Cancer male trying to win back my Pisces woman

  • Im learning so much about myself and what i do wrong.. I hope I can't offer more about cancer to help others as well.. about what Ive done wrong in the past. I guess we can all learn from what we do.. I welcome any criticism as it helps me understand myself better..thank you

  • Thank you CancersJourney,

    For taking the time, explaining stuff from your perspective. Enough about my past/done/dead situation...I replied to this thread for your issue. So, go claim your woman!

  • Would it be ok to have flowers sent to her for valentine day even though we are not together...? But I still need her address..

  • If she is telling me not to go, does she mean it or is she afraid? How do I claim a pisces woman that is heart broken and is moved on because of the pain.. What will do it for her.. I can't mess this up. It is important to know if I should go to her mothers house or not this is her home.. Is it ok to intrude on her privacy.. Or is this the way to make a impact on her to let her know I'm serious about her? Need help on this one..

  • You are ringing the doorbell, how are you intruding on someones privacy? I would go with flowers in hand. Are you going tomorrow in person? That would be the only way I would send her flowers for Valentine's Day. Do you have her telephone number? Have a woman call saying that she needs to deliver flowers but they went to the wrong house....give another address in the same town...and then get the correct address. That could be a way of getting her address. Or a friend...did she change her address on facebook yet? You could also fork over the cash for Intellius...i think they do international...not sure..I know does.

    Just don't be afraid and do it.

  • Im going tomorrow, I found her mothers name and I had her fathers name and brother.. I was using Hopefully I can find the address pretty easy. Any last words of advice on handling the situation and her when I see her..? I won't be afraid, but i cant lie its a huge rush of all kinds of emotions......I'm really getting focused.. How should I dress, a question I have been asking myself. Haha many other ones too. I'm trying to picture the whole thing..suggestions?.

  • should be able to give you the address if you then look up her parents individually.

    Like we said before, be yourself. Dress nicely...but just be relaxed and happy to see her. Speak sincerely from your heart. Be yourself...she longed for you before for a reason. Be that guy.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers...i wish you all the love that a Pisces lady has to give. Happy valentine's Day!

  • So you leaving Wednesday, at what time and day are you to be seeing her? Please dress as yourself and be yourself and go from there.

  • Will you be seeing her in person as yourself? Or will you ring? Do not involve her parents or her family as they have no reason to be involved. That will not work. This is between you and her only and noone else. So go and see her yourself and take it from there.

  • You already know where she lives so just go there and have it out with her like you already plan to. Get it over and done with and then things will be better

  • Crazy Cap This is her Mothers home where she is staying, the chance of running into her mother is extremely high, her mother has seen a picture of me and knows of me.. her mother know of my past but not of my relationship with her daughter..if i go ring the doorbell her mother could be there, what do i do then?.. Maybe when I get there I will let her know Im there. and maybe she will meet..high possibility of no.. what if she says no then?, do i go to her mothers house to find her? if she knows her mother saw me I could be toasted! she is very protective of her family and if I'm an outsider for the moment she will be extremely angry.. I just got word from a friend she is out of town for caravel for the next week or so, I noticed that she wasn't on this texting app we use for the past 4 days and last time that happen she was out of town.. so I ask a girl thats friends with her have you talked to her, she said yes, and said she was at the beach in another city 4 hours away... Im holding my tickets to see when she coming back. ah this sucks.. wow fighting for what you want is not easy... I don't expect it to be, i just don't want to mess this all up.. so I just need to sit and wait.. I still haven't found her mothers address.. On ancestry .com i found her birth place can't find an address.. is there another trick i can use with this website to locate mothers address.?

  • Ancestry has telephone records, but it doesn't show street address. For the us and my area (the northeast) I use vision appraisal and look up the last name, if I know the is there a way you could find out where she is staying while she is away from home and see her there?

  • she could be with her best friend in another town.. i could possibly find that but wow, isn't that a little crazy? I don't know would a pisces girl like that? or would it be stocking haha.. I don't know... I would do it, but i don't know where she is, will try to find out.. i don't want to look needy desperate. but I think it would be romantic, but some people would freakout on that.. suggestions?

  • Her best friend is the only one that knows of us.. I could contact her on Facebook but that could be a fatal move...shes never met me and it could just blow up in my face.. but if she wanted to help it would be a great move.. if my pisces found out that might be that last straw.. ah

  • You could always feel out the best friend. I don't understand how going 4 hours away to where she is relaxed and vacationing is any different than going to her house...l mean it s ll f. U. C. K. I. N. g. Brazil....right. It is all a huge gesture...look I am looking at it as being do or die. B. a. L. L. S. to the wall or don't bother....or as would can go hard or you can go home.

    If you want to be sure she won't freak, ask the friend.

  • hahaI love your style! thats what I'm looking for! if I friend her friend on Facebook she will say something to my pisces.. I'm almost positive.. that could be as far as it a pisces if you werent ready for contact would that bother you if your guy contacted your friend to get to you..? hummm i can try it...

  • Well either knock on the door or ring her mobile?

  • If you knock on the door and if the mother is there then wont the mother tell the daughter is at the door and to go and see who it is? and if you ring the daughter wont she answer the phone?

  • if i go ring the doorbell her mother could be there, what do i do then?.. Maybe when I get there I will let her know Im there. and maybe she will meet..high possibility of no.. what if she says no then?,

    Let her know your there and she will meet you

  • It really seems to me that you dont want to see her at all coz youd be knocking on that door and making sure she meets you!

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