Cancer male trying to win back my Pisces woman

  • Hi earthangel2, yes I am a recovering cancerian

    Cancers journey,

    I didn't know the only thing stopping you was not having her address... S. h. I. T. That is could have googled that info...Via friends...any myriad of ways. Stalking? Hmmmmm, I don't know. I would have just showed up...not ask her...because you would be able to tell where things REALLY stand just by looking at her face. If she was with another man, etc...and at least this way you can let go. Because you would have you are the same place. My intuition says she is with a new man.

  • Hehe yeh wouldnt be great if you could catch her with another man then you could say ha I told you so then give her a filthy look and walk away with your head held high knowing within you were always right?

  • She lives in brasil and I don't know her friends there.. She lives with her mother..I would love to suprise her .. She still answers me if I contact her I havent mention to her anything else about us.. We both need a break from arguing..this is such a big misunderstanding.. I never have been in a situation like this i tell you...I think I will just flat out ask her if she is seeing someone.. I got a hotel somewhere in Sao paulo not even knowing where she lives.. I was I'm Miami when I told her I was coming she said she wouldn't see me, I asked twice I was in the taxi going from fortlauderdale to Miami and I told the guy to take me back. I shouldn't have told her.. I still have the ticket from Miami to sao paulo.. I told her I would respect her wishes.. Cuz I have disrespected her before by not listening to her.. I should have not told her til I was there..

  • Your backing out now, why?

  • CJ,

    What do you want to do? What does your intuition tell you? We can give our advice and perspective but you know her...and you know you. Listen to your heart.

  • I love her, I don't want to back out.. This girl is extremely guarded.. I respect that when she is open it fucking brings tears to my eyes.. I can't believe Im telling you this shit.. Wow..Ive been tring to feel out the situation.. I want to see her I believe it would change things as well... If I go and don't tell her and let her know I'm there what do you think will happen? 1. She will be extremely angry 2.. She might be happy inside but not show it.. 3. Totally over me.. But maybe friendly just to save face. 4. So protective that she can't see the truth about me... Its easier to focus on the negitive aspects and write me off so she feels better about moving there in the first place.. So she doesn't have to take any responsiblity for making the wrong decision and deal with her emotions about me.. There could be more but this is what I face...

  • You wont know til you go, that is if you go...

  • Sweetie, she is a woman...and a Pisces, if there is any love in her heart towards you will see it. Find out where she is. In love, I am guarded too (my scorpion moon ). Especially after being rejected by someone I opened up with, but if I were to see him, he would be able to see it in my eyes, that I have the deepest of love for him, regardless of the words that flow from my mouth.

    We can try to predict what will happen all day long, but it may be none of those things. Be brave and just face whatever may happen.

  • I have been thinking what if she ends up fainting due to the shock you actually being there be prepared for that. Also be prepared for silence and her not knowing what to say coz maybe she is, yes, shocked. A Shock jock you may be!

  • Ok back to serious. Right, you will not ever know exactly what you will face by meeting her. You may think that this or that will happen though you will never know til you meet her. Its up to you to have enough courage to go see her. I dont understand why you havent seen her yet when you have said that you will go see her, whats actually stopping you, your fear or something else? Whatever it is thats holding you back from seeing her plz try to squish that and just get on with it. Sometimes somehow no matter how you are if you know that its the right thing to do to go see her then nothing would stop you from doing so. This is what I am trying to understand why you havent yet. Also if you dont soon you will have missed your chance at meeting her and how would you feel about that? So its either you do now and get it over and done with or you are left wondering, why didnt I do that when I said I was going to etcetc or you are really just lying about the whole wanting to go see her coz if you werent youd have been there already and nothing would have stopped you at all. Anyway I hope you decide soon before its too late

  • Also if you havent seen her in the next few days I will have taken that as you arent ready to meet with her and stop giving advice. I hope it all goes well for you. Bye. Let us know how it goes for you.

  • doeyeyedpisces

    I love this woman, like no one has.. i couldn't give her what she wanted when she wanted it... I was in another relationship it really hurt her i didn't move faster to break it off with the other woman I have been trying to win her heart ever since.she says she is over me and ask me why i keep wasting my time? she said why are you trying to torture yourself? are those words coming from a woman scorned and in love? I will go there but i don't have an address. Her mother doesn't even know about us... She told me not to come. i have been rejected and i still push ahead.. Being right is important to her.. she feels she's right about me. my words are useless.. this will be the hardest thing i have ever done.. It is about rejection. she wants to be sure of my love, i haven't proven that to her.. i went to miami and she told me not to come because she wouldn't see me.. I backed out from going when she told me that.....I told her i would respect that and i didn't go there.. my gut feeling said to go... at that point it was to late.. i just want the chance to really prove to her i am the one for her.. Seriously i don't have here address There. I can try to get it from a friend her but no one knows about our relationship.. does a pisces woman guard themselves so much that they would take a relationship in a different direction so they don't have to face the pain of letting down there guarded wall...? If I go I can't say the same stuff. we have been stuck on. on the other hand we can't move forward because she won't talk about us being together.. how should i talk to her?

  • i really dont get you cancerian species! You REALLY love and want someone, but you want it to come easy to a little bit on it and SHOW her you're crazy over her. You claim to be people of action, yet you just talk and talk...claim your lady! 🙂

  • Oh I so agree about all talks.. women get sweeped off their feet by grand gestures! 😄 I am piscean girl and i always reproach my cancer guy that he is all talk and no actions 😛 But we can tell each other stuffs with quite some openess without one of us get too mad to handle 😛

    So, I say, walk your talk and SHOW it to your girl. We read actions, not words. 🙂 All the best! ❤

  • Cancers Journey,

    If your gut is telling you to go, then go. Get her address, you could always tell her friend thatyou need to ship her something she left behind at her last job. I know you are scared, but you need to see her face.

    You are right about it being about rejection...she must have felt rejection while she was waiting for you to decide about the other woman.

    How should you talk when you see her? Tell her you just wanted to see her and listen to what she has to say. Then, if she is open to it, hug her, hold her, look lovingly into her eyes, stroke her hair...those are love actions that erase bad words for me.

  • I so want to sweep her off her feet!!! i thought of so many things i want to do... i didn't think it would come easy, i knew it would be hard. I don't want to make a mistake..Let me ask you this? why do you think she didn't want me to come the first time.. don't you think she will be made as hell i came again without telling her..? This is so important that i get this right.. i can't keep messing up.. she is so tired of me doing that.. Not listening etc.. I will have to take the chance..i hope she understands what I'm trying to do.. would you guys tell someone your over them when your not just to push them away because you didn't think they were strong enough for you etc. But you loved them to death? I didn't handle things right with her with my other relationship.. I take responsibility completely with that.. However, All of this other stuff after i have been trying to show her my dedication.. She is #1 in my heart, but i needed to finish my life and start anew with her to really be hers and hers alone. She ran to the other side of the world to be with family, her views of me are mountains for me to climb to prove who i am. we didn't have a normal relationship that 2 people have. she wanted that and so did I.. I want to give that to her..and show her she alway have been #1.. she says she's done with me etc.. I think thats her fear of me not being able to see what i can be for her and what deep love I have for her... I wake everyday with a hole in my heart because she is not by my side.. I would move there and live with her..she Doesn't believe that i would do that either..I want my fair chance and I will prove over the top i can be the support she needs and the love she desires, the strength she wants to see.. this is a tricky situation I really need to make the right impact...and I need her to really she my soul... Because she thinks I'm all talk and my words useless...

  • For all I know she could be with someone else and been lying to me..I could be making myself believe she still loves me...I don't know.. Or she's trying to move past me and forget me because its to painful hold on to me because she's there and she thinks I would never make the move to go there...maybe she wants to start fresh... Besides us she has been doing some work for me for my business.. but it is funny she still communicates with me when i say hi, she says hi.. or i ask her something, and she answers back. I haven't brought up the relationship stuff for a week and a 1/2 since miami. I told her last week I still felt she still Loved me.. She didn't answer me back. but she didn't say she didn't. she told me she wouldn't change her mind even thought she loved me.. she wanted me to just except it..I need to show her my actions and thats it.. it might be to late.. I don't know.. and thats what really sucks..

  • Im trying to get my ticket rescheduled..

  • Cj,

    I have pretended to be over someone when I wasn't. I don't know why she didn't want you to come the first time. She might really be trying to move on and seeing you would not help her move on. If you want your fair chance, then go take it. Go there and see her. Don't be all words anymore. Don't suffer from the paralysis of analysis. Just go. Make it happen.

  • Or like captain Picard used to say "Make it so!". (I am a star trek geek)

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