A reading for Acceptance Faith :-)

  • Let's see what my cards have to say for you! I'm doing you a general reading that will hopefully indicate more about your work situation

    My my the wands are dominating you today! How excellent as they are an indication of action and career!

    Your present situation shows me the four of cups - you're bored and discontent with your current situation. However! Opposing this is good news work related, with the page of wands. At the root of the issue is the queen of wands, a cheerful woman but she's always busy.

    In your past I have the 10 of wands. You have been overburdened at work - were you getting fed up with this ? ;-). In the near future us the 7 of wands which indicates you are defending your place on the job and overcoming any obstacles thrown your way! Also in the future is the fool - you're going to have a big choice to make my friend as an unexpected (but wonderful!) opportunity is going to come up

    For your fears I have the ace of swords. Which in this situation i sense is perhaps you are more scared of what your inner power will allow you to do - not so much the power itself. Maybe you are a little in disbelief of what you can achieve?

    Your external factors have pulled the world - such a positive card indicating great success for you.

    Your desires shows me the empress - which could represent you nurturing yourself to your full potential OR a woman in your life. With this spread I learn towards the former option!

    Your outcome is the ace of pentacles - of course it is! This has been a fabulous career spread full of wands and the pentacles are the ultimate suit of material gain! This is the start of a successful monetary venture so I think that work on the side will come up for you as I am seeing this as a new venture in your life - but don't fear it, you will succeed well with it.

    Love & Light 🙂

  • Accurate. I pulled three cards too. The world, Ace wands and the 8 wands.

    I see end of January mid February in meditation. It is close.

    I see me working with juveniles and babies in my meditation.

    my current position know is human resources, so it is close.

    You did a great job.

    I think the Empress is representing my desires to use my yang energies more in this practice and the Ace of swords is more a hope. New mental focus:)

    The reading was great:) Organized and I like that you did not cut copy and past the another has for me recgarding the tarot. That other reading was way off and I did not give that person permision to do what they did. So, I appreciate your professionalism.Keep practicing. You have what it takes. I have workedd woith tarot and mediumship for 8 years and I know potential and skill when I see it!

    You are welcome to recieve a channeling or tarot reading from me. Let me know.

  • With the skill you have you are better off addressing your own chakras. Pattys reading to me was Way off and I did not give her permission. the tarot card discription she read came from a site. Be discerning when using psychics or readings.

    Here is how you can cleanse your chakras.

    Any one can cleanse their chakra. I do it about once a week. Picture the chakra as a cone and it is spinning. Imagine white golden light going all the way through the chakra as it is spinning and out the back. Use intentiona nd focus. Thats all it takes. Focus and intention. You can google chakra healing demonstrations too. I am a certified Reiki healer for three years now. I dont even use my hands anymore most of the time I see the chakra that needs work and use intention.:)

  • Honestly what you did for me made me feel so warm and loved. you did not take but gave. bless you. you have much good coming your way and are far ahead than most on this site.

  • AF my readi g came from my cards and the accompanying book.

  • What business do you have to come on this thread?

    I can tell that the book terms were copied. I know. That is why it was inaccurate due to you getting low level guidance because you also invaded...only low level guidesa assist when the the intent to recieve has violated privacy and was also scattered. It can also be trickery. You must be carefull.

    Learning lesson.

    I honestly dont even feel confortable on this site.....lower level activity is coming from lower level guides. trickery in the guidance.

    You see how your interp was way off in comparison to ShortiIX? it is balck and white and in energy....The guidance is from different sources. Love and light and the other........The reading you gave ne was dark....very dark..........not at all resonating...........you need to be carefull of what you will draw in from that activity.

    I am moving on from this site. I think it is pulling me down.

    Thank you Shorty.

  • Well, I know you are leaving...but thank you for the reading you did for me. I appreciate it.

  • your welcome"

    I just meditated on this....

    And Patty the anger was my sprit telling you to go away becasue you invaded! It was resisting but you kept going when my "geisha appearance would not look at you.....that is why you got the anger....I dont get how I could possibly have that much anger issues in me....That is the last thing has ever came in the past three years of healing.........the reading was off and dark...I ask

    nicley for you to stay away from any thread I post If I do in the future. I cant trust you or the guides you deal with. I dont want any part of that. Really light and love to you. .Peace be with you.

    Thank you doeyeyed. I may stay on this site and post in the future.

    ShortiyIX I will still do a reading for you and you can tell me exactly what you are allowing and willing to have me do:)

  • Sorry about the confusion ShortyIX but I am feeling an intense negetive weight and violation.

    I feel that I should not carry activity with this site anymore. I really feel dark energy and violation, like psychic intrusion here. I am going to ask my angel to send me protection. I came on here with such love to give but after pattiefluff reading I feel such dark weight and negetive. I dont know why, it usually does not effect me in this way.

    I have gone onto another site before, psychic access and it seems more like live and light..it feels brighter. I will stick with the chat forums on there.

  • Acceptance I would adore a reading whenever you please, if you please. I'm comfortable with anything. Im glad my reading gave you insight !

  • Ok. I am leaving the site I dont feel comfortable here but I will do one for you by tommoro eav.

    What would you like me to address?

  • Probably my current relationship status 🙂

    You are the first reading I have done for another so I'm glad my talents aren't wasted ! 🙂

  • 🙂 You do. Pattifluff has abilites too but I think making sure we surround ourselves with Gods light is important. When we get resistance we must stop if we dont we invite trickery and lower spirit guides.

    This was a good test for me and funny it happened I just posted an article about psychic intrusion on a website for a healer a few weeks ago. It is very serious stuff. Karmic results too.

    I will work on your relationship reading:)

  • ShortyIX: Your in the positive Frequency! Dont allow others and their thoughts to cause you worry or pull you down from this high viubration, you in a good vibration!

    "ok I see you grindding your teeth a bit as if you are a bit fustrated and you are on your tip toes looking at some foggy glass mirror."

    Be patient and things will land. The guides show me things you are doing, thinking or feeling verses predicitions are putting claims on what is becasue they want you to be aware and help you in the now and for the future for your highest good.

    I think you may also be trying to pick up on his moods...follow your hunches:)

    I saw you doing meditation! You should start doing this whenever you feel fustrated or a need to forecast. You are your own psychic!

    This realtionship does hold the capacity to be a mature relatiuonship, just make sure you are using your own guidances in order to bring in that secure sense of self to this partnership.

    They tell me, "your on your way."

    "Be level" Be still........wow that was some stron clairuadience, thank you divine guides.

    I love your energy ShortyIX!

    Be gentle and soft with eachothers feelings and time needed to open up and connect emotionally...be still and it will come....

    Since you are good at reading cards I will also draw a few for you and you can also interprete.

    The power of the now is to roll with changes.......Tower

    How you can be a better partner: wow.....what I channeled...High Priestess

    Where your partner stands now: 6 cups

    The immediate future of the relationship: Knight wands and the World

    Love and Light

  • One thing, try psychic access . com. Free chat forums and a free 6 minute reading as well for new members. I highly reccomend Krystal. I go in her forum and do live readings for some that choin. She is wise and actually holds a career outside of the internet. Be carefull of those who liv eon the internet, ask yourself why are they on here all day every day? Krystal will get to the point and her advice is always uplifting and compassionate but she does not sugar coat. free 6 min with her will be effective:)

  • I may try and talk to her... I wish I had more proof he will come back to me! Thanks for your kind reading

  • I thinkl you may have another chance to a relationship and it may be someone new......I did not see any let go or huge conflicts other than in your forecasting to much......Try to call her Krystal.....again she can only predict...it is when you trully believe that you will accept an answer and that will be yours:)

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