Cancer male trying to win back my Pisces woman

  • Also if you think I am just saying this to reassure you then I am not its how I feel and thats that. Get over yourself and get on with it what ever you decide to do.

  • I say go see her thats if you do love her and want to be with her.

  • Do you want to go? Do you love her? Do you want to be with her? If you do then do go see her

  • I do love her.. I just have to go. And risk it all.. I don't care if i get hurt.. That's already happened ..

  • Do you want to be with her?

  • Hello?

  • Its obvious by your non reply that you dont want to be with her? Am I right?

  • And this Cancersjourney is exactly why her walls are soo high.

  • If you do go and see her you wont get hurt

  • I do want to be with's the only thing I ever wanted

  • Crazy Cap...this women it's the only person that gets me, I love her as much as the air I need to breath.. I don't want to be without her in my life...

  • See I'm the guy that always played it safe..always made sure I was protected.. This girl has my heart I gave it to her...I was scard as well ...I made mistakes with her...and I hurt her unintentionally.. And I told her I was deeply sorry for that.. It kills me I hurt her.. I just want an real chance at a real relationship with her...I know she still loves me even thought she's upset and deeply hurt..I don't want to mess this up.. Did you see what she wrote to me in my last message?

  • "You telling me you wanna love me doenst mean @&$?! It's more words... Empty ones! I never said I didn't believe how much you loved me. It's always been believe you as you disappointing me. I'm tired of it. I can't always think "ow, this time it will change..." bs... I can't fall for it anymore. I won't fall for it any more.

    You wanna see through me? Then do. Don't see me. Stop coming after me. Stop trying to get inside. Your not getting in"

    See you HAVE TO GO....because the very reason she is putting up the wall is because you have been all talk and no action. You will be just the same heart broken if you go or don't go. Believe me, i know... Just go, give it your best shot and then you will know.

  • Well then if you do want to be with her plz go and see her and talk this out. Like doeyeyedpisces said give it your best and see what happens. Just sit her down and talk, be honest and go from there if you are going to visit her. Wish you well.

  • My plane leaves on Wed...I don't know where she lives unfortunately.. I hope she can have the courage to talk to me..or have dinner and talk this out.. She will have her guard up.. I need to get through to her.. I hope she can see my honesty and love, Through her concrete wall..

  • Well I feel I need to add something in here.

    she is angry. From what I understood she is totally right ! I would have felt the same. I would have done the same. And you got a hard lesson, but hopefully turns out to serve you good.

    you need to work X-times harder to win her back. She has given you enough. You have to believe that you created all this. you have to fight for it now.

    but the good news is that you still can win her back, because she IS ANGRY at you, which means she is not over you. Anger is right before getting over. there is a very fine line actually so you better hurry up.

    It doesn't matter if you go or not! All it matters is the strategy and a good plan of action that could satisfy her that you need to propose to her immediately. She need the Surprise.Something you never did before. think carefully what would she want you to do in action not in words. Stop saying to her I love you !! she got it already. You need to give her a choice that you believe she is waiting for but fears you might fail to prove yourself once again. She has lost trust. And she is slowly closing her heart toward you, but not yet.

    When people are angry they get out the worst of them. don't give her this opportunity. Its not fun.

    later she is going to regret what she told you. If I am you I would let her know in one way that you fully understand her, and he feels like he missed the train. and it was all your fault. take responsibility. Is going to release her anger but mean it also.

    let her know you are feeling horrible for what you unintentionally caused, and that you want to make it up and give it a chance if their is still love in heart for you. a VERY LAST one. and then give her "the surprise proposition."

    Tell her not to respond right away because she is angry now and you don't want that answer.Tell her to take her time and choose for the best of her. and tell her you can wait as long as she needs you too !! Make sure your proposition is a good and convincing one.

    Don't show neediness though. Don't tell her I can't live without you etc. Just let her know that you feel horrible of all this and propose to her some good action and moves. Can you move near her? but you still need her approval for this so she doesn't see you too needy or too intrusive.

    to calm someone down at this point you have to fully accept that you have done this damage. no gloves on. she needs to see your vulnerable side so she can forgive you, and no more talks. less words at this point and wait longer because the ball is on her gate. And she chooses. give her the right. If she still loves you she is going to give it another chance. It seems she does. so give her space, and privacy.

    If she is too angry tell her you are going to wait to approach her latter because you respect her privacy. be spatial. she is going to respect this because she is going to see you are vulnerable.

    So do something by giving your best option, be vulnerable, spatial, no neediness but hopeless, and wait for her approval. don't be impassioned. for as long is at is going to take her to come back with an answer. Belive me if she knows you are waiting, she is never gone stop thinking about it. but if you brake the waiting line she is going to go back to her frustration line. so after you give you best to her for a last time. let her kick the ball to you, for whatever long it takes. this is going to be the period that her anger is going to lower down and love gets in back again. this is time that she need if you want her back, after you great proposition.

    hope I helped somehow.


  • Amazing thank you so words can express my graditude....

  • Undio 1... Can we chat later today...? I have my ticket to leave tomorrow.. All we have been doing is texting.. I think it doesn't allow the other person to feel every sensory. Seeing me, hearing my voice, tone. etc... I would be invading her space by going there.. Is that also her being afraid to deal with seeing me?.. Or is it me being pushy again.?. I want her to know I respect her space and in the same breath I want her to see that I respect her enough to be about action and tell her that I take responsibility for what has happened.. Which caused her to feel this way.. I want to show her another side.. I don't know if texting can give the same effect.. Going there might show I'm serious about it.. I think a big gesture might work to deliver the message more.. Maybe not.. This is my deliema; because I never took action fast enough.. I did in the end and followed through.. Now my words by text are useless.. It seems.. Se can't feel them see my vulnerability, can't hear me, or see my expressions.. Etc.. It's more powerful...... Your thoughts ?

  • Sorry I had a busy day.

    You can go for sure, I am not saying no to this, but the strategy of giving her real facts in hand is important. so some great promising and actions. good plans. While youre there just let her know that you would appreciate if she gives you a chance to meet with you and let you express what you have to say, since you went up there. and that's it. No beg her. Say it only once and if I were you I would not ask twice. even if this means that you have to come back home without her meeting you.

    Good Luck !!

  • I so hope your sincere with wanting to be with her and do meet with her. Just take it as comes and theres no need for big gestures or anything. I just think it will be rather overwhelming that you both meet each other for both of you. I feel she'd be somewhat guarded but willing to let you say what you must say and will listen to you without being angry at you even though she would be angry with how things have been. I do think because you have met with her she'll overlook that and I think she'll be secretly pleased you came to see her. I mean what girl wouldnt want for someone who they love to come and see them.

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