 images - each with many many different meanings - and you have to really tune in to get which one is specific to that person/situation. For instance, your geisha with the blocked lower chakras....pretty specific. The back turned to you and not wanting to turn around and then when she did, her face was still "masked" in make-up. The lower chakras blocked and black or dark was a very clear indication of the wound their and the rage she tries to bury but errupts anyway. She not only was hiding herself from you - the outside world - but from herself. She doesn't want to face the wound yet. So what cards from Tarot would reflect this? For me, most likely the Devil, 7 of Swords, 2 of Swords. But also some more "positive" cards like The Star or some other card indicative of a healing being needed. Most people reading those cards would not have come to the conclusion you did from your images. It would have required a very deep connection with Spirit and an allowing of the information to flow to them instead of using their head - logic - with book definitions. I don't remember the cards you pulled for her, but do remember that one of the cards you pulled - I think it was 8 of Cups - said something about healing yourself before attempting to heal others. I don't think I have ever seen such a definition in books, but yours did which is why you pulled it. It was very telling - she had a deep wound of her own that she needed to heal before she could really help others to heal. But when you look at the image of the card (at least in Rider-Waite) the person is walking away with their back turned to you and the cups which represent emotions. This showed the emotional healing required, but that back turned is also a reflection of her not wanting to show herself to you as she did in your vision. Okay, I think I'm rambling! Let me know if you have any questions!


  • HI Watergirl, ooo no rambling there, it is fascinating to read. Thank you so much for your input. I drew also the King of discs reversed which pointed to some kind of addiction, among other things, and I knew that would cause mayhem because none likes to be told they are addicted to anything.

    I cannot explain why I did that reading, I had a very sudden and strong need to do it so I did. I never thought ever about interpreting the signs I am giving, I usually give them to the asker and let them interpret. I must give that a go next time. I am still getting over the hurdle of it all being weird, being able to connect with energy, the taboos we learn as kids, church teachings etc. so I have not quite fully embraced my gifts as such. I drew a card recently for myself and it said I had come as far as I could go with my natural talents and to progress further I needed to make efforts, learn, study etc. I have started practicing every day when I go out to read what is in peoples minds and going on behind those faces. I cannot see auras but I have never really tried.

    And there are so many many options for things I would love to do - aura healing, reflexology, yoga for kids the list goes on and on. I was told I have a natural affinity for crystals, I have never worked with them before. I guess I will take whatever comes across my path next.

    Oh please keep going with your interpretation it is really interesting.

    Hugs to you,


  • I agree with Watergirl. It is unwise for a psychic to read for others while so deeply wounded as the readings would be tainted with the psychic's negative view of life.

  • Paddi

    trust--then move on---it's the psychic's burdon to have faith beyound validation. If we spoke just to please we allow the ego to take over. Ego based energy seduces. You made no mistake---YOU EXPOSED! The wolf in sheep's clothing is a metaphor for the ego hiding beneath a seduction of meek gentle appearences. Spirit gave you just the words to poke the wolf to reveal himself as YOU WERE SERVING as protector to those who with loving open hearts--the true meek where ready to trust and follow. Even when spirit gives you a message that stirs up a storm. Detach---tell yourself you trust for whatever reason Spirit had their wise reason and let it go. Also, when the ego wolf of another reveals itself--never be seduced to join that energy. Silence is GOLDEN and speaks from a place of power in truth. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you Blmoon. It is very scary to be able to read other people so accurately. It is a gift that can easily be abused. I will not forget your advice.


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