Paddifluff...Oh, Paddifluff!

  • Hey there dearie,

    You know your gifts are very powerful and very accurate! I think a little shielding is in order from some darker energy that keeps returning here under different names and guises -- kind of like a geisha mask?

    You can read my energy and clear it, heal it, spin it, etc. any ole time! I will be grateful for your time and your gift.

    Love Ya,


  • Honey I was just thinking the same thing about guises, I guess I saw through the mask again huh? I have a shield from AAMichael surrounding me. Thanks for the vote of confidence! Stupid me for falling for it again. Some energies just don't mix. But they recognise eachother regardless of the dressup.


  • Paddifluff, hope you are fine. Hugs to you. 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • ((((()))))) I lost a night sleep over that stupid geisha energy I am surprised admin did not intervene yet, it is totally against the code of conduct.

    Thanks for your support and also to Watergirl. It means a lot!

  • And moonlisa too!

  • Hey Paddi,

    It has occurred to me to ask you for some chakra work, but you are busy and I am not ready...

    For now, I have reported a couple of her more obvious 'ads' as spam.

    I am glad you are strong enough that it hasn't affected you.

    As an aside, that reading you did was terrifying to me. I honestly don't know how I would react if you saw something like that on me. LOL

  • Lol it scared the heck out of me too!

  • I am so sorry paddifluff that you had to go thru this. I wish I had posted my feelings earlier you

    are so generous, kind & caring and you give help when ever it is need I am very glad tha AAmichael is with you

    love & light to you

  • I think the big giveaway about this person's motives to come here is that the other website pays you $10 for every new member you bring in. So I think the whole 'pick-a-fight-to-discredit-this-site' strategy is basically financially motivated. It doesn't take long before people like this give themselves away.

  • Its a spammer , with a bad attitude . .thats for sure

  • I also feel its someone who is a regular member here using an alias to cause trouble .

  • Well I take a couple of days off and someone starts attacking my support system. Whoever it was actually said some pretty scary things and then to just put them out there on the universe...

    My chakra's are still in much better shape than B4 you tuned them up. Might need a tune up soon 😉

    Who was that masked man??? (it actually sounded like a deranged lady)

  • Admin doesn't seem too worried anyway. Grrrr turn anger to love grrrrr trying hard

  • I think the lower energy has left there is no sign of life on the other thread . Or maybe they have swapped identities .

  • Probably still asleep, different time zone, or nursing a sore throat after all that screaming. It is not fun anymore guys this screaming is hurting my ears.

  • I'm not trying to fan the flames or anything, I really know very little about the chakras and am just so curious that I have got to ask:

    What could make the chakras look like that? I searched google for missing chakras and found nothing that would relate to this.

    A few said sometimes the energy is so low that they appear to be missing-- that doesn't fit the description. I found a couple that said once you reach a dominant spiritual level your energy needs are met at a Divine level and the chakras actually fall off --- DEFINITELY doesn't fit the description.

    How and why could a chakra appear as if it was forcibly removed?

    Ideas going around in my head, attacked by energy vampires? Traded them out for "something"? Abuse of power and "taken"? Or even a severe physical injury in the area? Some other type of severe trauma, spiritual/mental?

  • i don't know, I felt that she had seen and experienced at first hand some really horrible things and was severely traumstised, I do not think thechakras were missing, they were just burnt. I did not go any further because to do that you need permission. I did attempt a chakra cleansing where the base chakra was black but that was a whole different thing, this energy was angry, really angry and not because I was there, it was savagely angry when I arrived. I thought because it has been found out, exposed. That would warrant the explosions that followed though not excuse them.


  • Hi Paddi and Watergirl too 🙂

    Wow.........I haven't been here for quite awhile so did some back reading this morn to see what this thread was about... Paddi your reading was spot on from what I read, and the geisha mask couldn't have been more accurate! We've seen this person's actions before, she does seem to have abilities but has some major issues and wow do they flare up! And at you again...hmmm...thinking its at least part because you are so able to see through the mask. Scarey! Oh yea strong shields are in order for sure. Paddi you are so awesome and loving and I think you showed incredible insight with your cards and of course your energy readings and clearing are amazing. Sending lots of love and peace your way. I am so grateful for your time and gifts too, its been awesome when you've worked with me and I would love a card reading too someday 🙂 Thanks Watergirl for posting this thread. Lots and Lots of Love and Light 🙂 GJay

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