Cancer male trying to win back my Pisces woman

  • Thats if you serious bout meeting her...

  • Actually I take it that if you havent seen her or met her by this weekend- Thursday 16th, Friday 17th, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th that you are not serious about meeting her and wanting to be with her and if you havent met her by these dates that she would have moved on and that will be that. It just seems to me that you arent keen on seeing her and if you do feel this way then I totally understand and must tell you to not stress and just be ok with that. If you do want to see her and be with her and feel this then plz see her by this weekend coz I feel she will move on if you dont see her by these days. Its hard for her too, as you always 'say' and 'talk' about meeting her and yet when the time actually comes for you to do such a thing you dont and this ends up looking like you do not care at all and are just all talk. So plz help yourself and end it with either meeting her or not, its up to you whether you want to or not. She obviously feels hurt by this behaviour and is feeling rather dubious about your actions, no wonder she has walls up. Anyway, by this weekend you will have made your choice. Tell us how it goes heh?

  • I feel she does still want to see you alot! She is just very cautious due to the 'talk' and has had enough of empty words. However this may be your way of slowly letting her realise that you were never going to see her? Just be honest about this and tell her what it is you really want plz? It helps her get on with life much faster than having to wonder about you all the time and guard her heart like anything.

  • 'That is if you are slowly trying to let her realise you were never going to meet with her.'

    If this is true, then plz tell her so she can live life again and it sets you free too coz you dont have to stress over her anymore and you get on with life as well.

    'That is if you are slowly trying to let her realise you were never going to meet with her.'

    If this is not true, then go see her and meet her and be with her. Ring the doorbell/knock on the door or go ring her phone and do what you say you will do.

    Plz do something or nothing by this weekend, heck if you really wanted to see her, see her tonight and ring her and meet her. JUst do it. Thats if you want to.

  • Hey crazycap... I rescheduled for leaving sunday - to wed she has been gone all week carnaval ends this weekend..I haven't spoke much to her in the past few weeks since I make my first attempt to go there.. We both just wanted to take a break from arguing.. I don't like arguing.. .. But we both want to say how we feel.. Which leads to us going back in forth.. I decided to stop that and try to figure a better way to ingage.. I have told this pisces i take responsiblity for my past actions... I don't want to fight never did... I dont want to let go because I Love her and I want to mend what I did wrong.. Things I said etc.. I know I hurt her, we both hurt each other..not intentionally I think we are both being very protective.. I wish we both could just talk real and work throught the scary parts and just be, forget about the past and start fresh..I haven't told her I was coming again.. I'm sure she will freak out though.. Crazy cap, I'm just scared of getting rejected for good, I don't want to hurt this woman.. I just want her to see me inside all the love and devotion I have.. I don't want to manipulate her I'm just trying to get to a place where we can access our true feelings instead of giving up because it's easier to do so... I dont want her to judge me by what's happened because that was me working through my crap and complicated part of changing my life around.. It is tough and stressful.. It was hard to do and she saw that as well.. My truest feelings for her have never changed.. There's just alot of scary, uncertainty and fear, skepticism, Doubt.. Im willing to work through it for sure she just needs to see the real man that really loves her and that has her back.. The man that I haven't been because I was in another relationship... I want to show her the real me, no b.s. just the real truth. I'm putting my heart out to get smashed.. She said to me why do you keep doing this to yourself.?. Why Do you torture yourself.?. It's because I see the amazing love that could be? For her Maybe I'm not guy anymore.. Because I showed her a vulnerable side of me that didn't deal with this situation correctly... It didn't show strength and action like she needed to see frm me..In her eyes blocking feelings is the way to cope.. I want to talk and reason.. Not the best combo to reaching a mutual decision.... I want to show her the man I am .. The man the truely loves her and is the most important thing in my life. I hope she will give me that chance to see me inside..

  • I never really have show my true self to anyone .. This girl made me feel open and alive again.. So many years I have been some what closed off numb.. I felt like a man again with her.. I was dealing with all of my emotional stuff plus trying to find myself in the process.. I know I came off weak indecisive and not being supportive and giving this girl what she needed, which was security, and support, listen to her and putting her first..I couldn't give her 100% when I wasn't finished with my past... I feel so guilty for it.. I just need time to change and grow from it... I disappointed her completely and I have been regretting every moment since.. Since my words are useless all she sees is a man that doesn't love her the way she wants and desires.. I didn't see the signs because I was busy pushing my ideals too.. My thought was this needs to be equal.. I need to be heard as well.. Etc.. Sorry guys for my sappy story.. Maybe it helps you better understand cancer guys. As well..

  • correction on my last reply: I just needed time to change and grow from it.

  • Well cancer guy just simply won't express hw much they needs someone badly.. just probably

    drop some subtle hints that he does care and love that somebody which will lose out in a relationship. But anyway cancerian(s) can find love easily and they simply won't cling on a fail relationship cos they r protective of themselves.

    So cancersjourney, just move on cos your intiution already give you an ans not to dwell on but move on.

  • Yeah I'm protective. However this girl I don't care about protecting myself I want to be with her so I will make the most effort possible until she is done done!!! I'm actually trying to put myself out there.. It's a challenge but I'm doing it..

  • Cj, I know you r leaving tomorrow, hope all g well.

  • Thank you doeyeyed, I appreciate all you help and insight.. Any last words of advice? Talk to you soon.. Take care..

  • No more words...just action and don't forget to B R E A T H E!

  • All the best and I hope you get your girl 🙂

  • Man I hope this works!! I hope she doesnt take it the wrong way,me coming to see her.. Will be strong and I will truly be myself.. No protection... Wish me luck.. !

  • Cj,

    How did it go?

  • CJ - I hope you are well and everything went beautifully....

  • I am concerned...r u ok?

  • Er, where did you go?

  • How did you go? Have you been to see her yet?

  • Hey guys, how are you? Well I went there and she was alone... She was angry and upset.. When I came...however I could see in her eyes she was happy.. But she didn't show it...she did listen to me... I told her how I felt and was honest and sincere... I showed my strength and love.. she listened to what I had to say... She said she needed to think I said take as much time as you need I will be here... That's where we left it.. I need to give her some time ... It's all I can do now I are you guys.. Hope all is well..

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