Cancer male trying to win back my Pisces woman

  • but will she understand it? she is so stubborn! will she finally let me in? that is the question!!!

  • I am no psychic, just a woman who has experienced the deep connection with a cancerian man...(one I met where I worked too)...I would initially melt, but then I would be skeptical, because I would remember how much he hurt me.

    You know, cancers and Pisces are similar in that we are both water signs, but we pisceans don't have the protective shell, so when you cut us, we are seriously injured...scarred, that is hard to forget...and hard to trust again, but not impossible.

    You will never know unless you just go.

  • doeyeyedpisces

    You are a sweet soul, all of you guys are.. thank you so much for helping me see through some of this stuff.. it really means a lot.. she is skeptical, scared, angry, mis trustful of me, hurt, protective... I want to show her I can be all action and hers alone..this is the part she hasn't gotten from me.. SO should I go to her house! her mother doesn't even know about us, but she has seen my picture and said she should go for me.. this was a long time last year.. If I went to the house her mother would know who I was but not know something was happening.. she might get the idea if I showed up and it might cause a major problem I don't know .. Crazy!! Would you get upset if the guy came to your home without your consent? invaded your privacy? its a fine line I don't want to mess up...

  • Go before its too late, stop talking and just go!

  • "Would you get upset if the guy came to your home without your consent? invaded your privacy? its a fine line I don't want to mess up... "

    Not if I loved him. I would feel like he was my knight in shining armor coming to sweep me off my feet. Just maybe she will feel like you are finally a man taking action. You are going to keep running through all the what ifs in your mind. Don't worry about it. You have asked if you should go to her house and we have all said "yes" over and over again. Only you can go and just do it.

    I don't think you'll be messing up. I think no action is more messing up, only because it repeats the past inactivity, ya know?

  • you already invaded her privacy without her consent before, why this time so different? Just go see her.

  • I just dont understand why you worry bout this 'invasion of privacy' now when clearly you didnt before until she realised you had invaded her privacy and still are but are still pretending to not, sorry but what the fuck is with that? Like so what, if you want to see her then go see her, if you dont want to go see her then dont, it clear that by you pretending, that you dont want to go see her, when you know you can ready and havent done so. No wonder she is like she is. I hope you have a wonderful life. Goodbye.

  • @crazycap...

    He is a cancer, they protect themselves and are careful after barging in...the side by side movement...checking it out - analyzing...they don't just charge forward. The man I was friends with was the same way. Only in business and work did he charge forward. In feelings and relationships with people, he would come on strong, retreat - check out the scene - , feel relaxed, come on is their thing. I am familiar with this behavior and know to be patient. That's how you have to be with Cancerians.

  • I changed my ticket to next week... Still trying to get her address... Yesterday I asked her if she could change something on my website.. I started off with the sentence with a sweet nick name I would call her.. .. She replied she and help make the changes.. She said nothing about me calling her the nick name.. We exchange a few words, I asked her how her day was.. She said busy.. I said What have you been working on? And what have you been up to..etc.. She replied I can't talk now.. I said ok.. She doesn't want to get into personal conversation.. It seems or maybe she was busy.. My guess she didn't want to get into talking.. I am so nervous that I will be be rejected....she doesn't hessitate on throwing up her wall and disembowel me with words... I understand that.. However getting through will be hard as hell.. She might not even see me.. The pain is so great for her.. She dosent Trust, and I have everything against me... I have the strength for the both of us .. But will she see it, will seeing me invading her space be against me as well. ? Do I need to disrupt her life to make her see me or will it make it worst..? She will only see me invading her privacy.. She will not see the good in my going there to her home... I will do it.. Most likely she won't see it as a man coming to get his woman.. I pray I'm wrong...

  • You just have to try... Funny mike would always have cute little nicknames for me...or do this cute little "Noodge" thing...meaning he wanted to nudge me... anyway, near the end, I sent him a message saying "Noodge" and he didn't acknowledge it - he answered me ... but he ignored it..because his typical response would have been "noodge" right back....I knew in that instant, that he was done with me.

  • I guess that is the subliminal works for the good and the bad.

  • Should I talk to her before I go or wait until I go there? I feel she is done but she loves me.. Is that possible?.. Fuck I I hate this feeling.. She never let me have a real chance, and I regretting every moment.. It sucks so bad I can't stand it.. Would she ever give me a chance again...

  • "Should I talk to her before I go or wait until I go there?"

    I think you should just go. You've done enough talking; she needs to see you in action.

    "I feel she is done but she loves me.. Is that possible?"

    Yes, I am done with Mike (only because he has been done with me now for 1yr and a half) but I still love him. So perhaps...but this is relatively recent for you guys. Just go see if she will give you another chance in person.

  • Have you guys try to work things through....? You know we put all these barriers and rules guidelines and we always miss some expectation.. Then we are let down.. Sometimes we just don't see the inner part of the person cuz we are so busy just finding ways to protect ourselves, judge, being skeptical.. Assuming, and the list goes on.. The strongest of love can work throught any issues and problems.. We need to be able to open up and trust out hearts with the other person.. And leave the baggage behind..... It it's hard I know but without taking the chances we can never reach what we truly want and desire.. I will to put my head on the chopping block for this woman.. I've never done that for anyone.. I know she could run a nail in my heart.. But I don't care.. It will be difficult to move on because I feel I have been misunderstood as well and conviencing her is almost frustrating....

  • Hi CJ,

    My story is on page 5 of this thread. We are both married. We had an online friendship (although we live 9 miles apart). I haven't seen him in person in 14 years (just video chat)....So there is no working through it. Only the need to let go on my part.

  • If I can ask you, why didn't you want to create the life you wanted with this man..?

  • CJ,

    Of course I wanted to, but he didn't want me. I told him years ago how I felt and he married someone else anyway and in most recent years, I didn't even ask. I just lived in the moment and enjoyed whatever he could give. But the whole time, I longed for him. And I would glow when we would talk (that's how my husband knew)

    His wife is successful and comes from money, I don't. He likes his status, his million dollar home and luxuries. I don't have any of that. They both have very successful careers; each making over 100K a year. My last job I made in the 40' matters to him. I think the draw to me (I know at least years ago) is my looks...and the fact I have natural big b o o b s... He would never hesitate to tell me how much he loves big boobies (the wife doesn't have 'em) who knows. And in most recent years, he would tease me calling me MILF....cause the young guys would hit on me, commenting on my profile picture in the virtual poker rooms. So he does think I am attractive, but that's not love. Perhaps I was an ego stroke. I don't know why he wanted to spend so much time talking to me. We have music in common, I am a singer and he is a drummer...but I don't know..

    What I do know, is that I felt alive with him, I loved him deeply and unconditionally - but he didn't feel the same way. Cant hate someone for not loving you...

  • Cancerjourney and doeyedpisces, I am extremely sorry for being grumpy as I have my own issues and have taken it out in here which in hindsight I shouldnt have at all, its just this posts reminds me but I shant let it get to me.

    CJ- I would love for you to go and see her, its obvious she is is still talking to you and that she actually hasnt cut you out of her life permenant and I doubt she would. I'd say go to her house and see what happens there. Things will turn out the way they are meant to. I really feel you two are meant to be so plz just stop talking and go to her house and go see her and just go from there.

    doeyedpisces- thankyou for pointing that out to me I didnt realise thats what cancers do.

  • Also plz go to her only coz you do love her and not coz you think or feel you have to but only coz you feel its meant to be, theres no need to prove yourself to be a man by doing this. I feel that be honest with yourself if you go there to see her coz if your not honest with everything she will sense that and hurt all the more and there will be nothing after that, this is what i feel will happen. It really depends on your being honest about your feelings to her so plz make sure that your not doing this to prove anything, do it because you do actually love her and you feel that within and you actually do truly want to be with her and all that stuff.

  • I don't care about proving anything for myself..I just wanted her to hear what I was saying.. I know cancers talk alot.. For me when I say how I am and I feel it is so.. Just as a pisces sees through action.. I didnt understand that before.. Now i do...It's not just talk.. Every sign is different yes.. I will show my actions of love for this woman.. Because it is true for I feel it and say it... If it wasnt true I wouldnt have started this thread or gone after her... It took me a while to understand her.. I love this woman she permeates every cell in my body... I do love her with all of my being, heart, and my soul.. I want her to feel what I say is true for me..

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