Truth in getting psychic Guidance/Astro

  • This is for guidance on how to appraoch any Psychic for guidance:

    Life has an open door policy. There are an infinite number of ways to approach life's challenges.

    This needs to be clear: You control your life. When a psychic sees future events, they are seeing the most likely results of the current momentum in your life. Momentum is one’s spiritual velocity; it’s the course we set forth by our motivations, intentions and beliefs. Any momentum you have created, you can uncreate and, ultimately, change the final outcome.

    It would be rare for a Psychic to simply say “You will loose your job next year”. Your Psychic will see more about the internal and external conditions that would lead to that event. This would be their focus and direction of the reading. To empower you to make the best choices to ‘uncreate’ your current momentum, if that is, indeed, what you ultimately wish to do!

    Psychics do not usually see an unchangeable, predetermined event. They see the patterns at work in your life and how and when they are likely to manifest into certain events -- if your current momentum remains unchanged.

    If you think about it, if psychics could really predict the future, why are they all working for chump change in run-down apartments or little clap-trap houses with neon signs, instead of becoming billionaires playing the ponies, the lottery, or the stock market?

    They predict based of the momentum at the moment you call. Your momentum and thoughts effect the courses of your life.

    Things don’t happen until you act.

    And if astrology were true, wouldn't twins have exactly the same lives?

    Not necessarily! When consulting with anyone for any service, always use discernment.

    While psychic ability requires the understanding and application of certain metaphysical laws, advanced spirituality is not really a requirement. I think you'll find that most psychics are interesting, compassionate and ethical people with a spiritual focus in life -- but not always! Psychics are people too. We face all the life challenges everyone else does.

    Don't turn off your discernment because you're talking with a psychic.


    Of course, your mindset at the time you formulate the question is important as well. If you are nervous and anxious, even if these feelings have nothing to do with the question at all, the Tarot cards will give you an answer that is jumpy and erratic; an answer that is consequently harder for the reader to interpret. A clear mind is useful. This does not mean that you have to practice Yoga or meditate before asking a question, though I suppose it could not hurt! All you really have to do is let go of your worries for a few moments...and ask.

    It must be said that belief is an essential component in the formulation of a good question. You must believe not only that the Tarot can give you an answer, but that it will. Without this belief, the whole operation is void. You must also be willing to at least consider the advice given to you by the reader, and not dismiss it as the ravings of a deluded fool. The Tarot only works for those who are willing to listen. An interpreter will interpret only if there is someone for whom to interpret; otherwise they stay silent. If you do not want to be helped then there is no way the Tarot can help you.

    So if you want to be helped, and you believe that you will get an answer, you are ready to ask a question. There are also some general guidelines for asking questions of the Tarot.

    The following "Seven Deadly Traps" were cited in a recent article in the American Tarot Association's Newsletter (Volume IV number 4, August 1999). Adherence to these tends to vary from reader to reader but it would be best to keep these guidelines in mind when formulating questions. Some readers do not care about these, and others will not answer questions that violate any of these. It's really a matter of personal preference, but for the sake of completeness I'll list them anyway.

    1. Questions with Should, Would or Could.

    2. Questions about other people (Who will, Who should, Who...).

    3. Questions about time.

    4. Questions about being (Is my girlfriend cheating on me?).

    5. Questions about why something or somebody did something.

    6. Questions about what will happen in the future.

    7. Questions about health, wealth and legal problems.

    I have a few personal additions to this list that I think will apply to many readers - but certainly not all. It must be said at this point that none of these rules really applies to every single reader, but you should probably formulate your questions as if they did. It makes things much easier for everyone involved, in my opinion.

    1. Either ask a question or make a request. Both are valid; saying "What does the future hold for me?" and "Tell me about my future" are the same to the Tarot. "The issue is my future" is another good form. But don't give the reader a two-page description of your situation and not ask a question or make a request.

    2. Avoid questions that have a yes/no answer. "Will I get back together with my old boyfriend?" is a severely limiting question because there are only two possible answers: yes, or no. A slightly better question would be "will I get back together with my old boyfriend, and why?" "Tell me about my relationship with my boyfriend" or "the issue is my relationship" are probably the best forms for this particular request.

    3. Avoid questions starting with "will I" if the matter is a choice you have to make. A lot of people ask "will I marry (someone)?", and they will be told that it is really up to them whether they get married or not. Tarot reading can easily answer "who is the best husband/wife for me?" or "why can I not find a good husband/wife?" but "will I" tends to cause problems. Of course, "will I get a promotion?" is a valid question, in my opinion, because that is up to your employer, not you. When the choice is yours, do not use the "Will I" form.

    4. Keep your options open. Asking "when will I find a new lover?" is a restrictive question because it rules out the possibility of an old lover returning. A better question would be "when will I find love?" or maybe "when will I find love, and with whom?" Of course, all of these are time questions, so the best form would be, once again, the "tell me about..." form which assumes no answers or time periods.

    It is easy to see that asking a question is not quite as accurate as making a request. It depends on the reader, but generally, the request form will eliminate preconceived notions about the outcome of the reading, and will give a reading that is more insightful for the reader and more helpful for the questioner.

    Interesting astro facts:

    For example, a lot of people put their astrological sign on their dating profile. You would assume that some of them take it seriously enough to actively seek out people with whom they’re “compatible.”

    So what happens when you take a random sampling of 500,000 users and check out the “match percentages” between users with different signs?

    Just for some background:

    A match percentage between two people is a condensed, yet statistically valid, expression of how well they might get along. 75% is very high, 45% is very low, and 60.2% is the site-wide average.

    So people whose stars are “correctly” aligned should see a higher-than-average match percentage, right?

    Let’s find out:

    I know what you’re thinking: two Aquarians should never date.

    But let’s be clear: there’s no statistical difference when it comes to compatibility regardless of your zodiac sign!

    If people ask you for your sign, tell them you’re not interested in breeding and move on. You’ll be doing us all a favor.

    Another interesting chart is the one below, regarding how adamantly you take your belief system. Are you very serious about whatever you believe? Or are you laughing about it because you don’t take it that seriously at all?

  • Here is the Astro chart:

  • Should I take in all a psychic says:

    This part of the above context relates to the question not astro:

    "Not necessarily! When consulting with anyone for any service, always use discernment.

    While psychic ability requires the understanding and application of certain metaphysical laws, advanced spirituality is not really a requirement. I think you'll find that most psychics are interesting, compassionate and ethical people with a spiritual focus in life -- but not always! Psychics are people too. We face all the life challenges everyone else does.

    Don't turn off your discernment because you're talking with a psychic"

  • you can go to patheos . com to get the astro chart, I could not down load it.

    Every sign has a 60% compatibility according to astro except a 59% with aquarius male with an aquarius female.


    Ask the tarot “How can I make the transition from being single to being married” and you will most likely get a good background reading that will offer up some good advice that will surprise you.

    Ask how best to resolve a problem. Ask how to relate to someone. Ask how to relate to your children and be a better parent. Ask how to learn what your true calling is. I believe that if you ask questions yearning for guidance you will be given some good information about what the obstacles around you are and how you can deal with them.

    Be open and honest

    When forming your question for the tarot reading you should remember to be very honest with yourself. Don’t form a question based on tenuous hope. If you are hoping that a certain someone will notice you for example, don’t ask if you and that person will be happily married. You will get a much more useful reading if you ask “how can I advance my personal relationships”.

  • I pulled a Tarot card for what the people on this site most need now for guidance:

    The Tower.

  • Ego aside the rules are simple. We as psychics--mediums, messangers of Spirit have no power of our own.Other then maintaining our gift in a healful way. We are only the messanger or voice. Cards have no power of their own. Language is just the tool---it doesn't matter if you decide to make up meanings out of a bag of stones---SPIRIT uses the language to voice the message in any form you can hear. Psychics each have their own unique method of hearing--knowing--seeing. I am very visual--see images and as always the hope is to not influence the images by using our logic to interpet or to try and figure out. It's a challange of trust. To not censure because the ego pulls back and says oh that sounds crazy---better not throw that out here---when we need to trust Spirit and that the odd ball thing we put out there means something to the receiving person. There is a difference between a reading and a life coach---some people come here for constant strength---everyday help. I believe most "humans" have been that unsure of themselves in the beginning--it is a long process to self sufficiancy. Most spiritual camps or churches do not encourage frequent readings. A good psychic fit for you should last a year or every six months if it's a rough time. It's true some folks shop until they hear what they like. And pay for it so you can't get angry with them as by law of consequiences they only hurt themselves and slow down the process towards healing and empowerment. You must trust Spirit to tell you what you need--not always what you want. Also, spirit motivates you in ways you must apreciate and they tell you things that make you react in the right direction. Many people want problems solved--a quik fix but honestly---how would we learn how to be self sufficiant. Spirit guides us towards realization. Spirit prepares us for tough junctures and crossroads and often validate one key fact--so when the time comes we feel the faith---it reminds us we do have unseen forces around us and then we are more likely to follow the psychics advice when the time comes. Psychics by gift are not guarenteed not to be healing just like everyone else--they are all at different junctures themselves---being psychic is no free pass to being perfect. We are challanged by our gift to remain empowered. Energy is a constant issue---giving out--taking in. I see us as whole and giving out--each little bit leaves an opening----the more openings the more room for outside energy to enter--untill we lose the ability to know what is us or others. Since woman by nature nurture and give---have that empty rib----they often suffer most by this energy issue---woman lose themselves----yet instead of knowing that all they feel is the NEED--the sympton---to fill it---a man---or something else outside them. Many of the posts on this site are from woman seeking help to change that. Truth is it's a journey. Even when I give a Spirit message that gets unheard---Spirit says don't worry--it was heard--just shoved in a dark drawer and the day will come and that person will be ready, more open---and that message will pop up in their conscieseness. Unless you have formed a long term relationship with a client I think it is counter productive to force on anyone a message---you relay it---and if they say no no no. You send them love and move on. To HAVE to be right or HEARD only invites the ego and yes darker energies find that energy usable. We cannot controll other's energy---only our own. If we just stay quietly in faith with our own energy--lower energy can not touch us. Evil often tempts us to react--to fight--to scream. A wise enemy knows it weakens us if it stirs up an explosion--waits for the release then overpowers us.. Anger can be a just a tool for change or a wasted form of energy. I wish in my youth I understood the laws of energy. Had the wisdom to know when to rest and retreat and the disipline to keep my ego in check--save my energy for my own protection and keep myself a healthy vessel. It's very hard to HEAR the higher voice when in fear. Most of these wonderful souls hear know they have guidance--just can't access it past their own fear. Fear clouds the message. Desperation clouds the message. It's a tough tough challange---it's when we are most afraid and upset and desperate that we search for help YET it is that very energy that keeps us from it--through ourselves. So people search outside themselves---mostly knowing better but just needing to calm themselves---feel the faith of accepting---this too shall pass--it's all good. A good psychic encourages others to be self sufficient. Truth is some messages do not even come from a psychic as Angels speak where they choose---you may have prayed on a problem and run into a complete stranger--could even be a bum on the street who smiles and says the perfect thing--you get goosebumps----you feel the touch of divine possability. The view is more wordly from the tower. Spirit is all around us---we are never alone---we just need to let go of expectation---let go of control. Be open to receive. BLESSINGS!


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