Cancer male trying to win back my Pisces woman

  • I feel optimistic it is hard to was so good to see her.. My heart was pounding so hard it was coming out of my chest! I miss her so much. I can't believe

  • Cj,

    Glad everything went ok...I was a bit worried because it had been over a week. Hope you guys stay connected.

  • What do you think I should do from this point on? The way I should talk to her etc...I don't want to be pushy but I don't want to be not present either..

  • What keeps a Pisces intrested?

  • Thanks for your concern, by the way....that means a lot...:) I appreciate it..

  • CJ,

    I am an Italian is easy for me to get concerned 🙂 What keeps me interested (as a Piscean woman) and my husband (as a Piscean man) is intimate time together...shared interests. From my old cancer friend was his ability to make me laugh and relax. He had a way of calming me because he was a very self assured strong person, at least on the outside...also, he was funny...with a capital F.... those were the main things.

    For Pisces in general, it is definitely being able to step away with the one you love in your private world. I am never happier than in my own world...with the one I love.

  • I was wondering how it went. Thank you for sharing. Umm, now what to do from now on, lets see you dont want to be neither pushy or not present but optimistic in how you relate to her. Just for someone to be there for them not just anyone but the one you love to be there and included in their life, keep the connection, sharing time with with one another, sharing life together. Being together. Just the normal couple things that two people who love each other do, I guess. I hope it works out for you both.

  • To be honest I wonder why you even bother with her at all. You both live apart in other places and can you be happy with seeing her not many times a month, Are you happy with it being long distance where neither person gets to be with one another? You may have seen her this time but how til the next time you see her and will it be enough time for you to be happy with it? I think its a waste of time for you both to be doing this especially since its long distance. LD never works out why even think this one will?

  • I guess reality sets in. The fact that you both live apart and not in the same town as each other and have both different lives of each other, can and does cause a serious dent to the relationship, even though you both love each other, other factors can make or break LD relationships as well. NOt seeing them as much as you both want to, communicating and staying connected to one another is tough even when two people are together let alone apart fomr one another. Guess you could talk these things over with her and see what happens then? I suggest you forget it coz its never going to work out anyway as LD relationships never do anyway. Has anyone ever had success in a LD rel.? What does anyone else suggest?

  • Crazycap I think that's very negative. One step at a time. He may plan to move to be with her - that would be one H e l l of a commitment. Am sure if CJ did she would not only be impressed but well reassured.

    Good luck CJ

  • I think it would be not in his best interests if he did that especially if he doesnt like the plae where she lives. Remember Cj has his own life, why should he move for her? Why cant she move for him?

  • Also I am not being very negative just realistic about their situation. I think its better for them both to move on without each other and live life without each other and be with someone they can be with. Also what if either one of them wants to move alot how is the other going to handle that? Theres alot of things to consider and i want to point this out to Cj so he can see that he is better off finding someone more like him to love. So hes not wasting his time with someone who not worth fuck all! Gives both of them the wake up call to say hey its NOT GOING TO WORK AND GOODBYE! and discuss the reasons why so they can then gp their separate ways and move on to better things and live life without each other in it.

  • I understand where you're coming from but this guy loves her and from the sounds of it all would move Heaven and earth to be with her. I think he should give it a chance.......... Then there's no regrets or 'what if's'

  • Crazy cap...

    You r sending seriously mixed signals. If this was your thought to begin with, why the pressure of..."you must go"?.

    At the end of the day, it's just geography. If I were single, with no kids, I would move to Antarctica for love.... Love is rare...where you live is just a place.

  • I agree with Doyeyed...but be careful of that train of thought - make sure that the person you're with is at least willing to pick you up from your house before you plan on moving to another hemisphere for him/her! (mine gave me shi*t when i asked for a pick up once!) LOL and i WAS willing to go to another country in another continent for him...what an idiot I can be!

  • You are not an idiot VOC...just swept up in happens to the best of us.

  • Yeh and if he truly 'loved' her he would be with her by now and hes not so its over in my perspective.

  • Its he that is sending mixed signals when indecisive about seeing and wanting to be with her and this clearly shows hes either lying that he wants to be with her or isnt ready to be with her, so really why wait for someone who is doing that?

    If he really wanted to be with her, he would be and hes not, ok so he went to see her but what then? They would both have to move together and that in itself is too stressful and I am not sure of any statistics but am sure it wont work out. This type of relationship never does and if it did it would bring alot of resentment to both ppl at having to move. The fact they live apart already is against them and even if they moved to live together I highly doubt it would work out at all regardless of how they feel about each other.

    They have separate lives in different worlds and it wouldnt be fair to either to expect them to move and change their life for the other just because they want to be together. Usually happens when two ppl have fought for so long to be together that when they get to be together its happens that its not at all what they wanted it to be and I would hate for this to happen to this two ppl.

    So I suggest that Cj move on and find someone else to be with and be the best he can be coz its obvious that this girl isnt the one for him and is better off with someone more to his taste.

  • Wow guys thank you so much for all your help and insight.. I do love this girl deeply I'm not sending mixed signals.. I'm trying to work it out she has doubts about me... She's guarded and probably doesnt trust much.. She has to want me to be there with her for me to move its not that easy.. I wish!! I have 2 businesses here and Im getting the people in place to run things without me here.. I will go there as many times as it takes till she wants me there.. I will live there, she thinks I wouldnt.. But she's wrong.. Anyway I can find someone here sure but it's not about just finding someone to take up my time.. Maybe I'm a helpless romantic.. I love my deep connection to her.. I want comes down does she really want to be with me..?

  • CJ, if you're serious and love her that much which I believe you do then fight for her and continue to prove your undying love for her. I wish you all the best


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